How to take care of hands

How To Take Care Of Hands

Often, we just casually look at our hands and think, why don't they look so pretty? How to get beautiful hands? It is what we will talk about today, and not only will we analyse the best hand care tips, but we will also discuss why you need to take care of your hands.

how to get beautiful hands


People who wonder how to get beautiful hands must know that taking care of hands can sometimes be an elaborate process. However, it is undoubtedly very therapeutic as well. At the same time, it is also imperative to mention that taking care of your hands is essential.

Usually, there are tons of answers to how to take care of hands, and it depends not only on their personal choices but also on their skin type. It is also crucial to mention in this respect that you have to maintain regularity and keep on taking care of your hands.

Not taking off your hands will not only make them look unhealthy but will also lead to diseases. Keeping this in mind, it is very important to take care of your hands on a daily basis. Wondering how? Here are a few special steps that are not only easy to follow but also less time-consuming.

Why Is Taking Care of Hands Important?

Hands are one of our most essential tools, and hence it is very crucial to ask how to get beautiful hands? Just like if you have a car and it requires regular maintenance, similarly, your hands also need the same kind of care.

Some might ask, what will happen if we do not take care of our hands? It is vital to talk about this because unless we do, it will not allow you to have an open mind and make that extra effort to take care of your hands effortlessly.

Now imagine you are working and suddenly you look at your hands, but they do not look perfect. Instead, all you see is a pair of unkempt hands with uneven nails and some dirt on them. How would you feel? Vouching for all, I can say that this is not a very pleasant sight, and sometimes it can even make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Not only that, but it is also essential to understand that hand hygiene should be practised by both males and females similarly. There is a common notion prevalent that only women should take care of their hands; however, this is certainly not true.

In most cases, you will note that men are the ones who have very harsh hands because they do not even tend to pay attention that their hands need care. Not taking care of your hands has aesthetic impacts, but it is also imperative to understand that there are hygiene-related requirements.

In most cases, you will note that if you are not washing your hands enough or applying the right kind of moisturiser, it might lead to long-lasting skin infections as well. Especially after the covid-19 pandemic, most would agree that washing hands regularly is critical. It can even protect you from most of the damaging implications.

How Do You Take Care of Your Hands?

Now that we have understood why you need to take care of your hands, it only makes sense that we analyse the basic hand care routine as well. For starters, the first-hand care tip suggests that it is essential to remember to wash your hands properly and that too with a good quality hand wash.

The problem with regular soaps is that they have very high chemical content, and they can directly impact the softness of your hands.

The next hand care tip is to apply an essential hand moisturiser, which will make your hands moist. It often happens that after you wash your hands with soap, they will become dry, which is when there are minute skin breakouts.

Another crucial hand care tip is to cut your nails regularly so that it does not go beyond control. This is where there are bacteria build-ups and because you eat with those hands, it might cause cross-contamination.

What Is The Best Hand Care Routine?

The answer to the question of how to get pretty hands is not so extravagant, and it is pretty bare at the same time. We have tried to explain some of the most straightforward steps that you can follow to keep your hands looking as pretty as possible.


organic body cleanser

 The first thing that you can do is use a good hand wash, and it can be organic in nature, and it will wash away all the accumulated dirt on your hands.

Hydrating Hand Cream:

Instead of using the regular moisturiser, go for a hydrating hand cream. It will help you maintain the look of your hands, and look healthy. Try to apply it on wet skin.


Once you have moisturised, you can exfoliate the skin a bit. It will get rid of the dead cells and make your skin look bright. Go for something which is not rough as the skin in your hand area is a bit softer. Once you’ve exfoliated your hands, follow it with a moisturiser, hand cream or even body oil to soften and nourish them. For instance, you can opt for using natural moisturising body oil from Pure sense. Being formulated with exotic and pure ingredients, this would deeply nourish your skin and regenerate the skin tissues.


natural moisturising body oil

Your hands are often the most exposed to the sun, and hence applying good quality sunscreen is essential. Try going for a high SPF cover.

Tidy Your Nails:

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Keeping long and unkempt nails makes your hands look unpleasant. Hence trim the nails and file them as well.

What Are The Best Products For Hand Care?

When it comes to hand care, the choice of product can be a bit subjective. However, we suggest that you go forth with organic handwashes, which do not have a high chemical content. Also, try to avoid the extra fragrances, which also contain harsh compounds that are brutal on your skin. No doubt, there are many skincare products, but when it comes to exfoliating and expecting better results, a great solution is to opt for components like honey and salt

Also, try to opt for products that do not contain any harmful chemicals like sulphates or parabens that can potentially damage your skin. The best products for hand care or skin care, in general, are the ones that are infused with natural ingredients and safe to use on skin. You can try Pure Sense products, a 100% vegan and natural skincare brand that is backed by the goodness of macadamia and grapefruit. 

Taking care of your hands is very important, and hence we suggest you follow this essential routine but daily. Sometimes you can go forth with some homemade packs which will enhance the brightness of your hands and are pretty good options when it comes to hand beauty tips. Even applying a light coat of nail polish might enhance the look, however, do not keep the remains on your nails for long.


  • How to Get Rid of Hand Dryness?

    When it comes to hands, having dry hands is very common. It basically happens because you tend to use a lot of soap.
    Soaps have a drying impact and usually make your skin dry out the moisture very soon. Hence if you really want to get rid of the hand dryness, use a proper moisturiser that is hydrating. Do it regularly, and this will automatically take care of your hand dryness after a short span of time.

  • How Many Times Should I Moisturise My Hands in a Day?

    Dryness of hands is a huge issue, and hence getting rid of the same might be a bit problematic for some people. There are many who even complain that even after they use hand creams, their skins dry out. However, the problem here is that there are some skin types that are more prone to getting dry. Hence for those hands, it is best to apply a bit of cream every time your hands dry out.

  • Should I Apply Sunscreen On Hands?

    Yes, you should undoubtedly apply sunscreen on your hands because your hand is most often exposed to the rays of the sun. However, in that case, go for a light option that does not stick much to your skin and also apply it a few minutes before you go out because it might have the opposite impact if you immediately go out after applying the sunscreen.