What are the foods that contain vitamin e?

Natural Sources of Vitamin E for skin & hair

There’s always going to be lots to know about vitamin E as it’s one of the most important vitamins for your hair and skin. So, we thought of compiling all the necessary information about the natural sources of vitamin E right here. 

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You might have heard or read somewhere that we should eat foods that contain vitamin E, C, and other nutrients to have healthy and smooth skin and face, and for good health in general. While we tend to avoid changing our eating habits and focus mainly on using skincare and hair care products for better results, don’t underestimate the goodness of vitamin E and foods rich in this vitamin.  

Vitamin E is one of the essential nutrients we need to consume daily for proper functioning of the body, including healthy skin and hair. Generally, you can have enough vitamin E from your regular diet; however, it is also available in the form of supplements that are rich sources of vitamin E. In case you need more convincing, allow us to introduce you to the various benefits of vitamin E-rich foods for your skin and hair. 

vitamin e rich foods

Why is Vitamin E necessary for skin?

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps reduce the free radical activity in your skin and body. Free radicals are harmful to your body as they damage the DNA in cells and make your skin look dry and unhealthy. This free radical activity is intensified due to direct sun exposure. Moreover, as your body does not produce vitamin E on its own, it’s essential  to consume foods that contain vitamin E. 

There are two types of vitamin E, Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. While Tocopherols are found in abundance in the human body, Tocotrienols are present in lower quantities. Natural sources of vitamin E such as vegetables and fruits are used to maintain the necessary level of vitamin E types such as Alpha, Beta and Gamma. 

Being an antioxidant stored in the skin in both the deeper dermis and outer epidermis layer, there are several benefits of vitamin E for skin and hair.  Wondering what they are? Here are some benefits of eating foods that contain vitamin E are:


Some studies suggest that Vitamin E-rich food extracts are helpful in moisturising the skin when used in the form of topical products such as creams or oils . Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation and infection, making it look healthier and fresh. 

Wound Healing

Consuming vitamin E-rich foods can promote wound healing. Studies suggest that deficiency of vitamin E in the body can cause your wounds to take longer to heal and consuming vitamin e will  help you to have clearer and smoother skin by boosting wound healing. 


Hyperpigmentation is a skin discolouration that happens due to too much production of melanin due to any reason. Eating vitamin E-rich fruits and applying vitamin E topical products can help reduce hyperpigmentation and give you clearer and even tone skin. 

Preventing Ageing and Wrinkles

As vitamin E is high in antioxidants, it increases the blood circulation on your face and skin that further helps in maintaining the firmness and structure of the skin. 

Anti-Inflammatory Compound

Vitamin E is an anti-inflammatory compound, which means it helps  reduce pain, discolouration and swelling caused due to inflammation during an injury or infection. 

vitamin e rich fruits

For Smooth and Soft Lips

Using vitamin E topical products and eating vitamin E-rich fruits can help you  have smooth and soft lips by relieving chapped and dry lips. 

Natural Sources of Vitamin E Food for Skin

Now that we understand better the importance and benefits of Vitamin E for the skin, let's take a look at the best source of vitamin E in food. 


Spinach is a nutrient-rich vegetable that is good for you and your body in more ways than you can imagine. Spinach is considered to be a superfood, has plenty of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and is extremely rich in vitamin E. Spinach can be cooked in a meal, used in a smoothie or eaten directly as a side salad to complete your vitamin E intake. 


Avocados are one of the best sources of vitamin E in food and also tastes amazing as an added advantage. The fruit is salty, creamy and goes well with buttered toast. Avocados, apart from being a powerhouse for vitamin E, are rich in fibre, loaded with carotenoids and low in carbohydrates. A single piece of an avocado can give you 20% of your required daily intake of vitamin E. 

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Peanuts are a high-protein and nutrient-rich nut that is excellent for your body unless you are allergic to them. Peanuts are packed with the goodness of antioxidants monounsaturated fats and works wonders for the heart. Moreover, peanuts are low-calorie, and a small cup can give you 12% of your necessary daily intake of vitamin E. Peanuts also have Resveratrol, an antioxidant that can detox your body. 


Almonds are a superfood that has been used through generations for several benefits. However, one of the lesser-known benefits of almonds is the presence of vitamin E, which is good for your skin and hair. Almonds are the food of supermodels as they are a source of high energy and low carb that provides as much as twice your daily requirement of vitamin E. 

