Factors Responsible For Dry Skin

Factors Responsible For Dry Skin

Dry skin is a routine issue that most of us are stuck with on a routine basis. We wake up to white patches, spaced out at different parts of the face, in the form of dull, dry skin. For many of us, this happens automatically, despite maintaining the best in health and diet. The natural piece of advice would always be to keep yourself as hydrated as possible. Make sure you drink at least 4-5 litres of water on a regular basis so that your skin feels healthy and hydrated. This is the first step that you can follow to deal with the dry skin on your face. Apart from that, remember to constantly observe the food you eat and give yourself the required nutrition.

Apart from keeping your diet under control, make sure you adopt the right kind of skincare products that help in dealing with dry skin in the right way. Often, even after using the right kind of moisturiser or facial oil, many of us still suffer from dryness in the skin. There can be a number of reasons for this. To begin with, the moisturiser that you're using might not be right for your skin: it may either not match your skin type, causing side effects like inflammation or increased sensitivity, or might be too harsh on your skin, unconsciously wiping off vital nutrients, causing further dryness in the skin. Using an incorrect skincare product may just be one of the many reasons responsible for dry skin, but are there more? Read on and discover for yourself! 

  1. 1. What is Dry Skin?

  2. 2. Dry Face and Skin Problems

  3. 3. Causes of Dry Skin

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What is Dry Skin?

Not drinking enough water during the day can deprive the skin of the moisture it needs to manufacture the essential oils, which give your skin the supple look it needs. This lack of moisture ultimately leads to dry skin on the face. The causes of dry skin include flakiness, cracks, patches, and the development of scaly skin. In some cases, the skin may start peeling off, get wrinkled, or sometimes even start burning or stinging.

3. Kidney Disease

Since everything in our body is connected, our water intake can affect the functioning of the kidney, which in turn reflects on our face. It's like nature's self-designed domino effect. One loose string leads to a series of resulting effects, which is why it's very important that we pay close attention to every little detail. When the body is not provided with enough water to internally cleanse the kidneys, they are unable to maintain the proper balance of nutrients, minerals, and water in the blood, which makes us urinate more often than usual, ejecting the moisture content from the skin, leading to dry skin on the face.

Dry Face and Skin Problems

Apart from the apparent change in appearance due to the dry skin on the face, having a dry face can also lead to numerous health issues. Some of the serious yet overlooked problems arising from dry skin include:

1. Dehydration

Yes. Dehydration is not only a cause of dry skin; it is also an effect of dry skin. Water is continuously required to carry out various bodily processes to maintain the inner equilibrium. When we don't consume enough water, there is an imbalance between the amount of water consumed and the amount that is needed by the body to carry out its activities. If you're reading this, do an internal system check. When was the last time you took a sip of water? Been a long time? Do it now!

Causes of Dry Skin

Now that you know that there are a number of dry skin problems that can occur, it's time to refer to the old adage, ‘prevention is better than cure'. So, let's dive right in and analyse the root causes of dry skin. Surprisingly, simple day-to-day activities can also result in the occurrence of dry skin (Xerosis). There are a number of environmental causes for the same. We're curated a few for you below:

1. Weather

Due to changes in temperature and weather conditions, the environment gets hotter and causes dry skin. This also varies, depending on the type of environment you're living in. If the weather is too dry, in the case of desert areas, the skin gets drier.

2. Eczema

Eczema is a collective term given to a group of conditions that result in itchy, scaly, and inflamed dry skin.

2. Heat

Humidity is omnipresent in Indian cities, that are either located close to the coasts or further down south, where there is greater exposure to the sea, increasing the moisture content in the air, resulting in natural humidity. Going up north, the weather becomes drier, leaving its effect on the skin and its complexion too. So if you're from a humid region in general, there might be lesser dryness in the environment. However, if you're living in the north, do pay extra attention to your skin, by using weather-specific moisturisers. Avoid artificial sources of heating like fireplaces or heaters, as they increase the dryness, having its resulting effect on the dry skin on your face.

3. Hot Baths and Showers

Hot baths and showers taken for a long time can dry your skin. Frequent swimming and exposure to chlorinated water can result in dry skin problems too.

