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Body Mist: Benefits, How to Choose and Use One

Body mists have become popular as they are an important part of your skin care routine. They are different from perfumes and deodorants and here is how to choose and use one. 

how to use body mist

When it comes to fragrances, every single person loves to make an impression with the best of the scents. And it only makes sense because when you smell good, you automatically seem more attractive. From deodorants, perfumes to body mists, there are multiple options available these days. But how are they different from each other, and what is their individual purpose? Especially body mists. It's been a few years since body mists started gaining popularity in the beauty industry for all the right reasons. You will probably agree with us that one can't wear a perfume daily, but a body mist wins here as it's lightweight, soothing and has a gentler fragrance, making it ideal for daily use. If you're still wondering what exactly it is or how to use a body mist, the information mentioned below is all that you need to know.

What is a Body Mist?:

Unlike perfumes, a body mist is lighter, softer and less concentrated. They offer a pleasant all-over scent without being too overpowering. Body mists usually last up to four to five hours, which means that the longevity of a body mist is shorter as compared to perfume, so you'll have to spritz some throughout the day to keep smelling fresh for long. But since it's a gentle product, it won't damage your skin or cause any reaction. As it has a shorter life span, they're often available in larger sizes and at a cheaper price than perfumes.

Why Do You Need a Body Mist?

If you're looking for a product that has a subtle and gentler scent to it, body mist is what you need. You need it to smell fresh throughout the day without the scent being too strong to tick you off or the other person who's around you. A body mist gives you a fresh-out-of-a-shower kind of a fragrance and feel. So if you need a scent that makes you feel fresh and is better for your skin, you must go for a body mist for everyday use.

Benefits of Body Mist:

 If you're not yet convinced with the idea of buying a fragrance mist, here is a list of benefits of body mist that might change your mind.

  • You can Layer The Fragrance:

    advantages of body mist
    If you've ever thought of fragrance layering, let us tell you that you can do that quite seamlessly with body mists. For the uninitiated, fragrance layering is when you use multiple products either in a similar or complementing scent to intensify the fragrance. This allows you to make a scent last longer by preventing your skin from absorbing the fragrant oils in a jiffy. You can use a scented body wash for your morning shower, follow it up with body butter and lastly spritz your favourite body mist on top. If you're looking for something more complex, you can layer complementing fragrances to create a unique fragrance blend. Isn't this one of the most effective benefits of body mist? If you're still wondering how to use a fragrance most using layering, here's what you can do - Experiment pairing different body washes and body butter with your favourite body mist. Another option is to blend a couple of body mists together to create a new and fresh scent altogether.

  • They're Budget-Friendly:

    One of the best benefits of body mists is that since they are everyday-use products, they're priced at a much reasonable rate as compared to perfumes. Another reason behind body mists being cheaper than perfumes is that the former are formulated with lower concentrations of fragrance oils. As they're budget-friendly and come in large sizes, you can carry body mists as your on-the-go fragrance refreshers.

  • Feels Lighter on Your Skin:

    As body mists are created with natural ingredients in distilled water with no alcohol, they are much gentler on your skin. This means your skin will feel  relaxed all through the day. So, if you're someone with a sensitive skin type or someone who frequently experiences rashes or has sensitivity to fragrances, you can use body mists without any hesitation. They'll get absorbed by your skin quite well and leave a fine layer of fragrance on you.

  • Use it for a Good Night's Sleep:

     how to use body mist
    Many people like having fresh-smelling sheets when they get in bed. Wondering how to apply body mist for the same? This is a unique way that will promise you relaxed sleep. After you take a shower at night to wash off the day, you can spritz some body mist on your bed linen and pillows. One of the benefits of body mist is that it can make you fall asleep easily by calming your senses.

How to Use a Body Mist:

If you're still not sure of how to apply body mist, we're here to break it down for you.

