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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Beeswax for Lips

Have you heard about beeswax as an active ingredient in your lip balm? But do you know what it is and why it is added into the lip balms? Here is everything you need to know about Beeswax in Lip Balms.
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beeswax for lips

If you've ever come across the ingredient called beeswax, you might have heard of it being used to make candles, furniture polish and hair pomade. But, beeswax for lip balm has also become quite a rage along with makeup, sunscreen and baby products. and here’s why you should familiarise yourself with this ingredient. Beeswax is an amazing natural ingredient that has several benefits attached to it and we're here to tell you everything about it, starting from what is beeswax.

What is Beeswax:

Beeswax is a natural wax that is produced by honey bees. Researchers have found traces of this unique ingredient since the time of ancient pyramids and have considered it to be quite a stable material to use. Beeswax is brittle at low temperatures and soft and moldable at higher ones. At around 145 degrees, this natural ingredient will melt. Beeswax comprises over 300 components that include hydrocarbons, esters and fatty acids. Beeswax is ideally made into honeycomb cells in a beehive, which are quite important as they are used to store honey and pollen. Now that you're clear on if Beeswax is good for lips, let's look at how it's made.

How is Beeswax Made?

beeswax for lips

To understand how beeswax is made, you first need to know that young worker bees have right wax producing glands on their abdomen. Wax is ideally secreted by these glands, which is then used to create honeycomb cells. The wax is opaque and colourless at first, but once chewed and incorporated with pollen and propolis, the wax turns yellow. Now, this ingredient is processed by beekeepers once they are done harvesting the honey. Bees seal each honeycomb cell with a wax capping and at harvest time, these cappings are cut off using a hot knife. The beekeeper then collects the cappings, melts them down and refines them to  make into other products.

Beeswax Benefits for Lips:

beeswax for lips

Now that we have your attention, here are some beeswax benefits for lips that might convince you to try it once: 

  • One of the best benefits of beeswax is that it is extremely moisturising as it contains natural emulsifiers that help retain moisture. This makes beeswax a great ingredient to apply on dry and chapped lips.

  • Using Beeswax for lips is getting viral because it protects the sensitive skin on your lips from the harmful UV rays. Just like sunscreen protects your skin from damage, beeswax has the ability to protect your lips from all the damage that sun exposure can do.

  • Beeswax for lip balm is quite a useful ingredient as it contains antibacterial elements that work amazingly to protect the sensitive skin on your lips.

  • If you're looking for a natural product that doesn't contain any parabens, alcohol or added chemicals, you can consider using beeswax for lips.

  • One of the greatest benefits of beeswax is that it comes with a sweet taste and smell. Natural beeswax will make it a pleasant experience for you to wear on your lips due to its taste and smell. So, if you're someone who is looking for a natural lip product, beeswax for lips should be on the top of your priority list.

How to Make and Use Beeswax on Lips?

The best way to use beeswax on lips is to use a lip balm enriched with it, as it is quite easy to apply and a perfect size to carry around with you. You can either buy a ready-made lip balm or make your own DIY lip product to enjoy maximum beeswax benefits. For this lip balm, you need - two tablespoons each of beeswax pellets, shea butter and coconut oil. Add all the ingredients in a heatproof bowl and place it over a pot of water or into a double boiler. Heat the ingredients in the pot till they are melted. If you wish, you can also add some peppermint oil to this mixture. Turn off the heat, and using a funnel, store it in a small airtight container. Let it cool completely and DIY lip balm is ready to use.

Best Lip Balms With Beeswax:

If you don’t have the required ingredients to make a DIY lip balm, you can invest in a natural alternative that provides similar results. We’re talking about the Pure Sense lip balms. Pure Sense is a premium skincare and hair care brand that makes products with organic ingredients. All of our products are free from chemicals like sulphates, parabens and carcinogens. Along with taking care of your skin, we also like to take care of the environment and hence, all of our products are cruelty-free and earth-friendly. We are well-versed with the benefits of beeswax and hence, we have incorporated it in both of our lip balms. Here are the best lip balms with beeswax that Pure Sense has to offer -

  •  Grapefruit UV Protection Lip Balm: 

    Grapefruit Lip Balm

    The Grapefruit UV protection lip balm is sure to provide you with intensely moisturised lips. It is a refreshing blend of exotic ingredients that offers natural sun protection to your lips and can also heal chapped lips. This unique blend of grapefruit extracts and exotic oils is brimming with essential vitamins to keep your lips moisturised. Using Beeswax for lipsis extremely safe and useful, so feel free to apply a coat of this lip balm as often as you desire for supple and luscious lips.

  • Macadamia Nourishing Lip Balm: 

    Macadamia Lip Balm

    This Macadamia lip balm is made with natural ingredients like beeswax that will soothe and moisturise your lips along with preventing chapping. The presence of castor oil in this lip balm helps remove discolouration and give your lips a fresh look. Almond oil in this lip balm is used to keep the skin on your lips looking healthy at all times. As you already know the beeswax benefits for lips, be sure to slather this nourishing lip balm every few hours to achieve the perfect puckers.


After getting to know all the benefits of beeswax, you must invest in a lip product that contains this wonderous ingredient as it is ideal for moisturisation, hydration and even to soothe certain skin conditions. If you're willing to experiment with a beeswax lip balm at home, you can use the DIY recipe that we've mentioned for you or buy a topical lip product with this natural ingredient to pamper your lips with some much needed TLC.

Frequently Asked Questions Beeswax For Lips (FAQs):

  • Can you use beeswax to make a lip balm?

    Yes, absolutely! Beeswax benefits are countless and one of them is the fact that you can easily make your own version of beeswax lip balm right in the comfort of your home. We've mentioned a DIY recipe of beeswax for lip balm above that you can put to use and we're sure you're going to love it.

  • Is beeswax good for lips?

    Yes! Beeswax has lubricating and softening activities. It also reduces trans-epidermal water loss from your skin. This only means that beeswax for lips is very safe for use, especially if you have dry and chapped lips. Beeswax is also an occlusive which means it forms a moisturising and protective layer on the surface of your lips.

  • Why is beeswax used in lip balms?

    By now, you are already familiar with beeswax benefits for lips, so you know that it's an anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance. Beeswax for lips balms makes for the best ingredient as it gives the product the perfect texture with a solid-like consistency. Beeswax is a natural moisturiser that locks in moisture from the air and helps the skin on your lips look firm and plump.