How to do Oil Cleansing?

Everything You Need to Know About Oil Cleansing

What is Oil Cleansing?

    Chances are, when you first heard about oil cleansing, you were surprised or even shocked to see how one can use oil  for cleansing the skin. However, the oil cleansing method is a popular and one of the most effective natural beauty tips that you should use for the best results. 

    There might be a chance that you’re sceptical about the oil cleansing method and want to avoid such a task. However, in this blog, we will cover everything from what is oil cleansing to how to oil cleanse the face effectively. 

    What is Oil Cleansing Method?

    This crazy oil cleansing method is the process of using natural oils to gently cleanse the skin, which in hindsight actually makes sense. In oil cleansing, natural oils are used in specific combinations to clean the skin and balance the skin's natural pH and oil levels. Massaging your skin with a natural oil will help to dissolve the oil and impurities stuck in your skin pores and help cleanse them.

    As oil dissolves oil, using a natural oil can actually work better than a regular cleanser. Moreover, using antiseptic oil will help disinfect your skin naturally. Therefore, if done regularly, oil cleansing can help you prevent skin issues such as dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, whiteheads, blackheads and several other problems generally caused by acne. 

    How does Oil Cleansing Method work?

    Oil cleansing uses natural oils to cleanse the skin pores and remove all the solid oil and impurities. As oil dissolves oil, this method works like a charm and helps to cleanse your skin. Some women have seen a long-lasting and excellent result from the process of oil cleansing. 

    Usually, when you first start oil cleansing, your skin might get worse for the first two weeks as an adjustment period. This adjustment period is common as the impurities are being pulled from your skin, which initiates a detox reaction. After three to four weeks, you will start to see results with no excess oil, dry skin and blackheads. 

    Moreover, as the oil cleansing method only utilises natural ingredients, it is completely toxin-free and will do wonders for your skin in both the short and long run. To make the process even more effective, you can choose the right type of cleansing oil based on your skin type.

    Dry Skin

    For dry skin, it is ideal to use argan or shea oils to hydrate and nourish your skin without making your face greasy.

    Sensitive Skin

    For sensitive skin, it is safe to stick to only all-natural blends or do oil cleansing with coconut oil. One of the benefits of oil cleansing with coconut oil is that it will naturally moisturise your skin and protect against external damage.

    oil cleansing benefits

    Oily Skin

    For oily skin, tea tree leaves and peppermint oil is the ideal oil cleansing ingredient as they will ensure that your skin does not feel greasy. 

    Acne-Prone Skin

    Acne prone skin should  be treated with oils with astringent properties and you can also add acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid for better results.

    Combination Skin

    For women with sensitive skin who suffer from occasional dry skin and oily skin, it is safest to use olive oil. 

    The Oil Cleansing Benefits 

    The oil cleansing benefits stem from the scientific principle “like dissolves like.” As oil is difficult to remove with just water, using oil as a cleanser seems like an obvious choice. However, as we feel that oily skin is bad and causes skin issues, which isn’t entirely incorrect, we tend to gravitate towards skincare products. However, having natural levels of natural oil on your face is extremely important to keep the skin moisturised and protected against dirt, pollution and UV rays.

    So there are several benefits of oil cleansing method such as,

    • Oil cleansing helps in lifting excess sebum (natural skin oil) to give you clearer skin.
    • Clean clogged pores by removing the solid oil and treating blackheads and whiteheads.
    • Gently massaging oil, in fact, acts as an exfoliator that removes dead skin, pollutants, dirt and makeup. 

    These benefits are the reason why several beauty care products use essential oils in makeup removers. The oil helps in lifting oil-free, oil-based and waterproof formulas off your body, eyelashes and skin. Which is why, more and more beauty care manufacturers are understanding the importance of natural oil and including them in beauty care products.

    Pure Sense

    If you are looking for an all-natural body care oil, we recommend you to use Macadamia Moisture Restore Shower Cleansing Oil by PureSense, which is a 2-in-1 unique cleansing oil that can cleanse your skin gently and restore its natural moisture. PureSense is a completely natural brand that is cruelty-free and toxin-free. The brand does not use any chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, or carcinogen to give your skin a completely natural treatment. 

    The cleansing oil is made from a nourishing formula that pampers your skin and moisturises it from within. As the cleansing oil contains macadamia, it is suited for all skin types and will ensure the best level of care for your skin. Pure Sense understands the importance of body oils and uses them in their natural products for best results. All the ingredients present in Pure Sense products work in harmony to moisturise skin, replenish natural oils, regenerate skin tissues and revitalise your skin. 

