The Complete Guide To Toners

The Complete Guide To Toners

Are you dicey about adding face toner to your skincare routine? Here’s everything you need to know to make the decision simpler! 

A good skincare routine includes the necessary steps such as cleansing, exfoliation, moisturising and applying sunscreen. However, to take your skincare routine a notch higher, you can add additional steps such as applying a face serum and toner. A face toner is especially helpful as it helps to tackle specific skin problems, cleanse your skin and more.

Today we look at some of the benefits of toner and answer questions like, “How to apply toner on the face?” and “How often should you use toner?” So let’s begin, shall we?

What Is Face Toner?

A face toner is a skin care product that is used after cleansing the skin and before applying moisturiser. It is typically applied to the face using a cotton pad or sprayed onto the face. Face toners are used for a variety of purposes, including removing excess dirt and oil, restoring the skin's pH balance, and soothing and calming the skin. 

Some face toners also contain ingredients that help to tighten and firm the skin, and others are formulated to help control acne breakouts. There are many different types of face toners available, and the best one for you will depend on your skin type and concerns. Let’s take a look at some of the face toner benefits

5 Benefits Of Toner

Now that you know what a face toner is, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of toner that you should consider when including it in your daily skincare routine.

Removing excess dirt and oil

Face toners can help to remove any remaining traces of dirt, oil, and makeup that your cleanser may have missed.

Restoring the skin's pH balance

Many face toners are formulated to help restore the skin's natural pH balance, which can be disrupted by factors such as the use of harsh cleansers or exposure to environmental pollutants.

Soothing and calming the skin

Some face toners contain ingredients that can help to soothe and calm the skin, making them ideal for use on sensitive or irritated skin.

Tightening and firming the skin

Some face toners contain ingredients that can help to tighten and firm the skin, giving it a more youthful and toned appearance.

Controlling acne breakouts

Some face toners are formulated with acne-fighting ingredients that can help to control breakouts and prevent future blemishes from forming.

These are some of the benefits of toners that you should consider when deciding to include a face toner in your skincare regime. 

How To Apply Toner On Face Properly?

Now that we know about face toner benefits let’s take a look at the right ways to apply toner on the face:

  • Cleanse your face: Begin by washing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt, oil, and makeup. Rinse your face using lukewarm water and pat dry your skin with a clean towel.
  • Apply the toner: Moisten a cotton pad with toner, or spray the toner directly onto your face if it is in a mist form. Gently swipe the cotton pad or mist the toner over your entire face, including your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.
  • Pat the toner into your skin: After applying the toner, gently pat it on your skin using your fingertips. This will help the toner to be absorbed more effectively.
  • Follow up with a moisturiser: Once the toner has been absorbed, apply a moisturiser to your face to help lock in hydration.
  • Use toner once or twice a day: You can use toner once in the morning and once at night, or just once a day if you prefer. Be sure to follow your toner with a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

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A face toner can be extremely beneficial to cleanse your skin, tighten your skin pores, control oil production and more. It is a beneficial tool to have in your skincare regime. However, for the best results, you should use a toner that is designed specifically for your skin type. Also, to avoid any complications, do a patch test. 

FAQs On The Complete Guide To Toners

1. In what order do I use my toner?

In general, toner should be used after cleansing and before moisturising. You should first use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and makeup, then apply toner to help remove any remaining traces of dirt and oil and to restore the skin's pH balance. Follow up by applying a moisturiser to help lock in hydration and protect the skin. Also, if you are using a toner during the day, be sure to follow up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

2. Can I just apply toner with my hands?

Yes, you can apply toner to your face using your hands instead of using a cotton pad. To do this, simply pour a small amount of toner into the palm of your hand and then use your fingertips to gently massage it into your skin. Be sure to apply the toner evenly over your entire face, including your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. However, when applying toner with your hands, it's important to make sure that your hands are clean to avoid introducing any dirt or bacteria to your skin.

3. Is toner OK to use every day?

It is generally safe to use toner on a daily basis, as long as you are using a product that is appropriate for your skin type. Some toners may be more drying or irritating than others, so it's important to choose a toner that is formulated for your skin type. For example, if you have dry or sensitive skin, you may want to choose a toner that is more gentle and more hydrating. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may want to choose a toner that is formulated to control oil and breakouts.

4. Are toners actually necessary?

As there are several face toner benefits, they can be a good addition to your skincare routine, but they are not necessary for everyone. You might use the toner to help remove excess dirt and oil, restore the skin's pH balance, and provide other benefits. However, others may not see much difference when using toner and may prefer to skip this step in their skincare routine.

5. How often should you use toner?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the use frequency of toner can vary depending on several factors. In general, toner can be used once or twice a day, either in the morning or at night. Some people may find that using toner once a day is sufficient, while others may prefer to use it twice a day for added benefits.