Best overnight face mask

Best Overnight Face Masks To Get Glowing Skin

Have you always wanted to have a glowing skin type? Unfortunately, we often use chemical-based products to gain glowing and radiant skin, which makes the skin dull. Overnight face masks are the way out to this. Find out yourself here below. 

how to make your skin glow overnight

With the weekend approaching, you may have your plans to follow up. Now imagine looking at the mirror and noticing how dull the skin has become - it’s unacceptable! Being preoccupied with the hustle of life does not allow one to take care of themselves. You may think it would have been better if you had paid more attention to your skincare routine. But is it too late? Of course not! 

There are overnight skincare routines that you can follow to get back healthy and glowing skin. If you wonder how to make your skin glow overnight, keep following the routine correctly. You will get what you want!  

What are Overnight Face Masks?

Before you find out how to get clear skin overnight, it is essential to know what overnight masks are all about. Overnight sleeping face masks are put on immediately before going to bed and must be washed off when you wake up in the morning. 

The main goal is to increase the moisture in the skin and aid its restoration by offering vital ingredients throughout the night. As the name suggests, an overnight face mask or sleeping face mask must be left on the face the whole night.

What are the uses of overnight face masks?

You may have googled multiple times “how to glow up overnight,” and must have come across answers suggesting you use DIY hydrating face masks. But do you exactly know the purpose of using it? If not, then it is essential to understand that sleeping face masks are designed to help vital ingredients penetrate the skin more deeply when one is asleep. It is true because the body starts to heal and repair itself when a person is asleep. On the other hand, the epidermal cells undergo the process of healing and using a DIY hydrating face mask contributes to better recovery. Also, it stops the dirt and dust from entering the pores alongside locking other active products. Also, expect your muscles to relax and improve sleep quality after using a sleeping face mask.

What are the benefits of using overnight face masks?

Before discovering how to make your skin glow overnight, let's find out the benefits of using overnight face masks.

  • They are known to be ultra-hydrating and contain potent anti-ageing compounds. It aids the skin to be firm and contours the ageing skin. 
  • It brightens the skin and helps it to get a radiant glow. 
  • Overnight face masks rejuvenate and repair the skin. 
  • It prevents the skin from drying out and keeps the dirt away from entering the pores. 
  • Face masks relax the skin muscles and help to get better sleep quality. 

Best DIY overnight face masks for glowing skin

Suppose you want to know how to glow up overnight. In that case, the following DIY overnight face mask remedies will help you out. 

Just make sure to follow the remedies correctly, and consider every step. 

  • Aloe Vera and Vitamin E face mask 

    how to get clear skin overnight


  • Two tablespoons of Aloe vera gel
  • One vitamin E capsule 


  • Take aloe vera gel and the oil from the vitamin E capsule. Then mix it and apply it to your face and neck gently. 

Being rich in vitamin C, it transforms the dull complexion into a radiant, glowing one besides boosting collagen production.

  • Almond and Milk Mask 


  • Four to five raw almonds 
  • Two tablespoons of milk


  • To prepare this home remedy for face masks, you need to take raw almonds and soak them in water overnight. The following day, peel the almonds and crush them in the blender, and now add some milk and blend it again in the grinder. 
  • Before going to sleep, add the mixture to your face with a cotton ball. Then leave it overnight before rinsing off the following day with cold water. 
  • Point to be noted: As milk and almonds are rich in folic acid and vitamin E, they will help you get a radiant skin tone and make your skin soft. Just make sure to use this remedy twice a week for better results.

  • Green Tea and Potato Face Mask


  • One tablespoon of freshly brewed green tea 
  • One teaspoon of raw potato juice 


  • Take Green tea and raw potato juice in a bowl. Then use a clean cotton ball to apply the mixture onto your face. 
  • Leave it overnight and wash it off the following day with a herbal face wash like the Relaxing Macadamia Soothing Face Cleansing Gel from Pure Sense, which is free from all types of chemical impurities. 

It would help lower acne problems besides preventing skin rashes and blemishes. Not to mention, by following this, your skin will feel nourished and hydrated.

  • Cucumber, Green Tea and Potato Juice 


  • A half-cup of green tea
  • A half potato 
  • A half of a cucumber 


  • Take a potato and cucumber, grate them and squeeze their juice. Then mix the juices of potato and cucumber with green tea juice to mix it on your face using a cotton pad. 
  • Let the mixture stay on your face overnight, and then rinse off with cold water the following day. Using cucumber on the skin has proven best as it cools the skin and treats sunburn problems.
  • Follow this routine: While rich in antioxidant properties, green tea cleanses the face, and potato juice can cure pigmentation problems, including puffiness. Do this remedy thrice in a week to obtain magical results and get the glow you have been craving.

