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Whipped Body Cream | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 160ml - PureSenseWhipped Body Cream | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 160ml - PureSense
Whipped Body Cream | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 160ml
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Body Cream

Body cream is a hydrating substance which is meant to keep the body moisturised. It prevents the skin from getting cracks and chapping, especially in colder months. The difference between a lotion and a cream is that a lotion has higher water content and liquid consistency, with lesser oil content. A body cream consists of oil in greater quantity, which makes it thicker in consistency and also more nourishing in terms of ingredients. You can use body cream as it is a lifesaver in winter and other dry months, where your skin needs constant hydration and moisturisation, which can be provided by body cream.


What is Body Cream?

The body cream is a nourishing product that is sold in tub containers or jars, owing to its thicker consistency and higher oil content. Although body cream has more oil content, it does not feel extremely greasy and is the best solution for providing intense hydration to your skin. It provides a barrier that keeps the skin ultra-hydrated and should be used ideally on your hands, feet and legs.

Reasons To Choose Pure Sense Body Cream

Here are some reasons you will love the nourishing Pure Sense natural body cream:

  • Intense Hydration: 

The body cream online by Pure Sense is a whipped body cream enriched with lemon, Shatavari, pomegranate, green tea and thanaka. These ingredients provide long-lasting hydration and create a layer of ultra-rich moisture on your skin.

  • Brightens skin: 

Due to the presence of lemon, which is a great source of vitamin C and AHA, this body cream leads to brighter and more radiant skin.

  • Gives soft, supple skin: 

Due to the intense hydration and the antioxidant properties of vitamin C, green tea, thanaka powder and pomegranate, these ingredients fight against oxidative damage and reduce dead skin cells, which reveals softer supple skin.

  • All-natural ingredients: 

All the ingredients are pure and wholesome, with no addition of toxic chemicals or preservatives.

Tips & Hacks About Body Cream

  • Apply body cream after taking a shower and before going to bed for amazingly soft skin.
  • Rub the cream on your palms together to warm it up and then apply it in circular motions. 
  • The Pure Sense best body cream also acts as a subtle perfume, thanks to its relaxing and heavenly smell. 

Things To Consider Before Body Cream

  • Pay attention to whether your skin needs an oil-based body cream or a water-based formula such as a lotion or other moisturiser. You can change the products you apply to your skin depending on the season.
  • Always regularly exfoliate your skin when you are applying body cream as it will help in better absorption of nutrients.
  • Always buy products with natural ingredients such as hydrating oils, fruit extracts and more. These will be very beneficial for long-term skin health.

Buy Body Cream on Pure Sense

The Pure Sense body cream online is a super lightweight and non-sticky formula that thoroughly moisturises the skin and prevents it from getting excessively dry or cracked. It is a godsend, especially in the winter months as it provides long-lasting hydration to the skin and leaves a layer of rich moisture. It contains the following ingredients:

  • Lemon: It is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which provide benefits like skin brightening, removing dead skin cells, reducing ageing signs and more
  • Pomegranate: It contains anti-ageing properties and antioxidants to give soft and supple skin.
  • Green tea: It not only contains antioxidants but also vitamin B2 and vitamin E, which boost collagen levels.
  • Thanaka powder: It consists of anti-oxidant properties, vitamin E and anti-bacterial properties.

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Why Choose You

Pure Sense is a natural skincare brand that provides pure and natural skin and hair care products to check your concerns and to give you wholesome skin care. These products are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives like parabens and sulphates that harm your skin in long run. So say yes to natural and pure, with Pure Sense food like skincare products!


  •  What is the difference between body cream and lotion?

The body cream has more oil and is thicker in consistency and is more nourishing than lotion. The lotion is more watery and has a thinner consistency.

  • When should body cream be applied?

It can be applied after you take a shower and before going to bed.

  • Should I use body cream every day?

Yes, you can use it everyday to provide constant hydration to your skin in dry months.

  •  Do you use body cream during or after showering?

Use it after showering on damp skin to get the best results.