Love Is In The Hair! Top 5 Things To Avoid For Healthy & Strong Hair

Love Is In The Hair! Top 5 Things To Avoid For Healthy & Strong Hair

Do you desire a voluminous mane that’s shiny and lustrous? You have come to the right place, indeed! In this article, we discuss some proven and effective ways to achieve healthy hair, how to apply them in your daily routine and things to avoid while taking proper care of your hair.
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A long, shiny and luscious mane is what each of us desires. But our modern lifestyles tend to get in the way of fulfilling this desire. While genetics play a key role in our hair health, environmental and lifestyle stressors can lead to dull, lifeless hair and even excessive hair fall. Now, here's the big looming question of how to get healthy hair. With proper diet, care and technique, you too can learn the right way of keeping your crowning glory lustrous and healthy.

5 Things To Avoid For Healthy Hair

You’ve probably looked up on the internet and scrolled for hours in search of healthy hair care tips. Getting healthy and shiny hair is as easy as changing your daily habits and techniques. With proper care and changing your overall approach toward contributing time to hair care, you will get the hair of your heart’s desire. Here are 5 things you should avoid doing for healthy hair health: 

1. Excessive Use Of Heating Tools

Heating tools may save you a few minutes in between getting ready for the day, but they tend to damage the hair follicle. Heat hair styling tools can dry out your hair, and cause split ends, breakage and hair follicle damage (1). We recommend using a heat protectant spray before styling your hair with a hot tool and limiting the use of heating tools as much as possible to avoid hair damage. 

2. Wrong Hair Conditioning Technique

Using a hair conditioner regularly is a must to ensure your hair is moisturized and non-frizzy. As important as conditioner is, so is the technique it is applied with. Use cold water to rinse and condition your hair as cold water helps lock in the conditioning agents and tame frizz. Make sure towel dry your hair before applying conditioner, as excess water prevents the product from penetrating through the hair shaft and nourishing it. Another effective technique is to focus on applying conditioner on the ends of your hair, not at the roots. 

3. Hot Water Showers

This is a common mistake that most of us make that can lead to dry, damaged hair. Washing your hair with hot water strips away all the protective oils that bind the hair and lead to tangles, breakage and hair loss. Make sure to avoid using hot water to shampoo your hair as it can lead to fragile hair prone to breakage.  

4. Wet Hair Brushing

Brushing your hair when it's dry helps the even spread of oils in your hair and boosts blood circulation. Wet hair brushing can cause the hair follicle to turn fragile and break easily (2). Brushing wet hair is the main cause of  hair fall. Take proper care of your hair, be gentle and use a wide toothed comb on wet hair to detangle them. 

5. Hair Products With Sulfates

Sulfates are extremely harmful for your hair and can lead to excessive hair loss, breakage and stripping of natural oils present in your scalp. You should refrain from using hair products with sulfate, especially if you have chemically treated hair. Switch to sulfate free hair products which are gentler to your hair, keep the cuticles tight and result in healthier, more voluminous hair (3). 

Dietary Tips For Healthy And Gorgeous Hair

What we consume directly affects our hair and skin health. Having a healthy diet is not only good for your body but also a fantastic way you can start your journey towards a lustrous mane. Hair is known as one of the fastest growing tissues of the body and needs healthy nutrients to grow and shine from within. A healthy diet is your answer to the question,”how to maintain healthy hair?”.Mentioned below are well rounded lists of foods you should avoid and foods you should consume for happy, healthy hair. 

                  Foods You Should Avoid          

Soda/Carbonated Drinks


Fast Food


Refined Carbs

              Foods You Should Consume     

Whole Grains/Nuts



Sunflower Seeds

Leafy Greens


Now that you know they key to an amazing head of hair, there’s no need to scroll all over the web for healthy hair care tips. Since you are already on the path of nothing but goodness for your hair, let us introduce Pure Sense, a brand with the ethos of organic, chemical free products that reflect nature. The hair care range from Pure Sense that consists of hair cleanser, hair conditioner and hair mask reflects the best of nature and ayurveda with 100% pure ingredients that nurture, replenish, repair and add shine to your hair. Try out Pure Sense hair care range for healthy and gorgeous hair like never before! 

Frequently Asked Questions On Healthy Hair Tips (FAQs)

1. What makes hair shiny?

Hair becomes strong and shiny by regular application of nourishing elements like coconut oil, hair conditioner and hair masks that give shine and strength to the hair follicle. These products are necessary to tame frizzy hair. 

2. How can I grow thick hair?

Consumption of foods that are naturally rich in biotin and protein like nuts, eggs, avocado, whole grains and leafy greens encourages hair growth for a thick, voluminous head of hair. 

3. How do I protect my hair from damage?

To protect your hair from damage, limit the use of heat styling tools, avoid wet brushing of hair and switch to sulfate free hair products that are gentler to your hair. Follow these guidelines to ensure your hair stays free of damage.