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Love British Rose Body Mist (Pack of 2) | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 300ml
Love British Rose Body Mist (Pack of 2) | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 300ml
MRP  Regular price₹ 1,000 Offer Price Sale price₹ 700(inclusive of all taxes)
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Love British Rose Body Mist (Pack of 3) | From the makers of Parachute Advansed |  450mlLove British Rose Body Mist (Pack of 3) | From the makers of Parachute Advansed |  450ml
Love British Rose Body Mist (Pack of 3) | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 450ml
MRP  Regular price₹ 1,500 Offer Price Sale price₹ 1,050(inclusive of all taxes)

Rose Enriched Fragrance Products 

The scent of rose is a complicated mixture of floral and fruity scents to spicy and musky ones, with a tea aroma. It is truly beautiful how a simple flower can emit such a complex scent that leaves you in awe.

Rose isn’t just a pretty flower, it has a wonderful fragrance, not to mention amazing benefits. From its cooling and soothing properties to its moisturising and toning properties, Rose is packed with so many advantages.

Adding rose-infused fragrance products to your skincare routine can be a game changer. Not only would these products be beneficial for your skin, but they would calm your senses with the fragrant scent. Using rose-enriched fragrance products is an act of self-care that will leave you feeling refreshed and looking your absolute best.


Benefits of Using Rose-Infused Products

Here are the amazing benefits of rose-infused products and what you are sure to reap when you add them to your skincare routine.

  1. Cleanses and Brightens:

The fragrant rose found in rose-infused fragrance products gets rid of excess oil on the skin and other impurities right along with it. This helps to reduce whiteheads and blackheads, it also fades scars, spots, and skin discolouration. The subtle evening out of the skin tone brightens the skin.

  1. Hydrates and Balances:

Rose-enriched fragrance products act like mild toner that revives the skin but doesn’t strip it of moisture. In fact, they provide moisture to the skin which makes them great products for dry skin. They keep your skin soft, supple, and smooth while keeping the moisture balanced so that it’s not too much or too less.

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  1. Soothes and Protects:

Rose body fragrance products have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that soothe the skin. This makes them good for skin irritation, inflammation, redness, and other skin issues. It also strengthens the skin barrier protecting it from dirt, impurities, and pollution.

  1. Nourishes the skin:

Rose-infused fragrance products contain antioxidants and when they penetrate the skin, they nourish it from within. Your skin is provided with the nutrients it needs to remain healthy and beautiful.

  1. Deeply cleanses the pores:

Rose-enriched fragrance products decongest the pores which help improve the texture of the skin and reduce breakout. Rose-infused products also tighten the pores which reduce their appearance.

  1. Tightens the skin:

Rose body products make your skin taut, smooth, and firm-looking while keeping it soft and supple. It also slows down ageing by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes.

  1. Under Eye Concerns:

Say bye to all your under-eye concerns from dark circles to puffiness. Rose-enriched products contain Vitamin C which effectively revitalises the under eye getting rid of allergy causes puffiness and dark circles.

Explore Pure Sense Rose Body Fragrance Products Online

At Pure Sense, we have created rose-enriched fragrance products that you can take anywhere with you. Our rose-infused products are:

  1. Love British Rose Body Mist:

This budget-friendly body mist is emotions of love in a bottle. The delicate fragrance would elevate your mood and leave you feeling calm, and happy. It has fruity, floral, and musky notes that would ignite positive emotions within you.

  1. Love British Rose Body Spray:

Also budget-friendly, this rose-infused body spray ignites feelings of love with its fresh fruity scent, and dreamy floral scent. This body spray is what you need to start off your day on a positive note.

Things to Consider Before Buying Rose-Infused Fragrance Products

  1. Be sure to check out the ingredients to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients or fragrances.
  2. Fragrant products may cause people with sensitive skin to have allergic reactions, so be sure to test them out before using them.
  3. Go for products that contain no harmful ingredients like paraben, sulphate, and carcinogens like our rose body fragrance products and all other products.
  4. Products that are cruelty-free with earth-friendly packing are the best because they keep our earth safe.

FAQs for Rose Body Fragrance Products

  •  Is rose fragrance good for my skin?

A: Rose fragrances should be used with caution especially if you have sensitive skin, but if they work great for your skin, they offer lots of amazing benefits.

  •  How do you use rose fragrance?

A: Rose fragrance is an ingredient in a lot of products like our body mist, and body spray. You can use these products as they were intended for use.

  • Is rose fragrance OK to use every day?

A: Yes, it is ok. Rose fragrance provides incredible benefits for the skin and using them daily is beneficial for you.