Best Body Oil for dry skin

All About the Best Body Oils for Dry Skin

Have you ever tried body oils? They are extremely nourishing and good for dry skin. But their benefits supersede their moisturising abilities. Here is everything you need to know about body boils.
body oil for dry skin

People with dry skin might know the struggle that they face with hydrating their skin. But there are skincare products that can help dry skin achieve the moisturisation that it needs. Out of many such products, the one that we’re specifically going to talk about here is body oil for dry skin and how seamlessly they work for all seasons. Let's look further into the details of everything related to oils for dry skin.

Why is Hydration so Important for Dry Skin?

The first and foremost step in maintaining healthy skin is to keep it clean and hydrated. Your skin acts like a protective barrier towards germs, pollutants, sun exposure and harmful chemicals. If your skin is dehydrated, it will end up developing several cracks and gaps that will allow all these exogenous substances to enter your body and cause harm. Hydration also helps maintain the normal microbial flora of your skin, which is responsible for preventing skin conditions like acne. People with dry skin experience dehydration, and become more prone to photodamage and premature signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. Hence, there are many brands that design skin oil for dry skin to help with the much-needed hydration.

Not just the skin on your face, but the skin on the rest of your body also needs hydration for which you must resort to using body oil.

Why Should You Use Body Oils for Dry Skin:

If you aren't yet convinced with the idea of using body oil for dry skin, here are some benefits that will tempt you to buy the best oil for dry skin.

  1. It Works Excellently for Dry Skin:

    benefits of body oil
    People with dry skin already know the itchy feeling after taking a good shower each day. Some of you might have also experienced that your regular body lotion doesn't work as effectively. This is why you need to use a skin oil for dry skin to lock in the moisture post showering. Unlike creams and lotions, body oils don't have preservatives or stabilisers in them which create an artificial layer on the skin. Hence, when you massage your skin well with a body oil for dry skin, it penetrates deep into your skin, locks in the moisture and prevents it from drying out every few hours.
  1. It Doesn't Have a Greasy Feeling:

    It’s a myth that body oils have a sticky and greasy feeling! In comparison to body creams or lotions, body oils are much lighter and quicker to absorb into the skin. Hence, you won't ever experience the greasy feeling after you use body oil for dry skin. While we're talking about the best oil for dry skin, it also depends on which oil you use. Mineral oil is quite a common ingredient that is found in many mainstream, conventional skin products. It is derived from petroleum and has a molecular size so large that it will not be recognised by your skin. Hence, it tends to remain on your skin's surface, clog pores and gives out a greasy feeling. Plant-based body oils, on the other hand, have a similar molecular structure to your own skin cells and hence penetrate into your skin seamlessly and provide it with hydration without the sticky feeling.
  1. It Nourishes Your Skin:

    If you wish to achieve healthy skin, you need to invest in the kind of skincare products that will go deep inside and keep it healthy from within. Oil for dry skin that is prepared using natural ingredients will work splendidly to nourish your skin and give you soft, smooth and supple skin. Massaging the body oil on your skin is highly beneficial as it increases blood circulation which further gives your skin a natural glow.
  1. It Relieves Stress:

    A body oil for dry skin can be beneficial in relieving stress as well. Essential oils for dry skin like lavender or peppermint, when massaged in your skin, can make your body feel a lot more calm and relaxed. Not to forget the scent that these essential oils have can also soothe your senses when used regularly.

Best Body Oils for Dry Skin:

Now that you're familiar with all the benefits of using body oil for dry skin, let's look at the best ones that you can invest in.

  1. Almond Oil: 

    body oil for dry skin
    Almond oil is the best oil for dry skin as it is loaded with vitamin E and A, fatty acids and zinc, which hydrates your skin well, and helps heal wounds and maintain a healthy skin barrier function. Sweet almond oil also has the tendency to help fight inflammation, oxidative stress, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and lightens scars. As almond oil is light and non-comedogenic, you can use it on any skin type. But if you are allergic to nuts, you must refrain from any topical application of the same.
  1. Coconut Oil:

    If you're looking for the best oil for dry skin, coconut oil tops the chart as it is packed with lauric acid, which has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It can flawlessly act as a sun-barrier on your skin and help your irritated, inflamed skin feel soothed. You can also use coconut oil to relieve ski conditions like eczema. It is best to avoid this oil if you have hypersensitive skin or skin that gets easily clogged. Also, if you have a lot of acne or blackheads on your skin then avoid using this oil.
  1. Macadamia Nut Oil:

    This oil helps reduce itchiness and rash as it contains phytosterols that reduces inflammation. Macadamia nut oil can also repair scars and stretch marks. That said, you should try the Pure Sense Relaxing Macadamia Deep Moisturising Body Oil. This luxurious body oil is rich in minerals which will intensely nourish your skin as well as relax your senses. If you're on the lookout for a skin oil for dry skin, this body oil is the best bet as it is loaded with vitamins and formulated with exotic ingredients that are intricately sourced from nature to relax your skin, body and mind.

    Macadamia Body Oil
  1. Argan Oil:

    This oil has anti-sebum activity, which gives your skin a non-greasy appearance and hence, it can be used for oil-control in your skin. Argan oil makes for the best oil for dry skin as the lipids in this oil forms a protective layer on your skin and strengthens the skin barrier function and prevents transepidermal water loss. This oil has anti-acne, anti-ageing and wound healing properties, so you don't ever have to worry about this oil affecting your skin in any way. If at all you are allergic to any kind of nuts, in rare cases, this oil might not suit your skin.
  1. Jojoba Oil:

    This oil is the most effective body oil for dry skin as it is rich in waxy esters, which protects your skin from dehydration. The esters are similar in composition to the sebum secreted by your skin. Hence, this oil is very well tolerated by most skin types, especially dry skin. Jojoba oil also has healing properties that help rejuvenate your skin. It is anti inflammatory, antimicrobial and can be used to treat eczema, acne, etc.

Pure Sense is a premium skincare and hair care brand that believes in designing products that are safe for your skin, hence all of the products are made with natural ingredients. Along with that, our products are also chemical-free, cruelty-free and earth-friendly.


Skin oil for dry skin is one of the best ways to get rid of itchy, cracked and dehydrated skin. If you're big on skin care, you probably already know that body oils can help you achieve the smoothest and softest skin. But if you're just getting started with skincare, let us tell you that body oil can become your favourite product for dry skin sooner than later. All you have to do is figure out which oil suits your skin the best and be consistent with its use. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Body Oils For Dry Skin (FAQs):

  • Which body oil is best for dry skin?

    Any of the above mentioned oils can be used to treat dry skin. Apart from those, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, and flaxseed oil can also work wonders. If you want to use essential oils for dry skin, you can use lavender, myrrh, geranium, cucumber seed, sandalwood and carrot seed oil.
  • Do you put body oil on wet or dry skin?

    It is recommended to apply oil on the skin when it is still damp. So, once you're done with a shower, blot away the excess water with a soft towel and then use any of your oil for dry skin on your damp body to lock the moisture in.
  • Do you use body oil before or after moisturiser?

    Oil tends to sit on top of your skin, hence it is better to moisturise first and then add a layer of oil on your skin to ensure your skin gets the hydration that it needs while locking it in.