4. Harsh Soaps and Detergents

Be very specific and particular about the skincare products that you use. Some soaps can be very harsh and strip your skin of the moisture content that your body might need. This is true for the detergents that you use to wash your clothes as well. If you're looking for a good face wash, Pure Sense's Relaxing Macadamia Deep Nourishing Face Cleansing Oil flawlessly does the trick. It has a non-drying formula that promises to gently stimulate your skin and keep the moisture content in check. So, say goodbye to dry skin problems forever!

Why should you use Pure Sense Products?

Pure Sense products are gentle and kind to the skin. If you provide your skin the right amount of moisture it needs, you will experience fewer dry ski8n days. Apart from uplifting your skin during the day, make sure you moisturise and have a proper routine in place at night too. The Pure Sense Macadamia night cream's soft, silky smooth consistency, works like a charm on dull, flaky dry skin. At Pure Sense, our products are free from harmful chemicals like Sulphates and Carcinogens. Prepared with the goodness of nature, all of our products are 100% vegan and against animal cruelty in any form. Take the purity quotient a notch higher, and give back to nature with Pure Sense. Pure Sense products are recyclable and eco-friendly. What's more, for every purchase you make, we plant a tree on your behalf. With Pure Sense, indulge in the best of nature and skincare, curated to give you exactly what you need.What can dry skin be a sign of?|How do you fix dry skin?|Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturise?|What is dry skin type?Dry skin and its multiple signs and symptoms are dependent on several factors, such as your age, health, physical location, and lifestyle. It is essential to closely monitor your lifestyle and make necessary changes for the benefit of the skin. Possible signs and symptoms of dry skin include tightness after exposure to water and water-based activities (like bathing, swimming, or showering); rough skin; itchiness, flaking, scaling, cracking, or peeling skin; fine lines; grey or ashy skin; redness and deep cracks that may cause bleeding.|There are many ways to treat dry skin on the face. Apart from the obvious treatment, which includes drinking lots of water and allowing the body to internally adapt and settle in, the body needs an external boost as well. This can help turn around your dry face into a better, relatively more hydrated one. Moreover, you need to use the right amount of moisturisers, facial oils, or ointments that suit your skin type and can help you regain a decent balance. Don't forget to moisturise your skin with the Pure Sense Macadamia Renewing Night Cream. |A dab of moisturiser is considered an elixir to solve all dry face problems, but what we forget is a systematic skincare routine. It may sound unbelievable, but every skincare product that you use affects your skin and may unconsciously contribute to dry skin if not used correctly. Make sure you use a cleanser that is not too harsh on your skin and a suitable exfoliator. Try the Pure Sense Grapefruit Revitalising 3 in 1 Face Mask, Scrub, and Cleanser that has the triple magic of preserving the natural oils of your face while gently discarding the dead cells, leaving you fresher than ever. For best results, follow this up with a moisturiser. Use the Pure Sense Macadamia Renewing Night Cream, so that your skin can repair itself while your body is at rest at night. |Dermatologically speaking, there are five major skin types that you can have - Normal Skin, Combination Skin, Oily Skin, Dry Skin, and Sensitive Skin. While each skin type has its unique characteristics and mechanisms to deal with, there are ways by which you can tell a dry face apart from an oily one. A person with very dry skin has almost no open pores; has rough, itchy, flaky, or scaly skin; develops fine lines, red patches, and loses elasticity. Factors like ageing, genetics, hormonal problems, exposure to Ultraviolet Radiations, weather, and prolonged exposure to warm water can be some of the causes of dry skin. These can either be dry skin causes or can accelerate the effect of dry skin on the face.


Every skin type is unique. While some of us may show off resplendent-looking, glowing skin, others might be battling serious skincare issues. Whatever be the case, seeking the right treatment in a suitable amount of time is crucial. Even if you have combination skin, it is possible to develop dry skin on the face. For this, make sure you seek an expert's suggestion and buy something that is unique to your skin care needs and give yourself something that is right for your skin. All in all, make sure you're comfortable in your own skin. Use natural products that suit your skin and don't cause any harm to them. Slip into clothes that are made of natural fibres and sit well with your skin, making you feel at home. End your routine by sipping on some warm water, and sleeping with a humidifier supplying clean air. At Pure Sense, we only keep the best in mind, to meet your unique skincare goals. Crafted with an exotic blend of organic products, we are here with you, at every step of your skincare journey. Choose from our collection of various skincare products, and we are positive you'll get exactly what you're looking for. Stay safe, stay pure. Explore our blog section to read more about different skin types like oily skin, sensitive skin to implement a suitable skincare routine for your face.