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How To Have a Relaxing Weekend

The constant work pressure during the week needs a relaxing weekend. However,  it is not easy to relax when you’re worrying about a million things. Here are some easy ways to have a relaxed weekend.
relaxed weekend

Most of us go through the working week with this thought on our minds: “Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday”. But how many of you actually manage to  relax  when the weekend  finally arrives? Most of us either end up finishing chores we had kept for the weekend, or bring home work to meet the deadlines. And before you know it, your ‘relaxing’ holidays are over, and you are back to the grind. The worst part is that by the end of it,  the weekend feels like  an extension of the work-week.

Well, we get you and this is why we’re here to help you make your weekends a bit more relaxing and stress-free. If you don’t have anything scheduled for this weekend, try these excellent tips to unlock the relaxation mode. 

How Should A Relaxed Weekend Be Like?

Here is a checklist of things for you to assess how relaxing holidays or weekends should ideally feel.

  • You feel well-rested after your relaxing holidays:

    relaxing saturday
    If you feel physically and psychologically refreshed, it means you succeeded in relaxing on a holiday. To be honest, sleep is so underrated yet crucial in this dynamic world. So, go ahead and take that rightfully earned nap. 

  • You have more fun than on workdays

    The hallmark of a relaxed weekend is that you get to do all the fun things you missed out on during weekdays. Incorporate all those little activities that bring you joy. You will be smiling about it for the entire work week ahead.

  • You get some “me” time

    At times, solitude is bliss! Enjoy a relaxing Saturday doing something by yourself. It may be a hobby like reading, cooking, or watching a web series. Ultimately, “me time” should be about putting yourself first.

  • You look forward to facing the upcoming week

    Your relaxed weekend should be so rejuvenating that you feel up and about to face the upcoming week. For some, it might include a plethora of activities. Yet, for some, it might mean doing absolutely nothing. Both ways, it is fine as long as it leaves you feeling revitalised!

How To Relax On Weekends

Weekends should be exclusively meant for things that add to your peace of mind. Here is a list of activities that will help you to loosen up.

  • Spend time with loved ones

    relax on holiday
    Family and friends act like great stress busters. Plan a movie night or a barbecue party with family. Call and speak to a friend you haven’t talked to in ages. You will be surprised at how it enlivens your mood!

  • Exercise

    Simple exercises can release feel-good hormones. You don’t need to hit the gym for this. A long walk, a jog or a bike ride is good enough to get you going.

  • Eat smart

    Did you know there are actually some foods that double up as excellent stress-busters? Well, now you do. So, go ahead and start including dark chocolates, eggs, yoghurt, spinach and fatty fish in your weekend recipes. These are proven to reduce anxiety levels, and help you relax on holiday.

  • Do what you love

    Own your weekend! Do what you didn’t have time to do over the week. Read, cook a dish, watch a web series, plan an outdoor hike, paint. Doing activities you enjoy stimulates endorphin secretion, making you happier than before.

  • Go for a drive

    Driving is therapeutic as it gives your brain something else to focus on. It literally creates “space” between your work schedule and yourself. There is a strange sense of calmness that driving conveys to the mind.

  • Meditate and reflect

    Set aside some  time to reflect on yourself. It makes you see things from a new perspective. Meditation is also a great idea to soothe your nerves.

  • Rearrange your home decor

    If you feel up to it, devote some of your weekend time to discarding clutter. You may also want to change certain aspects of your home decor just to jazz up your surroundings. 

  • Pamper yourself

    Macadamia Body Butter
    Plan a few hours of self-care in the comfort of your home. Indulge your skin with a macadamia renewing face mask and scrub and macadamia deep nourishing body butter creams. Nourish your hair with deep conditioning oils and masks. Pure Sense’s Pampering Home Spa Kit and hair care products offer you the ideal “spa experience” at home! Made using sulphate-free and paraben-free organic ingredients like macadamia and grapefruit, they relax your skin without causing any harm.

  • Catch up on your sleep

    The secret of how to relax on weekends is to get plenty of sleep. Whatever other activities you may have planned, never compromise on your sleep.

Tips To De-Stress On Your Holidays

The purpose of taking relaxing holidays is to calm your mind down. To make your weekends devoid of stress, check out the following suggestions.

  • Don’t sleep in too late

    Sleeping in too late causes you to wake up crankier than usual. What’s more, it messes up your schedule in more ways than you expected.

  • Take a (real) break from work

    As much as work may beckon you, avoid mulling over it on the weekends. Give your mind space and time to recharge.

  • Unplug the television or mobile phone

    Limit the usage of electronic devices during the weekend. Stay away from social media for a while. Observe things around you. Connect with nature and yourself.

  • Don’t pile up chores for the weekend

    Stop accumulating tasks for the weekend. Let it be a time to unwind and relax. For instance, don’t keep the entire week’s load of laundry to be washed on the weekend.

  • Knock out the Sunday blues

    Finish your pending work by Friday night itself. Don’t put off any essential chores unattended till Sunday. This leaves you feeling more organised and de-stressed for the week ahead. 

  • Make a to-do list for the upcoming week

    Jotting down a to-do list gives you a sense of control over whatever lies ahead. It helps to relax your mind.

  • It is okay to do “nothing”

    At times, doing absolutely nothing is the best thing. Spare some time to sit back and chill out.


A well-lived weekend is a gateway to a well-lived life. Spend this Saturday by yourself, doing something that you love. Or plan to spend a relaxing Sunday amidst family, watching a movie. Get a good night’s rest after massaging yourself with a revitalising night cream from Pure Sense’s unique Night Care Kit. Your eventual aim should be to come out of the weekend feeling de-stressed and energised.

FAQ on how to have a relaxing weekend

  • How do you plan a weekend of fun?

    Incorporate things into your weekend schedule that you would love to do. It is always fun to know that you are doing something you really enjoy, for which you couldn’t make time earlier. This may include planning a party, going for a picnic, binge-watching a web series, pursuing a creative passion or simply resting. Integrate whatever refreshes your mind and soul to experience a fun weekend.

  • How can I relax at the weekend?

    Try  not to overburden yourself with your weekend activities. Take your well-deserved rest. Do the things you wouldn’t usually have time to do during the week. Indulge in some TLC by using organic beauty products from Pure Sense.

  • What helps you relax on weekends?

    Simple activities like getting some extra sleep, spending some time on your own, reading your favorite book, cooking for family or friends help you to relax on weekends. The true essence of weekend relaxation lies in doing what you desire. What is of utmost importance is making time for yourself and slowing down after a hectic work-week.