DIY Papaya Face Scrub For Oily Skin At Home

DIY Papaya Face Scrub For Oily Skin At Home

We all love this tropical orange fruit with black seeds - it is an ingredient that is shown so much love in diets. It’s also a skincare superfood, and we show you how it is a hero ingredient when it comes to balancing out oily skin types! Make a DIY papaya face scrub for oily skin with us as you read through the benefits of papaya, and how to prepare a face scrub infused with papaya here.

Papaya is an ingredient that’s increasingly becoming popular in the world of skincare. The major reason for this is the protective barrier papaya helps in creating, keeping your skin safe from the sun. (1) In this article, we show you how you can benefit from a papaya-infused DIY face scrub for face, starting with what you will need in a papaya face scrub, which ingredients work in what way for your skin, and how you can prepare a DIY scrub in the comfort of your home. 

Benefits Of Papaya For Your Skin

How does a papaya-formulated DIY face scrub for face brightening, protection, and treatment help? (2) Here are some of the benefits of papaya in face care:

  • It unclogs pores that are filled with dirt, grime, and impurities.
  • It reduces blemishes, treats spots on the face, and gives you clearer complexion.
  • It treats and soothes acne scars, while preventing future breakouts.
  • It fights the signs of ageing, by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and more.

DIY Papaya Face Scrub For Oily Skin: Recipes With Pantry-Loving Ingredients!

Get ready to raid your pantry (or stock it up) because what you will need in your papaya face scrub is easily available to you! Here are four of the most effective ingredients in simple recipes to get you started. (3)

  • Brown Sugar + Papaya

Brown sugar is a moisture-rich and beautifully complementing ingredient in a papaya face scrub. It has a rough-ish texture, which helps exfoliate better.

How to prepare a face scrub with brown sugar and papaya: Mix one cup of brown sugar with three quarters of honey and olive oil each. Then, add three or four tablespoons of papaya puree into it, and the scrub is ready to apply!

  • Almond Milk + Papaya

Almonds and milk have the power to soothe your skin like no other. 

How to prepare a face scrub with almond milk and papaya: Mash three or four slices of papaya with a fork, turning it into a paste. Add a tablespoon of milk and a cup of ground almond. Bind this mixture with a tablespoon of gram flour, and add a tablespoon of honey for its emollient properties, and you’re set!

  • Pomegranate + Papaya

Natural fruits, natural goodness, and natural sugars - all combined into this enchanting natural scrub.

How to prepare a face scrub with pomegranate and papaya: Two tablespoons of pomegranate juice are mixed with half a tablespoon of gram flour. A tablespoon of papaya puree and honey each are added in, and the scrub is ready to apply.

  • Rose Petals + Papaya

Hello, rejuvenation! The naturally scented rose petals bring a refreshing glow to your face.

How to prepare a face scrub with rose petals and papaya: Crush five or six rose petals and bring it to a mix of two cups sugar, 4 cups coconut oil, and a tablespoon of papaya puree. Serenity takes over when you apply this scented scrub to your face.


For the purpose of a papaya face scrub, we also have an alternative solution for you! This quick and easy shortcut is the Natural Papaya Face Scrub from Pure Sense, which is infused with pomegranate and niacinamide. It is enriched with ayurvedic goodness, and is exceptionally great for sensitive skin. Get your papaya fix on  if this combination is suitable for your skin!