Charm Sweet Violet Body Mist
Charm Sweet Violet Body Mist
Charm Sweet Violet Body Mist
Charm Sweet Violet Body Mist
Charm Sweet Violet Body Mist
Charm Sweet Violet Body Mist
Charm Sweet Violet Body Mist
Pure Sense Charm Sweet Violet Body Mist | 150ml
Charm Sweet Violet Body Mist

Pure Sense Charm Sweet Violet Body Mist | 150ml

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Size / Net Weight : 150ml
Shelf Life : 36 months
Country of Origin : India
Manufacturer Name : Stella Industries Ltd
Manufacturer Address : Stella Industries Ltd, Old Khandsa Rd, HSIIDC, Kherki Daula, Sector 37, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Marketeer Name: Marico Limited
Marketer Address : Marico Ltd,7th floor, Grande Palladium, 175, CST Road, Kolivery Village, MMRDA Area, Kalina, Santa Cruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098
Generic Name : Body Mist

Reasons you will purely love this!

  • Warm and Musky fragrance created with Sweet violet and Aloe Vera
  • An ideal pick-me-up reminiscent of flowers and candy; to dispel signs of lethargy all day long.
  • The aloe infused formula is sure to make you feel refreshed and energetic all dat long
  • This product is 100% cruelty free and definitely a pure pick
  • Travel friendly , this body mist will help you turn on your charm annywhere you go

We’re pure at heart.

  • No Sulphate
  • No Parabens
  • No Cruelty
  • No Carcinogens
  • Earth Friendly

Sweet Violet Body Mist

Have you ever wondered what could be an alternative to strong, overpowering body spray? Body mists! They are light and ideal for daily use. Pure Sense's new range of body mists comes in a number of fragrances. These body mists don't just provide fragrance, they moisturise your skin as well. The floral fragrance of sweet violets fills your day with positivity and freshness.


About Sweet Violet Body Mist (Fragrance Mist)

The Sweet Violet Fragrance Mist is a luxurious blend of natural ingredients with sweet violet distillate as the principal constituent. The soothing and cleansing action of the sweet violet extract makes it a unique element in creating this one-of-a-kind sweet violet mist. This floral elixir is infused with the nourishment of vitamin-rich olive oil.

Ingredients in Sweet Violet Body Mist

Blended with natural ingredients, the Sweet Violet Fragrance Mist is an exotic perfume that is gentle on your skin and leaves an exotic fragrance of sweet violets. The incorporation of essential oils in this body spray imparts a moisturising effect to your skin.

Benefits of using Sweet Violet Body Mist

  • Sweet violet extracts used in these body mists are excellent antidotes for dry skin and are even known to prevent acne. 
  • The exhilarating fragrance of sweet violets is well known for its role in aromatherapy and relaxation. 
  • So, even a spritz of it before bedtime will assure you of a stress-free, good night's rest. 
  • The base of this body mist is rich in olive oil, which replenishes the moisture content of your skin.

Reasons to Try Sweet Violet Body Mist

- The floral and powdery aroma of this sweet violet spray perfume will transport your mind to a romantic haven of serenity.

- The sweet violet extracts used in this fragrance mist have a cooling effect that can soothe dry and itchy skin.

- If you have oily skin, the sweet violet essence will help to tighten the pores and provide protection from acne.

- Infused with essential oils and no harsh chemicals or carcinogenic substances, this fragrance mist is a complete package for perfuming your skin.

How to Use Pure Sense's Sweet Violet Body Mist

- After a shower, spray the sweet violet mist all over your body while it is still damp. Remember to gently shake the bottle before use.

- Sprinkle some on the sides of your neck and your pulse points.

- Spritz it from a distance of at least six inches.

Useful Tip::

Apply some body butter or cream before using the Sweet Violet Body Spray to lock in the fragrance for a longer time (3-4 hrs.).

Tips & Hacks About Sweet Violet Body Mist

  • Avoid rubbing it into your skin, rather spray it.
  • Spritz it on your pulse points.
  • Moisturise your body before spraying the Sweet Violet Body Mist.
  • Spray moderately, and don’t overdo it.
  • Store away from direct sunlight.
  • Spritz onto your skin and clothes.

Things to Consider Before Buying Sweet Violet Body Mist

  • Make sure you always buy a body mist with natural ingredients because it is directly sprayed on your body and is also absorbed into the skin
  • Try to avoid toxic chemicals such as parabens and sulphates present in many body sprays and mists. Choose only natural fragrances.

Buy Body Fragrance Mists Online at Pure Sense:

The Pure Sense range of body mists utilises natural and natural ingredients that are ideal for all skin types. Using these products will propel you on the path of clear and conscious beauty. Experience the intoxicating and romantic aroma of the sweet violet fragrance mist. In just a few clicks, you can get these natural products delivered safely to your doorstep.

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Pure Sense offers a wide collection of heavenly body mists including British Rose body mist, Orange Blossom body mist, Calm Macadamia Soothing body mist, Hope Japanese Cherry body mist, and many more. Explore our range of amazing natural fragrances online and be surprised by what you find!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does sweet violet smell like?

    The fragrance of sweet violet is feminine and powdery. Its soothing odour seems to envelop you into a cocoon of tranquillity. It smells like a combination of lavenders and roses.
  • Is Sweet Violet Body Mist safe for skin?

    The Sweet Violet Fragrance Mist is safe to apply directly on the skin. This spray perfume is made of paraben-free, natural ingredients that are infused with moisturising oils. Being milder than commercial body spray, this body mist is ideal for all skin types.
  • Is Pure Sense Sweet Violet Body Mist good?

    Yes, it is the best sweet violet body spray that you can go for. Its heady and floral scent, combined with the goodness of sulphate-free, eco-friendly constituents, makes it one of the best fragrance mists you will own.
  • How long do Sweet Violet body mists last?

    This violet body mist online lasts for 3-4 hours and you can reapply it once or twice throughout the day.
  • Can we use Sweet Violet body mist everyday?

    Yes, you can surely use this violet fragrant mist every day because it contains all natural ingredients.
  • How often should you use Pure Sense Sweet Violet body mist?

    You can use this Pure Sense charm sweet violet body mist every day without any problem. It can be re applied twice or thrice throughout the day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
It was an pure sense

Yeah, I order through the pure sense website, after seeing a few people posted on Instagram.
I believed that and I order the pure sense and the result, it was a pure sense, the name itself so blissful.
I order 2 perfumes, Japanese blossoms, and Madagascar Vanilla, both are really good and the smell was so good. Really loved it.
Thank you for such an amazing product.

Ajay Dev
Highly Satisfied

Very Nice Mild Fragrance.

Highly Satisfied

It give so nice fragrance. Very safe to use

Hilu Patel

Smell is good.

Loved it✨

This was my first ever order on Pure Sense
Pure Sense Hope Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist | 150 ml the luxurious fragrance it has and Pink Guava Face Scrub 50 gm the way it makes my skin feel so hydrated, and moisturized after the very first use without leaving it dry after wash
Really amazed with the products as well as the quality service they have provided 🤎
Would surely recommend ✨