Symptoms Of Stress

Effects of Stress on Body, Mind & Behaviour That You Must Know of

Stress not only affects your mind but also your body and behaviour! It is important to know these effects to manage them efficiently. 

Signs Of Stress

Your body has its ways to react when it feels a change, one of them is stress. The effects of stress can be physical, emotional and intellectual responses as stress can affect anybody and everybody. There may be times when you notice some symptoms of stress when you’re at work, during a family discussion, while managing your finances or in a complicated relationship among other things. But what's important is knowing how to control stress. And you'll only be able to figure that out once you are well versed with the symptoms of stress. Here’s a complete guide to identifying the physical, emotional or mental, behavioural and psychological symptoms along with the effects of stress on your mind and body.

Effects of Stress on Your Mind and Body:

Along with your mind and body, your behaviour can also show that you're stressed. Stress can have a very tight grip on your mind, body and behaviour. Once you detect these effects and know your symptoms, you can take precautions to lower stress and make yourself feel better.

  • Some of the effects of stress on your body include:

    Effects Of Stress
    - Headache
    - Chest pain
    - Fatigue
    - Muscle tension or pain
    - Upset stomach
    - Insomnia
    - Change in sex drive

  • Some of the effects of stress on your mind include:

    - Anxiety
    - Lack of motivation or concentration
    - Restlessness
    - Feeling overwhelmed
    - Sadness
    - Depression
    - Irritability or anger

  • Some of the effects of stress on your behavior include:

    Mental Stress Symptoms
    - Social withdrawal
    - Exercising less often
    - Anger outburst
    - Overeating or undereating
    - Tobacco use
    - Drug or alcohol misuse

Now that we're clear with the effects of stress on the body, mind and behaviour, let's look at all the different symptoms of stress.

Symptoms of Stress

A person can feel physical, emotional/mental, behavioural or psychological symptoms of stress based on what they’ve faced in life to reach that point.

  • Physical Symptoms of Stress:

     Always remember, your body indicates that it is feeling a change when it’s stressed or anxious. Here are the physical symptoms of stress on your mind and body:

    - Insomnia
    - Headaches
    - Low energy
    - Aches, pains and muscle tension
    - Frequent colds and infections
    - Upset stomach that causes constipation and nausea
    - Dry mouth and difficulty in swallowing
    - Clenched jaw and grinding teeth
    - Nervousness or shaking, cold or sweaty hands and feet, ringing in the ear
    - Loss of sexual desire
  • Emotional/Mental and Psychological Symptoms of Stress:

    There are times when you may not feel any of the above-mentioned physical symptoms of stress but still feel a strong change emotionally or mentally. When stress becomes prolonged and overwhelming, it can also increase the risk of psychological health problems. Some of the psychological effects of stress as well as emotional stress symptoms include:

    - Avoiding people in your life
    - Having difficulty relaxing or silencing your mind
    - Feeling overwhelmed
    - Feeling bad about yourself, lonely, depressed or worthless
    - Becoming easily frustrated, moody or agitated
    - Making bad decisions
    - Problems with your concentration or memory
    - Racing thoughts or constant worry
    - Feeling overwhelmed, unfocused or unmotivated
    - Depression or anxiety
    - Trouble in sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Behavioural Symptoms of Stress:

    Ever noticed a sudden change in mood? Feeling irritable, towards something or someone, not feeling hungry or feeling famished most of the time, etc/ These along with many others can be behavioural symptoms of stress that include:

    - Increased use of drugs, cigarettes or alcohol
    - Procrastinating or avoiding responsibilities
    - Change in appetite - either starving or eating too much
    - Exhibiting nervous behaviours like fidgeting, pacing or nail-biting

All of these symptoms of stress can make you feel really bad about yourself, the situation or the people around you. Hence, it's very important to take control of the stress that you're feeling. There are various ways to cope with stress like talking to others, taking breaks to watch something, read or listening to music. One of which can also be through pampering yourself with some skincare and self-care. Pure Sense is a premium brand that offers you both. We have a range of luxury skincare products that are made with pure ingredients, are completely free of chemicals, cruelty-free and earth-friendly. Let's look at some of them:

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Like we mentioned earlier, stress is extremely common and anybody can feel it from time to time. However, you need to find active ways to manage stress. Read about how you can make yourself feel better when one of the symptoms of stress takes over, actively make an effort to cope with stress and you will see how it won't have any control over your mind and body. Besides, you can always rely on skincare and Pure Sense as it is not just a skincare brand but a brand that believes in the importance of self-care and mental health. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Effects Of Stress (FAQs):

  • How does your body feel when you are stressed?

    Generally, when you feel threatened, your nervous system responds by releasing stress hormones, which also include adrenaline and cortisol that rouse the body for emergency action. When you're stressed, you will feel your heart pounding faster, muscles tightening up, blood pressure rising and quickening of breath.

  • What are the five warning signs of stress?

    Warning signs and symptoms of emotional stress may include - dizziness, feeling extremely tired, depressed or anxious for no known reasons, shortness of breath, heaviness in your chest, increased heart rate, any kind of aches in your shoulders, neck or back and grinding of teeth.

  • How do you know when stress is making you sick?

    When you notice these signs of stress, you should know that it is making you sick:
    - Your skin becomes extra sensitive
    - You experience trouble in thinking clearly