Ways to protect hair from chlorine water

Tips to Protect Hair from Chlorine water

Going for a swim means you are simply compromising the health of your hair as there is the presence of Chlorine in the pool. But if you are not ready to settle down, here are a few tips that you can follow to protect your hair from chlorine water.

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how to protect hair from chlorine tap water

It is undoubtedly very relaxing when you glide through the water on a sunny day with your loved ones. But do you know that the pool water contains chlorine which can be damaging to your hair health? Well, yes !! The chlorine that pools contain is corrosive and affects your hair health negatively.

Do you know that Chlorine is also present in tap water? So, if you take regular showers in water with a high chlorine level, it can ruin your locks. Nevertheless, it is vital to protect your hair from chlorine exposure and the damage it causes.

If you are a frequent swimmer and wondering how to protect hair from chlorine water or how to protect hair from chlorine tap water, this article will help you know it all.

Why is chlorine water bad for hair?

If you are thinking, is chlorine water bad for your hair? Well, the answer is yes !! The natural oil that the hair needs to be smooth and healthy gets depleted due to chlorine.

It makes the hair dry, harsh and damaged. Most people who ask if chlorine water is bad for hair must know that it can also induce chemical reactions that can further lead to split ends, weakened hair strands and changing of the hair's natural colour.

How to protect hair from Chlorine water?

protect hair from chlorine water

Chlorine water can lead to multiple problems including hair loss, colour change, hair damage and so on. This is why it is important to find out how to protect hair from chlorine tap water?

To be precise, you cannot completely protect your hair from getting damaged. But you can definitely choose to rinse off your hair with clean water before you jump off in the pool and even after swimming.

Your hair is like a sponge, and doing this can absorb the clean water instantly, leaving no room for sucking up chlorinated water.

How to treat Chlorine damaged hair?

Now that you know chlorine water is bad for hair, and if it has caused damage to your hair, then there is no need to freak out. By finding out how to protect hair from Chlorine water, you can easily treat the damage done. So here are a few

  • Use hair clarifier

    You can use a hair clarifier while washing your hair as it helps to remove the presence of any harsh chemicals.
  • Deep conditioning

    Opt for deep conditioning your hair at least twice a week to replenish the lost moisture.

How to prevent hair damage from Chlorine?

If you are experiencing chlorine water hair loss problems and want to know how to protect or prevent hair from chlorine tap water, then the following tips will help you out:

  • Use natural oils 

    is chlorine water bad for hair


    You can use natural oils to prevent your hair from getting damaged. It is simply because the natural oils act as a protective layer, which guards the hair against chlorine attacks.
  • Deeply wash your hair 

    how to protect hair from chlorine tap water


    Once you come out of the pool, make sure to deeply wash your hair with a good quality shampoo to eliminate all the harsh chemicals.
  • Prevent it from getting wet

    Tie your hair in a bun so that it does not get wet in the pool, or use a shower cap to protect it.
  • Use protein-rich conditioners

    Make sure to use protein-rich conditioners to replenish the hair's natural moisture and keep it nourished. For instance, you can opt for using Rejuvenating Grapefruit Revitalising hair conditioner from Pure Sense that is packed with Hydrolysed Rice protein which helps to control the frizz. Also, it adds shine to the tresses.

    Grapefruit Hair Conditioner


Chlorine water is undoubtedly the worst thing that you can introduce your hair to.

However, as you cannot wholly avoid Chlorine, the best you can do is learn what it does to your hair and how to protect hair from chlorine tap water adequately.

Just make sure that you use this knowledge in the right way to prevent your hair from facing any further damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best treatment for Chlorine-damaged hair?

    Chlorine is basically a disinfectant, which means it dissolves all dirt, oil, and bacteria in the pool. Whenever an individual takes a swim in a pool, the chlorine present causes damage to the healthy hair.

    Everything is compromised, from making it overly dry to losing the natural sheen. Therefore, if you want the best treatment for Chlorine-damaged hair, then here's what you must do:

  • Opting to use protein treatment 

    As you take a bath in chlorine tap water or jump in a chlorine contained pool, the hair strands get stripped.

    Instead, you can replenish the hair's protein by opting to go for a protein treatment that would repair the strength of your hair.

  • Deeply condition your hair 

    The second thing you must do is regularly use a good quality conditioner to repair the damage.

    Doing this would sincerely help moisturise your hair and smoothen the frizz alongside split ends. You can opt for using revitalising hair conditioner from Pure sense that comes packed with hydrolyzed rice protein and uplifts your senses.

  • Trust the process 

    It does not matter how badly chlorine has damaged your hair. You need to understand that fixing your hair is not an overnight process. One must be patient throughout and should trust the process.

  • Talk to your hairstylist

    If you think that your damage has gone beyond fixing, you need to talk to a professional. They may suggest a suitable treatment or give you a haircut that can restore your hair's health.

  • What not to do when you have Chlorine damaged hair?

    Damaged hair means it is fragile and prone to breakage, and it can leave your hair unhealthy and make you lose your confidence. If you do not take care of your hair, it will start making your hair thin and even show bald spots.

    There are times when people try doing other things, thinking it may fix the hair. So here are a few things that you must not do when Chlorine damages your hair:

  • Do not skip using conditioner on your hair after shampoo as it can help to smoothen the frizziness.
  • You choose a good quality hair conditioner from Pure Sense, which is 100% organic and rich in antioxidants.
  • Do not use a hair dryer or use a styling tool, as it can damage your hair more.
  • Make sure that you are not brushing your hair when it is wet. It will break your hair even more and lead to hair fall problems. On the other hand, when using a comb, make sure to use the one with a wide tooth.
  • Do not use styling or chemical-based products as it will damage it even more.
  • How to protect hair from chlorine water?

    If you are already freaking out, think about the damage chlorine water can do. Then make sure to protect it before jumping into the pool. You can choose to save your hair by using a shower cap or just making a high bun so that it does not get wet in the water.

    You must also make your hair wet with clean water before and after taking a bath in chlorine water so that your hair does not absorb much Chlorine.

    Also, remember to deeply wash your hair with a Deep nourishing hair cleanser from Pure sense, which removes the impurities and combats excess oil production in the scalp. After coming out of the pool, doing this would help eliminate all the chemicals and other dirt substances. Taking care of these small things can help protect your hair from getting damaged with minimal effort.