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Pure Sense Natural Papaya Face Toner -100mlPure Sense Natural Papaya Face Toner -100ml
Pure Sense Natural Papaya Face Toner -100ml
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Pure Sense Pink Guava Face Toner -100mlPure Sense Pink Guava Face Toner -100ml
Pure Sense Pink Guava Face Toner -100ml
MRP  Regular priceRs. 500 Offer Price Sale priceRs. 300(inclusive of all taxes)

Face Toner

Face toner is a unique skin care product that is applied to the skin after cleansing to replenish your skin with all the useful ingredients and prepare it for further makeup products. It is a super hydrating formulation that mainly helps in returning the pH of the skin back to normal after cleansing. So it balances the pH at about 4.5-5.5 and gently refreshes the skin. They can also help cleanse, and moisturise your skin and even your skin tone. The natural face toner by Pure Sense contains pure natural ingredients that gently hydrate the skin and help it to recover.


What is Skin Toner?

Skin Toner is a liquid or water-like formulation that plays an important role in skincare. It must be applied after cleansing your face with a cleanser, as it helps to bring the pH of the skin back to normal after cleansing. Another important function of the skin toner is that it hydrates, primes and soothes the skin and increases its ability to absorb the moisturiser. You can choose any type of skin toner for dry skin or oily skin, and experience its benefits. It is also a part of the cleansing process and helps remove dirt and excess oil from the skin. 

Why Do You Need A Face Toner?

Face toner can be the solution you need for several of your skin problems. It may increase the cleansing efficiency of your skin, hydrate the skin better and lead to glowing radiant skin. It removes the last traces of dirt and impurities in your skin deeply and when added to your regular skincare routine, it can improve the appearance and tightness of the skin. It also helps even the skin tone and refines rough patches. So there are many benefits for you to buying the best toner for glowing skin!

Beneficial Reasons To Use Pure Sense Natural Face Toner

  • We have two of the best face toners: These are natural papaya face toner and pink guava face toner. Both are exceptionally beneficial for the skin and help provide a glow to the skin, prevent breakouts, balance pH levels, brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation.
  • Natural ingredients: Enriched with pure natural ingredients such as Kakadu plum, bamboo water, rose water, Moringa, papaya, pink guava and pomegranate, you won't find a better toner for oily skin or sensitive skin.
  • No harmful chemicals: This product is free of all harmful chemicals or preservatives such as parabens and sulphates.

Tips & Hacks About Face Toner Online

  • Empty your toner into a spray bottle and convert your toner into a mist! Just spray it onto your face and pat.
  • Use a face toner before applying a face mask, as it will help remove dirt and impurities from your skin.
  • Keeping the toner in the refrigerator for a few minutes before applying can reduce the puffiness of your face.
  • If you want a glowy look, add some toner to the back of your hands, neck and chest before heading out.
  • Place cotton pads doused with toner on scars and blemishes for a few minutes to help reduce pigmentation 

Things To Consider Before Buying Face Toner

  • Buy only those face toners which contain natural ingredients. As the product goes on your skin, you must be careful about using harmful chemicals.
  • Toner is a versatile product that has several benefits and hacks for using it. You must know all the benefits before buying the right toner.
  • Choose the right toner for your skin based on whether it is dry or oily.

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  • Can I use face toner everyday?

Yes, you can use the skin toner everyday as it is made with natural ingredients and has several benefits for the skin.

  •  When should I use face toner?

You should use it just after cleansing and before using other makeup products.

  •  Can I leave the toner on my face overnight?

Yes, you need not remove the toner after applying it.

  •  Do I need a moisturiser after toner?

Yes, a toner can help in better absorbing the moisturizer into the skin.

  • How long should face toner stay on the face?

It is a product that needs not be removed from the skin.