Order of Face Care Products: Your Ultimate Night Care Routine

Order of Face Care Products: Your Ultimate Night Care Routine

While following a skin-specific skincare routine is vital, it is also essential to follow the correct order of the night skincare routine. Here’s a guide to help you figure out the most efficient order.

We all have heard about how important it is to follow a skincare routine to nourish and protect your skin from damage due to external stressors. However, did you know there is a correct order to follow when following a skincare routine? Be it a day skincare routine or a night skincare routine, you should follow the correct order of applying face care products to ensure maximum results. Moreover, following the proper order will also help transform your basic night skincare routine into an ultimate night routine

Now you must be wondering what is the order of face care products which will ensure the best results. Well, continue reading to learn more. 

What Is A Night Skin Care Routine?

While we cannot stress enough the importance of following a day skincare routine, following a night skincare routine is equally important. During the night, your skin repairs itself and your skincare routine should be about helping your skin optimise the healing process. Following an ultimate night routine for your skin will help you have the perfect natural glow in the morning. 

A night skincare routine generally includes anti-ageing products which work best at night and boost the skin repairing process. It also accelerates skin cell regeneration while relaxing your facial muscles for a peaceful sleep. Let’s look at the correct order of applying face care products. 

Order Of Applying Face Care Products

Before discussing the correct order of applying face care products, let’s first understand why it is vital to follow a particular order. The order of your skincare routine dictates the ability of your skin to soak the products. It is generally advisable to go from the lightest product to the heaviest but it is a little more complicated. However, we will simplify the process for you. 

One of the essential things to remember is to not go overboard and stock your cabinet with rows and rows of products. Going simple can be easy on your pockets as well as your skin. 

The Ultimate Night Care Routine Guide

As discussed briefly before, your skin repairs itself naturally at night. So your night skincare routine should be designed to aid the process. Here is a simple night skincare routine order that you can follow for the best results. 

1. Double Cleanser

During the day, your skin can accumulate layers of dirt, oil, grime and makeup. While you can remove your makeup using a dedicated makeup remover, or you can perform a double cleansing, which involves using a cleansing oil first to quickly dissolve all the makeup residue and then washing the face with a regular cleanser. 

If you are looking for an oil-based face cleanser, you can try Relaxing Macadamia Deep Nourishing Face Cleansing Oil by Pure Sense and the Pure Sense Energise Grapefruit Revitalising Face Cleansing Gel for a regular cleanser. 

Pure Sense is a 100% natural personal care products, skincare products, hair care products and body care products manufacturer that offers a wide variety of products catering to individual needs. Moreover, all the products are made from natural ingredients and are cruelty-free to give your skin the love and care it deserves.

2. Skin Toners and Boosters

Skin toners are excellent at targeting specific skin care problems and should be used in both day and night skincare routines. Some women also prefer to layer different types of skin care boosters in the form of essences, mists, beauty waters, hydrating serums, etc. The primary purpose of this product is to hydrate the skin and is generally water-based. The toner should be applied directly after cleansing followed by any essence that you choose to apply. 

3. Eye Cream

The next and one of the most important steps is to apply an eye cream. Eye creams, apart from helping treat crow’s feet and dark circles, also protect the delicate under-eye area from heavier skin care products. Moreover, using an eye in the form of a sheet mask can rejuvenate your skin and ensure a relaxing sleep. 

If you are looking for a face sheet mask, you can try Pure Sense Hydrating Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate your skin deeply. 

4. Skin Treatments and Peels

Using targeted skin care treatments, such as using retinol creams, exfoliating treatments, anti-ageing serums, etc., at night can fasten the skin repairing and regeneration process. Using peels will help exfoliate your skin and let it breathe throughout the night, and prepare it for the next step. 

5. Moisturise!

One of the essential steps in both day and night skincare routines is to apply moisturiser. A moisturiser not only protects your skin from external damage but also locks in natural skin moisture to keep your skin hydrated. However, an important thing to remember is that night moisturiser is different from day moisturiser.

For a night moisturiser, we suggest you use a sleeping mask, as you can leave it on your skin throughout the night and wake up with a radiating glow. Pure Sense offers a range of sleeping masks, such as Pure Sense Anti-ageing Sleeping Mask, which is enriched with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to reverse the damage from free radical movement and pollution. 

You can also try Pure Sense Vitamin C Sleeping Mask, which is enriched with niacinamide and vitamin C to target skin blemishes and dark spots. 

This is a simple order of face care products that you can follow in your night skincare routine to make the most out of the products. If you have additional products that you like to use, such as face serums, always remember to apply light products (water-based) before heavy products (oil-based) for the best results. 

Frequently Asked Questions On The Ultimate Night Routine (FAQs)

1. Should we apply toner first or serum?

As both serums and toners are water-based they can be applied one after another. However, for the best results, we suggest you apply serum right after double cleansing, followed by a face serum. This order will help your skin to absorb the products most efficiently and provide the best results. 

2. Is serum or cream better for the face?

Face serums and creams have equally important individual purposes and need to be applied in all skin care routines. While a face serum helps in hydrating the skin, a face cream helps lock the moisture in and protect your skin from dirt, pollution and UV damage. As the serum is water-based, it should be applied first and the cream should be applied as the last step or before applying cosmetic products. 

3. What is the right order of applying skincare products?

When applying skin care products in either a day skincare routine or a night skincare routine, it is vital to follow a correct order as it will maximise the product absorption to give you the most efficient results. Start from cleansing, water-based products (serums, mists, toners) to oil-based products (face masks, creams).