How to use shower gel?

How to use a shower gel?

Do you know the right way to use a shower gel? Yes, there is a wrong and right way to use a shower gel. Continue reading to understand what you might have been doing wrong. 

Ways to use Shower gel

Even though shower gels were invented in the late 1800s, they gained popularity only in the 1990s. Before that, bar soaps were used almost exclusively. However, since a single bar of soap was being used by all the family members, it posed a risk of  causing skin problems and hygiene issues.

Soon, it became the popular opinion that bar soaps are unhygienic as they carry more bacteria in the soap residue. Additionally, it was challenging to store used and wet bar soaps while travelling or even at home. Shower gels, on the contrary, met the basic hygiene standards, weren't as messy as bar soaps and were easier to carry.

Shower gels or body washes are easier to  store as well. However, even today there needs to be some awareness on what is shower gel used for and how to use shower gel  efficiently. On this note, let’s explore everything you need to know about the use of shower gels and  how to use body wash. The article will also explain briefly about the benefits of shower gel.

What is a Shower Gel / Body Wash? 

For those who have just made the shift from bar soaps, there may be tons of questions that could arise about the use of shower gels. For example, what is shower gel used for?, can you use shower gels in the bath? Also, how much shower gel should you use? Another question could be about the benefits of shower gel and how are they superior to bar soaps?

But before that, let's see what a shower gel or body wash actually means or does. 

As the name suggests, shower gels and body washes are gelatinous liquids used to cleanse the entire body. While body wash and shower gels are used synonymously, there is a slight difference between the two. The body wash has a more soapy, watery consistency, while shower gels are more viscous and gel-like.

Another point of difference between shower gel and body wash comes from its formulation. A body wash is gentler and does not dry up the skin. However, shower gels are more aggressive and, if used carelessly, could cause the skin to dry out. 

Having said that, these minute differences between shower gels and body washes do not really matter. The purpose of both the products is the same - to clean the entire body efficiently, without leaving behind a soapy residue that can irritate the skin. 

Here are the significant benefits of shower gel:

  • Composition

    Almost all bar soaps are the same. They might come in different shapes and aromas but  they have the same function - removing dirt from the body. However, shower gels or body washes are formulated differently.

    Shower gels are sometimes enhanced with exfoliating elements that help remove dirt and dry skin. For example, the Relaxing Macadamia Exfoliating Body Cleansing Oil from Pure Sense  is made with organic ingredients, mainly macadamia nuts and kiwi fruit. The small particles of vitamin E in the gel help gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the body and keep the skin supple. In addition, since the gel is made using organic ingredients, there are very few chances of skin irritations or allergic reactions.  
    Macadamia Face Wash

  • Hygiene

    Shower gels can be stored securely, unlike bar soaps that drip when kept to dry in soap dishes after each use. Bar soaps may also attract germs and bacteria that stick to their surface when kept in the open. It is also quite common to find stray hair strands in bar soaps when multiple people use them.

    Using shower gels completely negates all these instances. In addition, the covers in the gel bottles ensure that the products are stored hygienically. Therefore, it is more convenient to carry shower gels, even for travel purposes. Although there are travel risks of the product leaking,  shower gels are still better to use if appropriately sealed.  

  • Therapeutic

    As shower gels can be augmented with exfoliating elements, they can similarly be enhanced with essential oils and soothing fragrances to truly help you relax during bath time.

    Specific aromas have specific functions targeting one area of a person's stressful life. For example, the Grapefruit Body Cleansing Shower Gel from Pure Sense is enhanced with a grapefruit essence that lends a zesty aroma to your bath time. The vitamin C in the shower gels also helps pep up dull and dry skin. The glycerine in the shower gel also keeps the skin moisturised and hydrated.

  • Efficient

    Unlike bar soaps that are rubbed on your skin’s surface to generate more lather, shower gels can be lathered up with your hands without touching your body. Rubbing bar soaps aggressively could also impact the skin's pH balance and cause unnecessary irritation to the skin. 

  • Cost-Effective

    Benefits of Shower gel
    Although shower gels may be more expensive than bar soaps, they are comparatively more cost-effective. You need only a coin-sized amount of shower gel to get a good lather and help you clean your body. After extracting the necessary amount, the remaining gel can be stored safely. Using more gel could reduce the product's longevity. 
    However, bar soaps may drip into the soap dishes once put away and dissolve if kept in constant contact with water. Also, with bar soaps, you may tend to rub the soaps excessively and thus reduce the amount of soap left behind after use. 

  • Versatility

    There are multi-use shower gels available in the market. These gels may be specially formulated to work on the body or even your face. In addition, some products can also be used as shampoos apart from  washing the body. If you feel that shampoos, shower gels, and face washes are too expensive to buy individually, you could invest in a multi-use product that does it all for you. 

Now that you are aware of the benefits of shower gel or body wash, let us see how to use body wash or shower gel to reduce wastage and maximise benefits. 

Steps To Using A Shower Gel 

Ways to use shower gel

This section is all about how to use body wash effectively. Follow the steps mentioned here to look and feel fresh and young.

  • Step 1:

    Firstly, wet your body. Ensure you use warm water and not cold or hot water. If you want to wash your hair, then do that first. While washing hair, shampoo suds and accumulated dirt and oils may drip down and stick to your body. When you clean your body after washing your hair, you can easily clean your body more efficiently.  

