How to smell good all day

How to smell good all day?

Who doesn't like to smell good? The fresh fragrance of your favourite body shower or the slight hint of your favourite perfume is good to make you feel fresh and relaxed throughout the day. However, you can smell good without using fragrance, and we’ll show you how. 

how to smell good naturally

We are instantly attracted to people who smell good throughout the day. However, smelling good is harder for some people than others due to different reasons. Luckily, smelling good isn't a genetic trait, and anyone can smell fresh using different methods. Be it using the best smelling body wash or choosing the best natural fragrance for the body, there are several ways to smell nice.

Today, we will be discussing how to smell nice using a natural fragrance for the body and the best smelling body wash, among other methods. So let's get right to it, shall we?

How to smell good naturally all day?

how to smell good all the time

One of the most important things to do for smelling good is to know your body. Understanding your body's reaction to different wash routines and scents is the easiest and quickest answer to the question of how to smell good all the time. However, there are several other ways as well, such as using perfume or the best smelling body wash. Let's talk about the best tips for how to smell good naturally all day: 

  • One of the most important things to do for ensuring that you don't have a bad mouth odour is to drink plenty of water as it dilutes the scents of coffee breath, garlic, onions, etc. 
  • A neat trick for smelling good is to spray your wardrobe with your favourite scent once a week to ensure a long lasting mild fragrance on your clothes. 
  • Storing a perfume sachet in your underwear drawer will ensure even your delicates smell good.
  • Instead of spraying your hair with fragrance directly, you should spray your hairbrush before brushing to avoid any harmful effects and ensure good smelling hair. 
  • One of the other answers to how to smell good naturally is to spray your bare torso with fragrance as it will be masked by the clothes, emitting only the slightest fragrance so as not to overwhelm others while smelling good.
  • Every product that we use, from laundry detergents to makeup, has a unique fragrance. Understanding these fragrances and pairing them with an external scent can help you smell nice. 
  • While it is essential to keep your torso and hair smelling good, it is also vital to keep your feet and footwear clean and to smell good using a shoe spray. 
  • One of the lesser known facts about smelling good is that what you eat also affects your body's natural fragrance through sweat. Eat natural foods, rich in vitamin C, to ensure fresher breath and gentle body odour.
  • Use a quality soap that kills all the germs but also keeps you smelling good for a more extended period of time. 
  • Using body oil is also an excellent method to take your body care routine a notch up. You can choose from a variety of body oils with natural ethereal fragrances.
  • One of the helpful tricks that we discovered recently is to spray cotton balls with your perfume and carry them in your purse or bag. Use the cotton balls soaked in perfue to give yourself a quick retouch by tapping it on your nerve points (neck, wrists, etc.) without having to carry the scent with you at all times. 

These are some of the quickest and easiest answers to the question of how to smell good all the time. Now let's take a quick look at some of the tips that you can add to your day-to-day routine for smelling good. 

Unique ways to smell good all-day

There are several tips and tricks that you can add to your daily routine without any extra effort and make sure you smell good throughout the day. 

Make your perfume last

smelling good

When going with a perfume, going mild is always better as the secret lies in applying the scent correctly. 

  • Apply perfume to your pulse points as it will allow the scent to naturally mix with your body chemistry. When your body gets heated up, it will automatically release without you having to rub the fragrance into the skin. Pulse points include the back of your neck, crook of your elbows, wrists and behind your knees. 
  • Use a rollerball to ensure a more targeted approach to your perfume without over spraying it. 
  • Splitz your hairbrush with your perfume before brushing to make sure your hair smells good throughout the day. 

Moisturise with scented lotions

Another excellent tip to smell good throughout the day is to use a scented body lotion or cream directly after coming out of the shower and drying yourself. Scented lotions generally last longer when applied on a moist base.

Shower using a natural body wash

One of the main reasons for body odour is uncleanness and bad body hygiene. While genetic reasons cannot be solved, you can take off your body by cutting out food that causes odour. You should avoid foods such as fish, garlic and broccoli. Another critical thing to keep in mind is to clean your body thoroughly while showering. 

Moreover, the frequency of showering also determines your body odour. While showering every day is a given, you can also take a quick cleanse while focusing on some body parts more than once a day. While showering or doing a quick wash, concentrate on body parts with the most active sweat glands, such as the groyne area, butt, and armpits. 

