How to get rid of back acne at home

How To Get Rid Of Back Acne

Were you all excited about the upcoming beach trip with backless dresses? But while trying those dresses, did you see back acne? Do not worry, these tips will help you get rid of back acne before your vacation! 

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Back Acne can be painful and uncomfortable. But the good thing is back acne is treatable and avoidable and should not worry you out of wearing that amazing dress you saved just for this occasion. We will help you understand how to get rid of back acne at home. 

Today, we will be talking about back acne treatment at home and how you can get rid of pimples on your back to have flawless skin. 

What Is Back Acne?

Back acne or pimples on the back are, in simple terms, breakouts on your back. Like your face, your back also has several sebaceous glands that secrete sebum (skin oil). When sebum gets trapped in your skin cells along with dirt and bacteria, your skin can become inflamed, resulting in a breakout. 

Moreover, as your back has a denser collection of sweat and oil glands, it can be more susceptible to breakouts. Also, as your back is always covered by clothing, it can become more susceptible to back acne. Let’s understand the back acne causes more clearly. 

What Are The Causes Of Back Acne?

back acne causes

There can be several back acne causes, and it is a common problem faced by the majority of people. These are some of the common causes of black acne. 

  • Excess Oil Production

Hormonal changes in your body can trigger excess sebum production on your back, causing it to get trapped in your skin cells along with dead cells and bacteria. 

  • Friction

Wearing body-tight clothes or wearing a bag on one side of the shoulder can increase the friction against your skin. This friction can cause your back skin to break out more easily. 

  • Not Washing Skin Frequently

Your back is one of the areas that sweats a lot. It is important to clean it thoroughly, especially after workouts. Moreover, you should remove your workout clothes as soon as possible and wash them thoroughly to avoid bacteria breeding and buildup. 

These are some of the  causes of pimples on the back. Now let’s understand some of the back acne home remedies. 

How To Remove Back Acne At Home?

There are several back acne treatments that you can try at home to have that flawless skin. We have curated a list of the top back acne home remedies for you that will help in preventing and removing back acne. 

  • Showering

Showering is one of the most important and easiest back acne treatment methods. By showering regularly and cleaning your shoulders and back thoroughly, you can avoid the buildup of sebum, dust, and bacteria on your back, which is responsible for causing black acne. 

  • Exfoliate

You should gently exfoliate your back and shoulder using a body scrub or a body cleanser to remove dead skin cells and open up the skin pores. If you are looking for a natural body scrub, you can try Macadamia Moisture Restore Shower Cleansing Oil (Body Wash). This body wash is enriched with natural extracts of macadamia oil and will help in cleansing your body thoroughly to restore your skin’s natural moisture and prevent back acne. 

Macadamia Face Wash
  • Avoid Body-hugging Clothes

Try to avoid wearing body-hugging clothes, especially when you are working out or doing any activity that will make your body sweat. Moreover, if you are a regular at the gym, try wearing cotton clothes. 

  • Use Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil is an excellent ingredient for skin care because of its nutritional-rich composition. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and moisturising effects on your skin, making it one of the most excellent back acne home remedies.

  • Apply Sunscreen

If you wear clothes that expose your skin to the sun, you must use sunscreen on those areas. However, you should be careful in choosing this sunscreen as greasy sunscreen can also result in clogged pores. Choose oil-free products that are light on the skin. 

  • Eating Healthy

What you eat also has a direct effect on your skin health. For instance, eating oily food with heavy fat content can clog your skin pores as well. You should eat a healthy and balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and whole grains. 

These are some of the best back acne home remedies that you can try. 


If you are looking for the best back acne treatment at home, these methods are sure to help you out. Moreover, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush out all the toxins in your kidney that are also responsible for causing acne in your body. 

FAQs On Ways To Get Rid Of Back Acne Naturally

  • How to remove Back acne?

    There are several ways to remove back acne, such as using an exfoliator, acne-medicated body washes, cleansing your skin with a pH wash, using topical chemical peels, etc. You can also try home remedies such as using tea tree oil to prevent back acne from happening in the first place. 

  • What are the causes of back acne?

    Back acne can be caused due to several reasons such as excess oil production, friction, wearing tight clothes, genetics and improper skin care habits. 

  • How to prevent Back acne?

    You can prevent back acne by several methods. For instance, following proper showering habits, exfoliating your skin, wearing loose clothes, using sunscreen, applying tea tree oil and eating healthy can help prevent back acne.