Coping with stress: Here's How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety in a Healthy Manner

Coping with stress: Here's How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety in a Healthy Manner

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Many of us face stressful, overwhelming and anxious challenges in our lives that cause us to emote strong emotions. Even after a traumatic event, an individual can have strong and lingering reactions. And if they are not dealt with the right way, it can lead to serious health issues related to the heart and mind. Coping with stress and anxiety becomes a little bit manageable when you learn ways to deal with it. Especially, getting the right care and support in such situations can help you manage it better. And we're here to tell you all about it. Before we get on with some healthy coping strategies for stress and anxiety, it's important for you to know the symptoms for the same. Here is what stress or anxiety can cause: - Change in appetite, desire, energy or interest - Feeling of fear, sadness, worry, anger, frustration or numbness - Difficulty sleeping or getting nightmares - Difficulty concentrating or making decisions - Worsening of mental health conditions - Worsening of chronic health conditions - Physical reactions like body pain, stomach issues, headache or skin rashes - Increased use of alcohol, tobacco or other substances It's natural to feel stressed, grief or anxious in situations that life constantly throws at you. But, when you use the below-mentioned ways, it becomes easier to manage such feelings.
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Healthy Ways to Cope With Stress:

1. Change Your Lifestyle:

Coping with stress becomes trouble-free when you change your lifestyle and introduce yourself to the healthier side of the world. This means, you make time to exercise daily, eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep and give yourself enough breaks throughout the day, especially when you feel stressed out.

2. Take Breaks From Social Media:

A huge chunk of information and stress comes to you via social media these days, so it's important to take regular breaks from watching, listening, or reading new things on social media. Sure, it's good to be informed, but constant traumatic events can get upsetting. Also, social media has become a competitive platform where people often get jealous and upset looking at someone's 'perfect' life. So, the next time you wonder how to deal with stress and anxiety, make a conscious effort to limit your social media consumption and give your eyes and ears some rest.

3. Take Care of Your Body:

One of the best coping mechanisms for stress is to take good care of your body. How do you do that? But taking deep breaths, stretching or meditating daily. You also need to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other substances. When you give your body what it needs to cleanse itself, you will never have to spend a day worrying about how to deal with stress.

4. Talk to Others:

Talking with your close friends and family about what's been bothering you can change your perspective towards a situation. You can also talk to a counsellor or a therapist regarding the same if you aren't comfortable sharing details of your life with friends and family. But when you communicate about your problems, coping with stress becomes very straightforward. So, talk to people instead of keeping your thoughts and emotions bottled up.

5. Make Time to Unwind:

When you catch yourself questioning how to cope with stress or anxiety, try doing some kind of physical activity that will throw out all the negative energies from your system. Any kind of positive physical activities like dancing, running, walking, cycling, etc., can help big time. Just make sure you don't vent out your stress or anxiety through negative activities like screaming, hurting yourself, punching things, etc. These activities will only worsen the situation for you and cause you more pain, mentally and physically. Now that we're clear with some healthy ways to deal with stress and anxiety, let's look at one of the best self-care ways that can help you take control of such situations. We're talking about indulging in skincare, it's one of the best ways to make time for yourself and calm your mind and body. Talking about skin care products, when you indulge in some sort of self-care or skincare, it automatically shifts your focus and makes you feel a lot better. After all, one of the healthy ways to deal with stress does include taking care of yourself. If you're looking for products that can give you a spa-like treatment right in the comfort of your home, we'd recommend the natural products that Pure Sense has to offer. All of our products are chemical-free, cruelty-free and earth-friendly. Along with that, all of our products are designed to suit all skin types. Let's look at some of them:

Indulge in Skincare With the Help of Pure Sense Products:

1. Macadamia Hand-Poured Body Massage Candle:

Macadamia Hand-Poured Body Massage Candle is a unique 2-in-1 formula that soothes your senses while nourishing your skin. It is loaded with vitamins that pamper your skin by hydrating it and restoring skin elasticity. As this massage candle is formulated with exotic ingredients sourced from nature, it relaxes your skin, body and mind. Coping with stress becomes simple when a massage candle can calm your mind through meditation or a yoga session and soothe the skin on your body all at the same time.

2. Grapefruit Revitalising 3-in-1 Face Mask, Scrub & Cleanser:

The next time you wonder how to handle stress, just indulge in some skincare and you're going to feel a whole lot better instantly. Grapefruit Revitalising 3-in-1 Face Mask, Scrub & Cleanser will instantly brighten your skin and revive it. It is packed with natural ingredients that hydrate your skin and make it supple. Not just that, this 3-in-1 formula also helps you gently exfoliate dead skin cells, clear pores and prevent breakouts.

3. Macadamia Moisturising Almond & Walnut Body Scrub:

Coping with stress becomes easier when you pamper your body with some care. Just as the skin on your face needs cleansing and exfoliating, so does the skin on your body. And this body scrub does exactly that. Macadamia Moisturising Almond & Walnut Body Scrub has a unique no-drying formula that buffs away dead skin cells and impurities. This in turn leaves your skin soft, smooth and supple. This product successfully smoothes and moisturises your skin, protects it from any kind of environmental damage and reduces the appearance of fine lines. As this body scrub is made with intricately sourced ingredients from nature, it also relaxes your senses along with cleansing and exfoliating your skin. How can I reduce anxiety immediately?|What food relieves stress?|How do I cope with stress and anxiety?A few ways to quickly reduce anxiety include: - Breathing deeply and slowly for as many times as you like - Indulging in any kind of positive physical activities as mentioned above - Distracting yourself by keeping your hands and mind busy doing chores, writing or sketching - Taking a cold shower |One of the coping strategies for stress is to eat the right food. These include - eggs, brazil nuts, fatty fish like salmon, sardines, trout, mackerel, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, chamomile tea, yoghurt. |All of the above-mentioned coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety are some of the most achievable ones. Apart from that, you can practice meditation on a regular basis, listen to soothing music or podcasts that keep your thoughts away, giving yourself time to feel and heal also helps.


Don't ever feel that you're alone when you feel stressed or anxious. In today's world, every other person feels that way due to the constant challenges that life puts them through. But coping with stress and anxiety becomes uncomplicated when you know the ways to deal with it in a healthy manner. You only have to give yourself some time and a lot of love. Also our articles such as Culprits That Cause Stress and Tips to Manage Stress, Effects of Stress on Mind & Body That You Must Know and Stress-Relieving Activities? to get relaxed and pamper yourself at home.