Hair Fall In Monsoon

Reasons For Hair Fall In The Monsoon And How To Prevent It

Do you know why you experience more hair fall during the monsoons? Well, continue reading to understand the reasons for hall fall in monsoon and how you can prevent it! 

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 Hair Fall In Rainy Season

From the pouring rains, the cold weather to the coolness that envelops the atmosphere - we can’t get enough of the lush, fresh feeling of monsoon. However, while enjoying the weather, don’t forget how it affects your hair. Monsoons drastically make the weather go from dry to humid, making the hair follicles become susceptible to high levels of moisture in the environment. Due to this your hair absorbs massive amounts of hydrogen, and leads to swelling and rough, brittle, and unmanageable tresses. It weakens the roots, inviting fungal infection and ultimately leading to hair fall in monsoon. If you’re already struggling with these problems, Don’t worry. We’re here to help!

How to Stop Hair Fall in the Monsoon?

Cover Up Those Tresses

If your hair is exposed to rainwater, it can enter your scalp and cause swelling, redness, and inflammation. Whenever you step out during the rains, make sure you cover your hair well and prevent rainwater from getting into your scalp. Use a good quality umbrella that protects your head from the rains. If you’re in the mood for something funky, don a  hair scarf or a cute hat that will not only shield you well and reduce hair fall during the monsoon but also look great.

Hair Fall During Monsoon


Cleanse Well

Picture this - You stepped out for an errand, followed our advice, and went all prepared with an umbrella, scarf, and a headgear, but still got drenched. Well, fret not. We’ve got a solution for that too. We all love monsoons and that satisfying feeling of getting drenched. However, remember to come back and cleanse it all off. Washing your hair at least two to three times is always good in the monsoon. More than washing, conditioning is a very important step during the monsoons. For those frizzy monsoon hair days, we highly recommend using the PureSense Macadamia Deep Nourish Hair Care Combo. If the rains are rough on your hair, this hair care duo is gentle on your scalp, which settles in and works its magic perfectly. Once you’ve applied the shampoo, squeeze a bit of the conditioner on a wide-toothed comb and gently brush through your roots, to enable better application, and tackle the frizzy hair problems efficiently.

Use a Microfibre Towel

Hair Fall In Rainy Season

How do you dry your hair after shampooing? If you use a blowdryer, it’s better to stop that immediately. Instead, use a microfiber towel to soak the excess water from your roots and scalp. Compared to artificial heat, a towel is milder and helps you reduce hair fall in the rainy season. If your hair feels knotty, you can use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the strands carefully.  Remember to be gentle on your hair, as harsh combing can cause hair to fall in the rainy season. Let your locks loose and allow your hair to dry naturally. Tying it may cause breakage and hair fall in the rainy season.

Warm Oil Massages

Hair Fall In Monsoon


Warm oil massages restore the shine of brittle, dry hair and control hair fall in the monsoon. Pour some coconut oil and gently massage your scalp with your fingertips. A good oil massage at least twice a week helps increase the blood circulation in the scalp, avoids breakage, and makes the hair follicles more manageable by strengthening them. You can either let it sit in your hair for about half an hour to one hour, or leave it overnight, after which you can wash it off with the PureSense Grapefruit Revitalising Hair Care Combo.

Postpone Salon Appointments

Imagine getting an expensive chemical treatment like keratin, perming, or hair colouring done, only to see it get ruined by heavy rains. No one wants that, right? Exposure to rainfall not only makes your hair rough and frizzy, but it also causes hair to fall in the monsoon, resulting in an overall greasy and oily scalp. Pause heat styling and chemical treatments for a while, as they will cause further damage to your strands. Instead, find out interesting ways of styling it by using a quirky hair accessory or something fun.

Eat Clean, Drink Clean

Hair Fall In Rainy Season


When it comes to the health of your hair, a lot depends on your diet. Following a nutritious, holistic diet reduces the chance of hair fall in the rainy season. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water. Cut off on caffeine intake, as that may not be the best for your body. Include a mix of healthy vegetables like kidney beans, green leafy vegetables, sprouts, Vitamin E, Potassium, and Iron in your diet, to further enrich it. Avoid having the tempting combination of warm fried fritters with tea every day, as their ingredients are not good for you.


Irrespective of what the weather may be like, hair fall will always be a perennial problem in your life. Hair fall tends to increase by 30% in the monsoons. While it’s common to lose around 50-60 odd strands during normal days, during the monsoons, we tend to lose approximately 250 or more strands of hair. This is why you need to be more careful about your hair care routine during this season. Luckily, the PureSense range of products is always there to help you meet your hair care goals. Apart from making the hair softer and healthier, they also keep hair fall in control.Explore our blog section to read more about topics such as monsoon hair care, natural hair care, natural hair care products to get silky, luscious and healthy hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is it common to experience hair fall during the monsoon?

    Yes. It’s pretty common to witness hair fall in the rainy season. Keep following the regular hair care tips during the monsoons. Stick to a consistent routine by keeping those strands healthy and clean. Strengthen them both internally and externally by following a healthy diet and using the right mix of shampoos and conditioners to keep them together. The PureSense range of hair care products is available in both Macadamia and Grapefruit fragrances. Use them for a gentle and soothing haircare cleanse.
  • How can I protect my hair during the rainy season?

    There are a number of ways to prevent hair fall in the monsoon and give your hair the right care and protection that it needs. Be mindful at every step of your monsoon hair care routine. As soon as you get ready to step out, make sure you cover your hair well with a durable headscarf or a hat of your choice. Always remember to carry a good-quality umbrella with you, and once you’re back, remember to rinse your hair to get rid of the rainwater immediately.

  • What is the reason for hair fall in the monsoon?

    A question that always crosses our minds during this time of the year is: why do we get hair fall in the rainy season? The weather has its unique effects on the hair too. We are hit by sudden humidity in the atmosphere, which is very different from the usual dry weather. This makes our scalp susceptible to a plethora of foreign pollutants present in the rainwater, making it moist, greasy, and oily. The hydrogen in the scalp absorbs this moisture, leading to swelling, inflammation, and redness. That’s why it’s always better to stick to a consistent hair care routine in the monsoons that will help you tackle these problems