Indoor Yoga for monsoon

6 Indoor Yoga Poses for Monsoon

Monsoon is here. Rain and waterborne diseases can stop you from doing outdoor activities. But you can definitely follow your yoga routine indoors. We will let you know 6 trendy and easy yoga poses to practice this monsoon for staying fit. 

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Even in today's busy society, there's something which has been becoming increasingly popular is none but Yoga. 

It can heal stress, keep you healthy and fit naturally, give you younger-looking skin etc. and a lot more. On rainy days you may be compelled to stay indoors and may miss your scheduled yoga classes. 

But, you would be really happy to hear that there are a lot of yoga poses that you can practise indoors only. 

Wondering about those easy yoga poses? Here are some best yoga poses you can try indoors. The best thing is you not only get to know about these poses but also about the benefits it offers. 

How is Indoor Yoga Beneficial?

By doing indoor yoga, you can still get the benefits of yoga exercises without even going outside. There are the following benefits of doing yoga while staying indoors - 

  • Betterment of Your Immunity

    No doubt monsoon comes with a lot of diseases. But this doesn't mean you should hamper your daily routine. Yes, you can practice yoga on rainy days from the comfort of your home without getting affected by any disease or so. Following this "yoga-at-home" routine, you'll not only be protected against diseases but will also improve your strength, flexibility, balance and immunity.
  • Lessens  Stress and Improves Mood

    Practising easy yoga poses at home can improve your blood circulation, improve breathing techniques and help to lower your stress and anxiety levels. As a result, your mood will also improve.
  • Helps to Maintain Weight 

    Just like going out in monsoon can get you affected, staying at home, in the same way, can lead you to gain unnecessary weight. But remember, yoga promotes better self-care.

    Practising yoga at home may help you to maintain your weight easily. So instead of doing nothing at home, do some yoga and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

How to Do Indoor Yoga During the Rainy Season?

It is essential that you practice yoga at home safely. Here are some tips on how you should do it 

  • Choose a place which is free from rainwater splash.
  • Always use a good yoga mat to do your yoga practice.
  • Choose the particular yoga that is suitable for monsoon seasons, especially those which can improve your immunity.
  • Start yoga with Savasana to relax your mind and body.
  • Stay cautious about your surroundings or you may get hurt.
  • After yoga, take some rest and wipe off your sweat.
  • Clean your entire body and face perfectly. 

Always choose natural and mild cleansers to wash your dirt and sweat after a yoga workout. Pure Sense Grapefruit Body Cleansing Gel could be a great choice as it has natural sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Pure Grapefruit Extracts and Antioxidants. This is also free from every kind of chemical. This body wash will make your skin refreshing and you will become more relaxed after your monsoon yoga.

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6 Indoor Yoga Poses for Monsoon

You can follow the below-mentioned easy yoga poses which could be beneficial for monsoon -

  • Skull Shining Breath

    monsoon yoga
    Kapalbhati is also known as Skull Shining Breath, will work as a cleaning mechanism for your lungs and it also helps to strengthen your stomach.  

  • Downward Facing Dog Pose

    Adho Mukho Svanasana also known as Downward Facing Dog Pose is another great yoga pose that helps in improving the blood flow through your body. It also helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles. Also if you're exhausted you can gain your lost energy through this yoga pose. 
  • Cobra Pose

    easy yoga poses
    Bhujangasana is also known as Cobra Pose is another easy yoga pose. It works as a full-body stretching exercise. It helps in improving the digestion system and relieving stress and fatigue. Besides, it also increases the mobility of the spine and get-toned buttocks.
  • Boat Pose

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    A very effective yoga exercise for the lungs, pancreas and liver. It helps to reduce belly fat too.
  • Bridge Pose

    This yoga pose keeps your glutes healthy and improves immunity, body flexibility and body strength.  

  • Cat/Cow Pose

    This simple yoga pose improves flexibility and is good for the backbone. 

How to Clean Oily Hair Due to Yoga Sweat

Every workout ends with the same inquiry- What should I do with my hair? Nobody likes having sweaty hair. And there is always a high chance of getting greasy and dirty hair after Yoga because of all the sweat. Wondering how to address this issue? 

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Doing yoga at home is a great habit whether you do it in monsoon or on normal days. It helps you to stay fit and healthy from the comfort of your home. Just by following the above 6 yoga poses, you can boost your immunity 

FAQs On Monsoon Yoga Poses

  • How to do yoga on rainy days?

    On rainy days, you can do yoga at home. Just choose an appropriate place which is less noisy. Now, make your yoga chart of exercises and start doing them one by one. If you are new and don't know the poses perfectly, you can take help from an expert online and then do the poses correctly. In this way, you can avoid rain and still have your yoga practice. 
  • What are easy yoga poses to do at home?

    Following are some easy yoga poses that you can practice at home -
    • Balasana (Child's Pose)
    • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge)
    • Bhujangasana (Cobra)
    • Kapalbhati (Skull Shining Breath)
    • Sama Vritti (Equal Breathing)
    • Ujjayi Pranayama (Ocean Breath)
    • Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
  • How to start indoor yoga?

    Wondering how to do yoga at home more comfortably and effortlessly? The very first thing you need to do is to either choose or create a comfortable spot for your yoga practice. Next, you need to gather your yoga accessories such as a yoga mat, a stopwatch, a water bottle, etc. Now before choosing your yoga style and routinely make sure you take preventive measures to prevent injury. 

    Start with the easy ones along with making a perfect exercise yoga chart. After you relax your mind and body start with small stretching yoga exercises and then switch to doing the hard ones. This is the perfect sequence of indoor yoga.