The Ultimate Night Skin Care Routine Guide Is Here - With Tips And Routines For The Four Skin Types

The Ultimate Night Skin Care Routine Guide Is Here - With Tips And Routines For The Four Skin Types

When we say this guide can give you the ultimate night skin care routine, we mean the ultimate routine for your skin! The benefits of night skincare are plenty, but the routines differ from one skin type to the next, and we have compiled them all in this article for you.
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A designated personal hygiene step is night-time skin care. When we sleep at night, our body works to repair itself, including our skin. Skincare is something that needs consistent efforts to give you the desired results. In order to wake up to a happier, healthier glow, invest that extra time and effort into taking care of your skin. It is an investment that is worth it - we assure you!

In this article, we talk more about the lesser-practised routine - the one that is recommended before we go to sleep at night. While the routine may differ from one person to the next, depending on their skin type and needs, the importance of night skin care is common to all. We take you through some benefits of night skincare, useful night skincare tips, and a gist of what each skin type needs in a night skin care routine.

The Importance Of Night Skincare

If you’re wondering why a night skincare routine is important, what you first need to know is the largest organ in your body - it’s your skin! (1) Over the course of the night, while you sleep and drift away to a world of dreams, your skin does the work to repair itself and keep you healthy. What can you do to maximise these efforts? Help your skin rejuvenate itself overnight, by applying some herbal goodness on your skin before you sleep. Scroll to know more about what herbs and plant-based solutions can be used in your own routine.

Benefits Of A Night Skincare Routine

At night, the flow of blood from your brain to your skin is the fastest. This is how your skin gets the oxygen it needs to regenerate the skin cells overnight. Make the most of this and understand the benefits of night skincare, in order to get into your routine for your skin.

  • Say goodbye to the wrinkles that could appear on your skin as a result of sleeping with your face in your pillow.
  • Well-rested skin is a rare sight, and it is easily achievable if you follow a proper night skincare routine and skin caffeine before you sleep.
  • Improve your skin tone, unclog your pores, and treat your blemishes with herbal applications at night. (2)
  • Your skin breathes better, heals itself, and restores itself with ease when you support it with your efforts of a night skincare routine. 

5 Night Skincare Tips

When you sleep at night, while your skin works to repair itself, here are some things you can do to contribute to the process. (3) These night skincare tips will have you waking up to a youthful and healthy glow:

1. Remove Your Makeup

It is extremely important that you cleanse your skin of the makeup residue that lingers on after the day has passed. When you sleep with your makeup on, you are unintentionally clogging your pores. You may wake up to a skin reaction that will require special attention, and you can easily avoid this by softly and gently cleansing off the makeup from your face. While you’re at it, make sure to apply a lip balm on your lips for it to repair your lips overnight. The Pure Sense Macadamia Nourishing Lip Balm is a great option.

2. Wash Your Face

Wash off the dirt, excess oil, and other impurities that may remain on your face at the end of the day. Using a natural cleanser is ideal as it mildly removes these tiny particles, and hydrates your skin too. It can also help retain the moisture from your skin’s natural oils and maintain a balance.

3. Moisturise Your Skin

When we talk about skincare, this is the first thing that comes to mind for many of us. Using a moisturising lotion or cream is a must-have for soft, smooth, and healthy skin for all of us. A nature-inspired moisturiser is lightweight, nourishing, and better for your skin as it is free from harmful and toxic chemicals. Try the Macadamia Deep Nourishing Body Butter, which fits this description perfectly! 

4. Treat Your Spots

It can be worrisome when zits and spots just won’t leave you alone. The best thing you can do is not touch them, and instead indulge in spot treatment right before you go to bed. Either a cream prescribed by your dermatologist can help with this, or you could just head to your freezer and pull out some ice cubes for this! Rub them inside a piece of thin cloth and dab it on the spots or blemish areas for a few minutes. This will cool the skin, open up your pores, and help treat them.

5. Remember To Relax!

While this aspect of skincare can easily be overlooked, it is important to give some special attention to your skin and your senses at night. The all-natural and moisturising Relaxing Macadamia Deep Moisturising Body Oil is a great choice to help you unwind, nourish your skin, and relax your senses. It is a luxurious body oil, loaded with vitamins, to moisturise your skin while calming it. You not only care for your skin, but you also smell divine!

Night Skin Care Routine According To Skin Type

You now understand the importance of night skincare, so what are you waiting for? Determine your skin type, and start your night routine to help regenerate your skin and boost the production of collagen each night. Here’s a list of the essentials of your night skincare routine according to skin type:

  • Dry skin - 

If your skin is sensitive to formulations that could make it flaky in the morning, you could use intensely moisturising products. Go for an exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin and gently heal your skin.

  • Oily skin - 

Opt for a gel-based cleanser since the production of sebum oil in your skin is already quite high. Make sure you use lukewarm water to wash your face, to avoid clogging your pores.  

  • Combination skin - 

Although this may seem easier than any of the other skin types, it is actually trickier than the rest. A light-foaming face wash, a toner or body mist, as well as a light, hydrating moisturiser is all you need. The Pure Sense Hope Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist is a refreshing mist that is 100% cruelty-free and pure.

  • Acne-prone skin - 

Spot treatment is a must for skin that is often affected with pimples and zits. If a cream has been prescribed by your doctor, apply it overnight on the spots and marks. If not, go for ice!

While you put the ultimate night skin care routine for your skin, make sure to check out the wide range of 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and natural range of skin care products Pure Sense has to offer. Visit  today and take a look, take your pick.

Frequently Asked Questions on Night Skin Care Routine (FAQs)

1. How should I take care of my skin before bedtime?

To start with, figure out what your skin type is. The next step is to choose a night skincare routine that is best suited for your skin type. If it is a dry skin type, moisturization is key. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, hydration would be a priority in your routine.

2. What should I apply on my face before sleeping for glowing skin?

The ultimate night skin care routine is one that includes a makeup cleanser and a mild face wash for your face. The facial skin is the most affected with dirt, makeup residue, impurities, and other particles accumulating on it over the course of the day. A cleansing balm helps remove the makeup, and the cleanser or face wash helps wash away the particles.

3. What should I use on my skin at night?

When your skin is busy regenerating overnight, what you can do is apply a lotion on your arms and legs, along with cream on your hands and feet. This will truly boost the effect of skin revival that takes place while you sleep.