  • Turmeric and Milk Mask 

    how to glow up overnight


  • Two to three tablespoons of milk 
  • One tablespoon of turmeric powder 


  • First, you need to take milk and turmeric in a small bowl and properly mix both the ingredients. Then apply the mixture to your face after washing the face. 
  • Leave it overnight on your face, and then rinse off the following day with cold water and an organic face wash. Apply the mixture twice or thrice a week for better results. When you apply this mixture to your face, you can expect a radiant glow. 
  • The fact to know about: The presence of lactic acid penetrates the skin, while the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of turmeric help eliminate harmful bacteria. Furthermore, this mixture can also help remove the scars and blemishes from the face.

  • Coconut Oil Mask 


  • A teaspoon of Coconut oil 
  • Two to three drops of tea tree oil


  • In a bowl, mix coconut oil and tea tree oil. Then wash your face and apply the mixture onto your face. Leave the mixture on your face overnight and rinse off with cold water the following day. 

Make sure you do this remedy twice a week to get glowing skin. You can also opt to use Pure Sense Hydrating Sleeping Mask, which is 100% vegan and is perfect for all skin types. 

It nourishes the skin, provides intense hydration and fights the signs of ageing alongside acting as an effective moisturiser. At the same time, the presence of antibacterial properties of cucumber and Aloe vera, help lower the scars present on the skin and reduces acne issues.

  • Tomato and Honey


  • Three tablespoons of tomato juice 
  • One tablespoon of honey 


  • To get glowing skin, add tomato juice and a tablespoon of honey to a bowl. 
  • After washing your face thoroughly, apply this mixture as a mask onto your face and leave it overnight. Then wash your face the following day with room temperature water. 
  • Important Note: Applying this DIY mask brings enormous benefits, including moisturising the skin, making it soft, brightening it and healing sunburns. Follow this remedy twice a week for better results.

  • Blueberry, Rice Flour, Yoghurt and Honey 

    diy hydrating face mask


  • Two tablespoons of Yoghurt 
  • One teaspoon of honey
  • ⅓ cup of blueberries 
  • One cup of rice flour


  • First, you need to mash the blueberries and add yoghurt and honey to them. Once the mixture is prepared, then add rice flour to it. 
  • Now wash your face correctly and add the mixture onto your face to leave it overnight. Then rinse off your face the next day with warm water for better results. This remedy is perfect for oily skin types and those that look greasy. 
  • Things to Know: The presence of AHA in yoghurt is fantastic as it helps to get rid of acne and dead skin cells. While the antiseptic properties in honey help fight the bacteria that cause acne, leaving the skin nourished and radiant.


Hopefully, by now you have come to know how to make your skin glow overnight, right? It’s not through the use of expensive chemical-based cosmetics, but through using herbal remedies. 

If you also are looking out for ways how to get clear skin overnight, then make sure to opt for herbal essentials or DIY solutions. The DIY solutions are perfect as they do not have any side effects. Also, you can expect to get better results right after the very first use.

Furthermore, you can also opt for a vitamin C-Infused Skin - Detox Gift set from Pure Sense that comes with rejuvenating senses. From boosting collagen production to helping you gain youthful and radiant skin - this product does it all.

Frequently Asked Questions on glowing skin

  • How to get clear skin overnight?

    If you want to know how to get clear skin overnight, start using a herbal face wash and apply night cream like Macadamia Renewing Night Cream from Pure Sense.
    Macadamia Night Cream

    Applying this night cream calms down your senses and smoothens your skin. The perfect blend of exotic oils boosts collagen production and improves skin elasticity. 

  • How to make your skin glow overnight? 

    To learn how to glow up overnight, try consuming cucumbers and apply their juice to your face. 
    Comprising cooling properties, cucumbers boost the skin's hydration and lower inflammation. Also, it helps to aid sunburns and ageing problems besides promoting a brighter looking skin. 

  • What are the uses of Overnight masks?

    DIY hydrating face mask comes with multiple uses that can benefit one's skin. 
    Starting from reducing ageing and wrinkle problems, boosting collagen, preventing dirt from entering the pores and soothing the skin to remain hydrated - a face mask does it all. Also, it helps to eliminate dullness and regain a glowing skin type.