Natural Hair Care Tips

Natural Hair Care Tips You Wish You Knew Before

Nothing works better than the secret methods used by our mothers and grandmothers for hair! Luckily these methods are not secret anymore. Use these natural hair care tips to have long and shiny hair! 

how to keep my hair healthy

Every woman at least once in life has struggled with managing their hair and keeping them healthy throughout. We know we have been there, so we want to help you out with different tips and tricks that will teach you how to take care of hair. These healthy hair tips are tried and tested to work. 

So without further ado, let's dive into how to take care of hair naturally using basic hair care tips at home

How to take care of hair naturally?

Are you one of us and have asked yourself the question, how to keep my hair healthy? It can become frustrating when your hair doesn't behave the way you want it to, and naturally, a good hair day feels like a blessing from heaven. But we have a few healthy hair tips that will ensure that every day is a good hair day for you. 

Before we dive into hair care tips at home, let's first talk about the right hair care routine you must follow. 


One of the most important tips for healthy hair is to regularly oil your hair before going to shower. Massaging your hair with coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil will improve blood circulation in your scalp and make your hair follicles stronger and healthy.


The next step in how to take care of hair is to cleanse your hair, scalp and follicles with a good natural shampoo. The shampoo helps in removing sebum (natural skin oil), dead cells and dust accumulated in your hair follicles and scalp to promote healthy hair growth.


The next step in the routine and one of the essential  healthy hair tips is to condition your hair using a soft conditioner that will help in restoring moisture that shampoo tends to strip off. 


The last step as the answer to how to take care of your hair is to moisturise your hair with a leave-in moisturiser. Products such as hair serum and leave-in conditioner help in nourishing your hair by locking in the moisture in your hair curls. 

This is the ideal hair care routine that you should follow to keep your hair healthy and promote good hair growth. However, you should not wash your hair daily and do it twice or thrice a week, depending upon the oiliness in your hair. Now, let's talk about a few tips for healthy hair as a part of Dos and Don'ts for hair. 

Hair Care Dos and Don'ts

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While following tips for healthy hair, it is important to remember not to go overboard and end up damaging your hair. We have curated a list of Dos and Don'ts that you should follow for the best hair care. 


  • Wash your hair regularly to ensure your scalp is free of dirt and oil. However, if you have dry hair, do not wash your hair more than twice a week and alternative days if you have an oily scalp.
  • Condition your hair correctly, and do not miss out on this step, as it will ensure that your hair is protected against damage. 
  • Let your hair dry naturally, and do not use heat appliances such as hair dryers as they can damage your hair. Moreover, do not sleep in wet hair or comb them before drying as it can cause breakage. 
  • When combing your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to avoid damage to dry and weak hair. 
  • Style your hair naturally using a soft towel which will also help in maintaining your natural curls. 
  • Do not forget to trim your hair after every six to eight weeks to cut split ends. Moreover, while trimming will not magically make your hair grow, it will ensure that your hair remains healthy.
  • Drinking plenty of water is not just vital for your immune system and health but also for your skin and hair health. You should drink at least 3 litres of water every day for good hair and overall health. 
  • Eating healthy and nutrient-rich food is as important as drinking plenty of water. To ensure good hair health, you should eat food rich in proteins and amino acids such as eggs, nuts, berries, sweet potatoes, leafy vegetables, etc. 
  • Covering your hair to protect your hair from sun damage will ensure that your hair does not get dull and dry. Use hats wherever you can and protect your hair and scalp from intense heat. 
  • Tie your hair as often as you can to limit exposure to environmental aggressors such as dust and pollution. 

One of the most important things that you need to do to take care of your hair is to only use natural hair care products. Chemical-based hair products with sulphate and parabens can damage your hair tremendously. You should choose brands such as Pure Sense and their wide range of hair care products. 

For instance, you can use  Rejuvenating Grapefruit Revitalising Hair Conditioner to revitalise your hair growth and make your hair stronger and scalp healthier. The Rejuvenating Grapefruit Revitalising Hair Conditioner is enriched with grapefruit extracts that soften your hair and add shine to them.

Grapefruit Hair Conditioner

These are the list of dos that are good for your hair. Now let's talk about things you should avoid to protect your hair. 


  • One of the most important things to avoid is taking long hot showers, as hot water can strip off natural oils from your hair and scalp, making them flaky and dry. Cold showers, on the other hand, promote blood circulation. 
  • Stress can cause your hair to become unhealthy and even cause more hair fall. 
  • Chemicals and chemical-based products can cause irreparable damage to your hair. Dying, perming or frequent other hair treatments can disrupt the natural growth of your hair and cause many problems. 
  • Hairstyling products can also make your hair sensitive and cause hair fall. 
  • Do not expose your hair to saltwater as it can damage your hair cuticle. Avoid chlorinated water exposure in swimming pools.

These are some of the activities that you should avoid to ensure healthy and shiny hair. 

Home remedies for healthy hair

Now that we have learnt the dos and don'ts of hair care, let's talk about a few home remedies and hair care tips at home that you can follow. 

  • You can use mayonnaise as a deep conditioning and hydrating hair mask by simply putting the condiment on your hair and leaving it there for 20 to 40 minutes, and rinsing. 
  • Bananas are rich in potassium and offer a lot of benefits to your hair. You can use the goodness of bananas to make your hair healthy and improve its natural elasticity. 
  • Beer Rinse is a popular secret to shiny and healthy hair. Beer has several properties that work magically to improve your hair's natural growth. 
  • Onion serum is a common hair growth tip tried and tested for its excellent benefits for your hair. 
  • Curd is an amazing conditioner that, when combined with lemon and aloe vera, nourishes, protects and moisturises your skin from the roots. 

These are some of the home remedies that you can use in your home for healthy and strong hair.


Long and shiny hair is a dream of every woman, and we can relate. By following these tricks and tips, you'll get a step closer to achieving your ideal hair length and the glow that you deserve. 

FAQs on natural hair care tips

  • How to get healthy hair naturally?

    To get healthy hair naturally, you must follow a proper hair care routine, use only natural hair care products and use home remedies such as curd, banana masks, etc. Moreover, you should avoid a set of don'ts that damages your hair, such as taking long hot showers. 

  • How to take care of your hair at home?

    There are several ingredients present in your home that make it easy for you to take care of your hair at home. You can use various ingredients such as yoghurt, lemon, beer, bananas, mayonnaise, etc., to deeply nourish your hair and promote hair growth. 

  • What are the basic hair care tips?

    Some of the basic hair care tips include avoiding taking long hot showers, cleansing your hair twice or thrice a week depending upon your hair type, avoiding using chemical-based hair care products, hair dryer and styling equipment, etc.