Using a deodorant

Along with being clean, you can also make use of deodorant when you need a quick spray of the fragrance. 

  • You should carry an antiperspirant or deodorant while travelling, especially for those stress-sweat kind of days. 
  • You can carry individually wrapped wipes with fragrances to freshen up on the move quickly.
  • Applying talc-free powder on areas rubbing with each other such as legs, under the breasts and underarms, can ensure lesser sweat and better natural body odour. 
  • Try wearing cotton clothes or breathable fabric to avoid the accumulation of sweat and bacteria. 

Make your hair smell good all-day

To make your hair smell good all day, it's essential to be meticulous when following a hair care routine. Cleaning your hair and scalp thoroughly is vital as the oil buildup with dirt can make your hair smell bad. Cleansing your hair with a shampoo and following up with a fragrant conditioner will ensure that your hair smells fresh for a more extended period. 

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, do not spray perfume directly on your hair as it might damage your hair follicles and scalp. Instead, put it on your hairbrush for a mild yet long-lasting fragrance. 

Make your breath smell good all-day

Smelling good is not just about having a good body fragrance. Your breath also plays a vital role in ensuring you smell good all day. Here are a few tips that will ensure that your breath smells good:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes to keep your teeth healthy and breathe fresh.
  • Floss once a day to get rid of any food particles stuck in between your teeth. 
  • Brushing after a few minutes of eating will help to get rid of persistent smells of onions, garlic or tuna. 
  • Drink a lot of water to avoid dry mouth and dilute any scent. 
  • Chew on fresh mint leaves to maintain a naturally good-smelling breath.
  • Keep sugar-free gum or mints handy for emergency situations. 

Make your clothes smell good all-day

Washing your clothes regularly and using a fabric deodoriser is the easiest way to make your clothes smell good all day. You can also follow these steps for added measures:

  • Add a few drops of essential oils to your wash to leave its essence and fragrance on your clothes for more extended periods.
  • Using a laundry booster such as borax and baking soda will help in deodorising your ]clothes. 
  • Adding lavender sachets to your drawers and closet will entrap the smell of your clothes. 
  • Add cotton balls sprayed with your perfumes to the drawers for providing them with a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. 

Best smelling body wash that everyone should have

Now that you know about the different tips that you can follow to ensure you smell good throughout the day, let's talk about how to purchase the best smelling body wash. Using a good body wash can be the difference between an odour-filled day or a fragrance-filled day. 

When choosing the body wash, always choose natural products as their fragrance not only lasts longer but is also gentler to your skin. You can try natural brands such as Pure Sense, which offer a range of beauty care products. 

Pure Sense offers Macadamia Moisture Restore Shower Cleansing Oil (Body Wash) that is a 2-in-1 solution to your body odour problems. The cleansing oil and body wash not only ensure a long-lasting natural fragrance of macadamia oil but also nourishes and moisturises your body from within. Moreover, body wash is suitable for all skin types. 

Macadamia Body Wash

For a more direct approach, you can also try Pure Sense's range of body mists, such as Pure Sense Charm Sweet Violet body mist that has the goodness of sweet violet to give you long-lasting ethereal and summery fragrance throughout the day. 

Sweet Violet Body Mist


Smelling good is not only necessary for your image but for your self-confidence. When you know that you smell good, you feel more confident and relaxed. Moreover, using an earthy and summery fragrance will keep you calm and refreshed the entire day. 

FAQ on ways to smell good all-day

  • How to get rid of body odour?

    The best way to get rid of body odour is to frequently take a bath using natural body washes to remove all the sweat and bacteria that causes the odour. When showering, focus on areas with more active sweat glands such as the underarms, groyne, and butt area. 

  • How to smell nice all day?

    To smell nice all day, you should use natural fragrances, body mists and other fragrant products. Moreover, it is crucial to keep your mouth clean, and clothes washed as they add to the natural aroma of your body. 

  • How to smell good naturally?

    To smell good naturally, focus on taking regular showers, using natural fragrant products, and wearing fresh and perfumed clothes. Moreover, when applying perfumes, apply them to your nerve points such as the wrist, neck, and arms for more coverage.