If you're staying at home, you can use a body mist after showering or bathing. You can spritz some on your clothes as well as your body to enjoy the subtle smell of the fragrance mist for at least four to five hours. If you're wondering what is body mist used for, let us tell you that it can be used for keeping sweaty odours away during hot summer days. You can apply the fragrance mist at the back of your ears, on your wrists, basically on your pulse points. You can also use a body mist after a sweaty workout session or spritz some in a hot tub of water before getting in it.

How to Choose a Body Mist?

Now that you know how to use body mist, let's look at all the things to consider before choosing one for yourself.

  • Suppose you really like the scent your friend is wearing, your immediate thought would probably be to buy the same one. But, just because it smells nice on them doesn't mean it'll smell the same on you. Every person has their own unique scent, which means the body mist will smell differently on different people. Hence, it's better to first check if the sample scent smells nice on you or not before purchasing the product.

  • The most important thing before you even go to the stores is to first decide the kind of smell you'd want or like. It could be flower-based, grapefruit, musk or even lime. When you go to a store without having any scent in mind, it'll only confuse you when you try all the samples at once, and take you longer to decide on one.

  • Before you settle for a fragrance mist, always read the instructions carefully on the back of the bottle. Some mists are meant to be used on the underarms only while others can be sprayed on the whole body. Hence, it's better to be thorough about the product before you buy it for yourself.

  • Check the quantity of the body mist before you choose one to buy. Body mists are usually applied repeatedly throughout the day as compared to perfumes and so, you should choose something that has a good quantity.

After all the above-mentioned information on the uses of body mist and how to choose one, we're sure that you might be tempted to buy one. This brings us to talk about the Pure Sense body mists that you must try. Our body mists are made of natural ingredients intricately chosen from nature, which means you won't have to worry about any allergic reactions caused by the products. All of our products are free of chemicals like parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, formaldehyde and carcinogens. Not only that, the body mists are formulated to suit all skin types, making it easier for you to make your purchase without a worry. What's more, all of our products are cruelty-free and come in earth-friendly packaging as we love taking care of the animals and the environment equally.

Pure Sense Body Mists to Try:

  • Grapefruit Refreshing Body Mist:

    Organic Grapefruit Body Mist
    The grapefruit body mist is a long-lasting aromatic blend with a subtle, fruity fragrance that is an instant mood changer. This body mist is a nourishing elixir that will moisturise your skin with a single spritz. You can rely on this body mist as it is crafted with pure ingredients that will leave your skin nourished and senses awakened. Spray it as many times as you'd like throughout the day to smell fresh.

  • Macadamia Soothing Body Mist: 

    Macadamia Body Fragrance
    A long-lasting aromatic blend of subtle and warm fragrance is what this macadamia body mist has to offer. This fragrance mist will keep your skin hydrated and instantly change your mood around. You can use this body mist on your skin as many times as you need without worry as it is made of natural ingredients that won't harm you in any way.


At the end of the day, smelling fresh and nice is going to leave an impression on the people around you. And smelling good is also quite hygienic. So, you can use the body mist any time of any day you want and it won't bug you with its scent. Perfumes can be kept for occasional uses when you need something stronger and that can last all through the day. Also read articles such as Pre-bridal skin care, Body oil for dry skin & Benefits of face serum at home get beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Can body mist be used on underarms?

    Certain body mists are formulated to be used under your arms while some are meant to be sprayed on your pulse points. You will have to read the label to pick a body mist according to your preference.

  • Can you use body spray and perfume together?

    It's better to use just one of these products according to your needs. It's not advised to mix the two as both of these products are made differently and might damage your skin. However, you can use different products like shower gel, soap, deodorant, body mist with a similar or same scent.

  • Do you spray body mist on clothes or body?

    Body mist can be sprayed on the clothes as well as the body. It's a lightweight product with a subtle scent. Just make sure you keep the clothing item at an arm's distance and spritz your body mist over it. This will make your clothes smell fresh for a long time.