  • Step 2:

    Once hair is washed and put up to dry, take a small amount of shower gel in your loofah or shower brush. You would  only need a coin-sized amount for each wash. Before you apply the gel to your body, lather up the solution, create a substantial lather that can be used to clean the entire body. If you need more soap, take more and follow the same process. Make sure that you avoid your eyes, nose and other sensitive areas. 

  • Step 3:

    Once you have lathered your body, use warm water to rinse off the bubbles and soapy residue. Once washed, pat dry with a soft towel. Avoid rubbing your freshly washed skin with the drying cloth, which may cause the skin to become red and sore. Apply a moisturiser to ensure that moisture stays locked in and skin does not dry up.

    These simple steps, if followed correctly, can help you take a proper and satisfying shower without using too much product.

Using Shower Gels In The Bath

Most people use shower gels in the shower to get clean or to quickly rinse off dirt and sweat from the body. However, shower gels can also be used to help you soak in the bathtub and enjoy  a relaxing bath. 

Squeeze out a small amount of gel in your hand and let the water from the tap froth it directly into the bathtub. Even with a small amount of gel, it is possible to enjoy a luxurious and calming bath to relax your body, mind and senses. If you want more lather, you can use a few more squeezes of the shower gel to get more bubbles. 

After all, who does not love soaking in a tub of hot water and bubbles?

You may also love using bath bombs in your baths. The bath bombs add a fizzy component. Bath bombs gently massage your skin and can be used in addition to shower gels to give you a relaxing and stress-busting experience. 

How to Choose a Good Shower Gel 

Now that you know how to use shower gel, the next step is to choose a good shower gel. 

First step in choosing a shower gel and and learning how to use shower gel is understanding your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, avoid using a shower gel with drying properties or ingredients as it can affect the skin's pH balance and cause intense damage. Or, if you have more oily skin, don’t use an oil-based shower gel as it will only make your skin excessively oily and cause acne breakouts.  

The type of skin you have, like normal, oily, dry or combination skin, affects the choice of shower gels or body wash you are using. 

  • Once you have identified your skin types, you know which shower gels to avoid to protect your skin from damage 
  • Always look for moisturising shower gels that keep the skin hydrated and help maintain the skin's pH balance 
  • Choose shower gels that are free of sulphates. Sulphates could irritate the skin and lead to rashes all over your body 
  • Choose exfoliating shower gels to give your skin a deeper cleanse and keep your body supple and healthy 

The use of shower gel is beneficial is protecting your skin from unnecessary irritation. There may be a shower gel that is suitable for every skin. Depending on your comfort and choice, you can select the perfect shower gel for you. If you have trouble identifying your skin type, you can approach a dermatologist who can quickly check and give you an accurate assessment.  

How Does Pure Sense Help With Cleansing Your Body?

Pure Sense has a number of shower gels and body washes to help you switch from bar soaps to more convenient liquid gels. Not only are the products sulphate and paraben free, they also come in recyclable packing to help preserve the environment. 

Let us take a quick look at a few of the Pure Sense products you can buy right now:

  • Grapefruit Body Cleansing Gel (Shower Gel)

    The fruit infused shower gel is equipped with the amazing benefits of grapefruit and kiwi. 
  • The shower gel is enhanced with folate and vitamin C from kiwi to invigorate your dull and pale complexion. 
  • The grapefruit in the gel also helps in boosting collagen production. 
  • The shower gel helps hydrate dry skin and the glycerine keeps the moisture locked into the skin. The best part about the shower gel is that it can be used on any skin type. 

  • Relaxing Macadamia Moisture Restore Shower Cleansing Oil (Body Wash)

    Macadamia Shower Gel

    The Macadamia Moisture Restore shower gel is a gentle body cleansing gel that can be used on any skin type.The gel is made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin to help revitalise dull skin. 
    • The folate and vitamin C from the kiwi help in making the skin firm and leaves you looking younger. 
    • The macadamia nut particles in the gel help to gently exfoliate dry skin and the fatty acids help nourish the skin. 

    The shower gel is made using cruelty-free methods and you can use these without guilt.  


    Shower gels play an equally important role as the creams and oils you use on your skin after bathing to keep looking and feeling healthy. Now that you are aware about the use of shower gel, and what a shower gel is used for, you can choose the best shower gel for your skin type. 

    Choosing a suitable shower gel and learning about the right use of shower gel can go a long way in keeping you looking fresh and young. 

    FAQs for ways to use Shower gel

    • Can shower gel be used daily?

      Pollution and other factors could cause oil, sweat and dirt to build-up on your skin almost every day. Therefore, it is advisable to clean your body regularly. Body wash or shower gels are more intense than regular bath soaps. If you use a gel that helps maintain the pH balance of your skin and keeps your skin hydrated, you can safely use a shower gel daily. 

    • Can we use shower gel on the face? 

      The skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your body. Face washes are specially formulated to keep the skin clean and free from acne, rashes and other skin problems. It is not advisable to use shower gel on your face. Shower gels may also cause the face to dry up and cause damage to sensitive skin. 

    • Can we apply shower gel on hair? 

      It is not a good idea to apply shower gel to your hair. Although skin and hair can get equally dirty, the needs of either are different. In addition, shower gels may thoroughly wash out the oils present in hair. This could make hair brittle and cause hair to fall.