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are generally good for your skin as they consist of essential nutrients and fibre that cleanses your skin. As an added advantage, Sunflower dees also contain vitamin E makes it the perfect snack to munch on anytime. 

Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is one of the easiest ingredients to add to your normal diet, and chances are you are already consuming enough. Cooking oils such as Olive oil, Wheat germ oil and Sunflower oil are some of the best sources of vitamin E and infuse your meal with antioxidants. However, you should regulate the consumption of cooking oil as it can be high in cholesterol and fat. 


This last item in our list is specially added for all the seafood lovers in the house. Seafood such as shrimps are  exceptionally rich in proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. Moreover, shrimps are a low-calorie food, rich in minerals, vitamin D, B12, E, B2 and so on. 

These are some of the most commonly found food items with ample amounts of vitamin E that you can use to have smooth and healthy skin and hair. 

Natural Sources of Vitamin E to apply on skin

Now that we know more about the different benefits of vitamin E let’s talk more about how to incorporate vitamin E products into your skin. 

There are generally two ways to consume vitamin E. One of the ways is to orally consume it directly as food supplements that are rich in vitamin E.  When consuming vitamin E orally, the nutrient is delivered to the skin by sebum, an oily secretion produced by sebaceous glands. Generally, people with oily skin have higher concentrations of vitamin E in their dermis and epidermis layers. 

The other way to utilise vitamin E is as topical products such as cream, oil or cleansers. Because of the several advantages, vitamin E is added to many cosmetic products such as eye serums, anti-ageing creams, sunscreens and makeup items. According to a study, products containing vitamin C and vitamin E are less likely to dissipate when exposed to UV light. 

Moreover, vitamin E oil is thick and hard to spread on the skin, making it an excellent moisturiser for dry skin. Moreover, problematic areas such as cuticles and elbows that are generally very dry can benefit from topical application of vitamin E oil. 

However, when choosing a vitamin E product, only choose 100% natural products as the synthetic chemicals present in the product can further damage your skin and reduce the efficiency of vitamin E. We suggest you try Pure Sense, which is a 100% natural hair care, skincare and body care brand. 

Pure Sense 

Pure Sense is a completely natural brand that offers a variety of hair care, skincare, and face care products that are designed from hand-selected and nutrient rich natural compounds such as Macadamia and Grapefruit. Pure Sense is an eco-friendly brand with no parabens, no chemicals, no cruelty, no sulphate, no preservatives, no half-truth, no false claims and no carcinogens. 

You can opt for Relaxing Macadamia Deep Moisturising Body Oil by Pure Sense, which is a luxurious body oil rich in minerals. This oil can instantly nourish your skin and relax you with its richness of smell. The product is loaded with vitamins C and E and will pamper your skin by moisturising it and restoring its elasticity. 

Relaxing Macadamia Deep Moisturising Body Oil is formulated using exotic and pure ingredients sourced from nature that relaxes the body and mind. Moreover, as it is sulphate, paraben and carcinogen-free, you can rest easy about the overall health of your skin and body. This oil is fitted for use for all skin types.

Macadamia Deep Moisturising Body Oil


Note - While taking vitamin E is generally safe, it may interfere with some cholesterol lowering medications. If you’re taking a vitamin E supplement, you must confirm your physician to avoid any complications. 


Vitamin E is an essential vitamin for the good health of your skin and hair because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature. By adding these vitamin E-rich foods to your diet and using the natural products by brands such as Pure Sense, you can take your skin game a notch up! 

FAQ on natural sources of Vitamin E for Skin 

  • Can vitamin E be applied directly to the skin?

    Vitamin E must be applied to the skin in the form of a topical product that contains the extract of plants or herbs that are rich in vitamin E. For instance, you can use Pure Sense’s Relaxing Macadamia Deep Moisturising Body Oil that is loaded with vitamins.

  • What is the best natural source of vitamin E?

    Natural food and plants such as spinach, avocados, peanuts, almonds, etc., are some of the best natural sources of vitamin E and must be included in your daily diet to enjoy the several benefits. You can also use vegetable oil in a limited amount as they are also rich in vitamin E. 

  • Can vitamin E oil be absorbed through the skin?

    Yes, vitamin E is stored in the dermis and epidermis of the skin and can be applied directly to the face or ingested as food. If ingested as food, vitamin E is delivered to the skin by the sebum. Moreover, vitamin E is easily absorbed into the skin.