Best weekend skincare routine

Here’s The Best Weekend Skincare Routine You Should Try

Understandably, taking regular care of your skin is not possible. However, a weekly skincare routine can save you if your skin has started looking saggy, dull and unhealthy. You can also get rid of the symptoms of stress and pollution accumulated on your skin throughout the week with a weekend skincare routine.

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weekly skincare routine

The hustle of life has made everyone work hard enough to neglect their skin care. If you are among those who have made it through the rough week and are looking forward to continuing with some self-care,  the best way to begin the weekend is with a weekly skincare routine. 

By taking care of your skin, you will ensure that you have a glowing skin type by Monday. Therefore with this guide for weekend skincare routine at home, you will learn how to gain healthy skin. 

Why is having a skincare routine important?

Before you find out how to do skin care at home, let's discover why having a skincare routine is essential. You may never know the value of a skincare routine at home until you start experiencing skin problems. Therefore, having a weekend skincare routine simply means it would help your skin stay in good condition. 

As humans, our skin sheds cells throughout the day and having a skincare routine can help take care of this issue. It would promote collagen production, lower the signs of ageing, prevent sunburn and even cleanse the skin to transform it into a brighter and glowing one.

Benefits of doing skin care at home

No doubt, there are many benefits of doing a skincare routine at home such as :

  • A weekend skincare routine can help to lower the signs of ageing
  • Once you start following a skincare routine at home, it becomes easier to maintain it
  • It helps to boost collagen production in the skin and maintain overall health
  • An excellent weekly skincare routine can help remove dead skin cells with newer youthful cells. 
  • By following a Sunday skincare routine every week, you can keep wrinkles, dullness and acne at bay.

Best Weekly Skincare routine for all skin types!! 

If you are wondering how to do skincare at home, here's the best weekend skincare routine you can opt for. 

  • Exfoliate 

    As your skin is already in a stressful condition, adding exfoliation to your weekly skincare routine will be of great help. Doing this would help eliminate all types of impurities and dirt from your skin. Just make sure to opt for the best one, like the Pink Guava Face Scrub from Pure Sense, which will help you achieve a natural glow. Also, it helps to detain your skin and remove blackheads easily. 

    Guava Face Scrub
  • Toner 

    skin care routine at home
    After scrubbing your face and before moving to the heavy-duty steps, use a toner. Using a toner is a crucial step as it will help wipe away the dirt and oil from the face. Besides that, it will also assist in restoring the pH balance of the skin after the cleansing is done.
  • Steam 

    how to do skincare at home
    Once you are done exfoliating, you need to take a bowl of hot water and a towel to steam your skin. It would not only open up the pores but also improve blood circulation. Other than removing all the grime, steaming would eliminate the causes of dullness. 
  • Use a face mask 

    Weekly skincare routine
    Nothing can be more relaxing than adding a face mask to your weekly skincare routine. A face mask like a vitamin C-infused skin detox gift set from Pure Sense helps provide the vital nutrients to the skin that it has been missing. It is free from all types of impurities like paraben, silicone and sulphate which makes it a chemical-free product. It cleans the pores and boosts collagen production. Besides that, it rejuvenates and hydrates the skin throughout.
  • Eye cream 

    When taking care of the skin, one may not value the area under the eye, which is one of the biggest mistakes people make when following a skincare routine. It is essential to understand that the area under the eyes is delicate and more prone to skin problems like dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. Applying eye cream before applying the moisturiser can help. 
  • Moisturise 

    Last but not the least, the moisturiser is an essential product to be added to Sunday skincare. Using moisturisers such as the Macadamia Renewing Night Cream blended with exotic oils helps restore a radiant glow. Furthermore, it smoothes the skin and improves its elasticity as well.

Make your skin healthy by using Pure Sense Deep Moisturising Duo. 

When it comes to a weekly skincare routine, you need to employ solutions that can solve all your skincare woes. And one such product is Deep Moisturising Duo from Pure Sense. It contains a relaxing Macadamia deep nourishing body butter and Macadamia deep nourishing lip balm. It keeps both your skin as well as lips healthy, nourished and moisturized with its organic ingredients. Also, it is a chemical-free product as it has no paraben, silicone or sulphate. Be it any skin type by using this product you can expect your skin to stay hydrated throughout the season. 

Deep Moisturiser


Having a long weekend should not always be spent watching movies or taking naps. Instead, one should utilise them better by following a weekend skincare routine. 

Once you start taking care of your skin and make Sunday skincare a habit, you will be amazed to see the fantastic results of it on your skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Weekend Skincare Routine

  • How to do skincare at home?

    To do skincare at home, you must be very precise with the products you are using. Ensure that the ones you have chosen are herbal and do not involve any chemicals as they would worsen the skin condition. Start with washing your face with a herbal cleanser, then exfoliating with a face scrub. Then steam your face and apply a face mask. Make sure to treat your skin with serum and moisturisers as well. Also, consult with a skin specialist if you have any skin problems or medical conditions before following the skincare routine. 
  • How to follow a weekly skincare routine?

    Following weekly skin care may seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it isn't. You can simply start by removing your makeup and oil cleanse your face. After that, choose to scrub your face and lips gently to remove all the dirt and unwanted elements from the face, followed by a toner. Ensure that you do not forget to steam your face afterwards and use a clay mask or any other herbal face mask to provide the skin with essential nutrients. Lastly, use eye cream, moisturiser and serum to end the skincare routine.
  • How to pamper your skin at home?

    Pampering your skin can be done in multiple ways. To begin with,  don’t be too hard on your skin by using chemical-free products all the time from brands like Pure Sense. It is simply because herbal products do not cause side effects of any type. Give yourself a regular facial massage and treat it regularly with serums, moisturisers, or face masks. Also, make sure to eat well and drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.