5 Reasons To Love Pure Sense Natural Lip Balm

5 Reasons To Love Pure Sense Natural Lip Balm

Tired of using a chemical-based lip balm that does not do the job? Here are a few reasons why you should try Pure Sense Natural Lip Balm.

Our lips deserve special attention and care as one of the most sensitive parts of our face. The skin on our lips is usually thinner than that on our face and is affected by environmental stressors more easily than other parts of our face. They require special products, specifically designed to cater to the particular needs of our lips. One of these products is lip balm which serves many purposes. 

There are various benefits of lip balm that we will discuss today and take a look at one of the most effective natural lip balms, Pure Sense lip balm. 

What Is Natural Lip Balm?

Before diving into the benefits of lip balm, let’s first understand what exactly a lip balm is and how a natural lip balm is different from other lip balms. Lip balms are generally made from nourishing agents such as petroleum jelly, wax, moisturisers, oils, etc., and are used to nourish, hydrate and moisturise our lips gently. These lip balms are especially important in winter when our lips become dry and chapped. 

The active ingredients present in the lip balms help in healing dryness and make our lips appear supple and healthy. A natural lip balm only has natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamins C & E, etc., as compared to chemical-based lip balms that use synthesised chemicals. These chemicals can actually worsen our lips. Here are some of the benefits of lip balm you should consider. 

Healing Chapped Lips

The first and foremost benefit of a lip balm is its ability to heal chapped lips that can be painful and look bad. Chapped lips can lead to tearing of lips on the skin which can lead to bruises and bleeding.

UV Protection

Most natural lip balms come with SPF protection for our lips to protect our lips from free radical activity that can make our lips darker and appear unhealthy. 


Lip balms also help in exfoliating our lips by removing the dead and dry skin cells from our lips when massaged. Massaging the lip balm on your lips also helps in improving blood circulation, which in turn, helps to make your lips pinker. 

Protect Lips From Damage

Lip balms also protect your lips from external damage such as dust, pollution, UV rays, etc. by creating a shield between your lips and the environment. Moreover, a lip balm also acts as a primer for your lips to protect them from the chemicals in the lipsticks and lip shades. 

5 Reasons To Love Pure Sense Natural Lip Balm

Pure Sense lip balm is a 100% natural lip balm designed from extracts of ethically-sourced natural ingredients. They offer a variety of benefits such as: 

Food Like Ingredients

All Pure Sense Lip Balms are made from wholesome ingredients such as coffee, macadamia nut oil, grapefruit and strawberry which have several medicinal benefits. Pure Sense offers complete nourishment to your lips using only natural ingredients. 

No Harmful Chemicals

Constant exposure to harmful chemicals present in the skin care products such as lip balms like sulphates, parabens, etc can potentially harm our skin. Several studies show that the use of these chemicals is not good for our bodies and the environment. 


Apart from using only natural ingredients, Pure Sense also is eco-friendly and uses environmentally sustainable packaging without any harmful effects on the environment. 

Intense Nourishment

All Pure Sense lip balms are made using special formulation using ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax that helps to nourish our lips and keep them moisturised for extended periods. 

UV Protection

Apart from all of the above, Pure Sense lip balms also come with UV protection to protect our lips from the free radical activity and UV damage.

These are some of the benefits offered by Pure Sense lip balms. Here are a few of the products in the catalogue.

You can try any of these products for instant care and nourishment for your lips this winter.


Lip balms are as important as any other skin care products and should be used every day to keep our lips healthy and nourished. Unhealthy lips not only make us look sick but can also cause irritation, skin peeling and ulcers if left unchecked.