    Using natural cleansing oil instead of traditional soap and chemical-based products will protect your skin against acne and infections. 

    Ideally, you should only cleanse your skin once a day instead of every time while washing your face. Post oil cleansing, the skin will feel more supple, free of makeup and other adulterants. Moreover, depending upon your skin type, you do not need to moisturise your face again after oil cleansing. However, oil cleansing might cause an allergic reaction, so it is better to take a patch test before experimenting. 

    Pure Sense Shower Cleansing Gel

    Steps involved in Oil Cleansing Method

    Now that we know the benefits of oil cleansing, let’s learn how to oil cleanse face? For oil cleansing, you require a good natural oil that helps to clear away dirt and makeup without stripping the natural moisture of your skin. There are two types of proper oil cleansing methods as given below:

    Basic Oil Cleanse

    The basic oil cleanse is the easiest oil cleansing method that you can perform by following these steps:

    • Take 1-2 tablespoons of oil in the palm of your hand. If you have dry skin, you can add ½ teaspoon of castor oil and olive oil each. If you have acne-prone skin or oily skin, then you should add ½ tablespoon of castor oil and jojoba each. 
    • Apply the oil or mixture to your face before washing your face, and start massaging the oil into your face gently using your fingertips. Spend several seconds on a single part of your face to remove impurities and dead skin while allowing the skin to absorb the oil. 
    • Next, take a damp, warm washcloth to gently wipe away the excess oil from your face. Do not use a rough cloth or tissue, and gently remove the oil as your skin is tender right now. You can also rinse your face with lukewarm water to remove the oil. 
    • Pat your face dry with a clean and soft towel and apply moisturiser if needed. 
    Oil cleansing methods

    K-Beauty Double Cleanse

    One of the popular cleansing methods that has been widely preferred and used all over the world is K-Beauty Double Cleanse. K-Beauty Double cleanse requires a gentle water-based cleanser to remove all lingering residue. This method is especially beneficial for women with acne or oily prone skin. 

    The first three steps of the K-Beauty Double Cleanse are the same as the Basic Oil Cleanse. The next steps are:

    • Take a gentle water based face wash and gently wash your face without rubbing or massaging too roughly.
    • Wash the face, wash off and pat dry using a soft towel and apply moisturiser. 

    These two are the most popular methods of how to do oil cleansing. While performing an oil cleanse, you might not be able to see the results immediately. There are a few points that you need to remember while performing an oil cleanse. 

    1. Normally it takes a week or so for the skin to adjust to this new method of cleansing and more if you have oily skin. During this adjustment period, your skin might observe more breakouts which are also normal as the skin is getting cleansed thoroughly. Ideally, you shouldn’t use any harsh soap or product on your face, which will help to reduce the adjustment period. 
    2. You will have to experiment a little before understanding the right amount of oil needed for your skin.
    3. If you are oil cleansing in the shower, clean the bathroom floor regularly to avoid slipping. 


    Oil cleansing is a tried and tested method to clean your skin while keeping it nourished and moisturised for a longer period. However weird it might sound, oil cleansing actually helps to cleanse the face and ensure smooth and nourished skin in the longer run. 

    FAQs on Oil Cleansing Method

    • Does the oil cleansing method work?

      Yes, oil cleansing is an excellent method to cleanse your skin, especially if you have naturally oily skin. Using natural oils to exfoliate will help to get rid of excess oil and maintain a thin layer of natural oil that is important for protection against sun, dirt and pollution. Moreover, as you are not using any chemical-based products, you will have smooth and glowing skin without any temporary or permanent skin issues.

    • How long should you oil cleanse?

      Ideally, after applying oil to your face, you should gently massage that area for a few seconds before moving on to the next area. Also, use circular motions to massage as it will increase oil absorption and the corresponding benefits. It is important to give it a few seconds for full absorption but also does not overdo it to avoid any complications. 

    • How many times a week should you oil cleanse?

      The ideal frequency of oil cleansing depends on the skin type and your requirement. For instance, if you have oily skin, you should do an oil cleanse every day until your skin has a natural oil level. However, if you have dry skin, you might want to oil cleanse periodically to avoid any more damage to your skin. Women with sensitive skin should also not oil cleanse every day.