How To Prevent Hair Loss From Hard Water?

How To Prevent Hair Loss From Hard Water?

Losing hair due to hard water usage is a very common phenomenon in India, as most hair loss and other hair-related issues take place due to hard water usage itself. How can you prevent it? We’ve got answers.  Read on to know what damage hard water can do to your hair and the preventive measures in detail.

It would not be wrong to say that almost every person that exists on this planet goes through hair problems. Some may experience their hair feeling lifeless and brittle, while others may find their hair thinning because of continuous hair fall.

Even after changing several hair products, no fruitful results are seen. If you are experiencing the same problem, then your shampoo might not be the only culprit, there can be other reasons too. 

For example, it can be the water that you regularly use for bathing. Regular exposure to hard water can result in hair loss and hair root breakage. 

At this point, you might be willing to know how to prevent hair loss due to hard water. It’s explained in detail below. 

What is Hard Water?

You might often wonder -  does hard water cause hair loss? Well, it does. So if you are looking forward to knowing how to regrow hair lost due to hard water, it is crucial to find out what hard water is in the first place. Basically,  it can be defined as water that has a high mineral concentration. 

Such types of water can either be transient in nature or persistent. It is known to consist of excessive levels of sulphate, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper in groundwater. Hard water does not pose any sort of threat to your health, but it definitely affects your hair in many ways. 

What Does Hard Water Do To Your Hair?

Now that you know the answer, does hard water cause hair loss, don't you think it's important to find out what else it can do? As hard water contains harmful minerals, it can damage  your skin and hair.  

Hair fall due to hard water is common, and so are other hair woes like unhealthy and fragile strands. . When you regularly shower with hard water, the minerals prevent the nutrients from reaching your hair follicles making them weak. 

It also prevents natural hair growth and makes it prone to breakage. But that's not it!! Besides experiencing hair fall due to hard water, your hair can lose its shine, and become brittle and frizzy as well.

How Do You Prevent Hair Loss From Hard Water?

Wondering how to prevent hair loss due to hard water? Well, then check out the following to know the ways to deal with hard water that causes hair loss. The below-listed ways are considered to be easy and quick methods that save the game. 

1. Use Purified Bottled Water 

You can either choose to boil the water temporarily to rinse your hair or you can simply use purified bottled water to get started. Though it can be expensive to deal with -  it definitely can stop hard water hair loss problems from scratch. 

2. Use Organic Shampoo and Conditioner 

Make sure that you are not using shampoo or conditioners that are chemical-based when using hard water to shower. 

Rather it is recommended to opt for 100% organic hair products like the Relaxing Macadamia Deep Nourishing Hair Cleanser and Conditioner from Pure Sense. 

Being earth-friendly in nature, this Ayurvedic hair care product comes loaded with vitamin E and B5 that not only nourish the scalp but keep the hair smooth.

3. Rely on Hair Mask

Those who are already dealing with hair loss problems and want to discover how to regrow hair loss due to hard water, need not worry. You can rely on hair masks so that your hair gets the moisture it deserves and revitalises the dullness. Other than that, using hair masks provides the hair with necessary nutrients that may be lacking due to hard water.


Boiling can help to remove the temporary hardness from the water. But in the long run, this might not be helpful and you have to use filtered water.

So If hard water is causing excessive hair loss problems, then use only Ayurvedic hair products from brands like Pure Sense. 

At Pure Sense, you find only organic products which do not cause side effects and help in enhancing hair health. 

Frequently Asked Question on Hair Loss from Hard Water 

1. How to Regrow Hair Loss Due to Hard Water?

If your hair has been damaged due to hard water, then know that it's a very common issue and it’s not too late yet to act upon it. There are many ways you can regrow the hair that has been lost. 

To be precise, you can use home remedies like giving your hair a rinse with vinegar. This would prevent your hair from becoming brittle and dry. Also, it would maintain the pH level of the hair.

Apart from this, you must apply a hair mask on a regular basis to aid issues of hair fall due to hard water and provide your hair with the required nutrients essential for growth.

2. How to Prevent Hair Loss Due to Hard Water?

If you want to prevent hard water hair loss problems, then start with not exposing your hair to it. And to do that, you can use filtered water or a water softener while showering. 

Apart from that, you can use moisturising hair masks and other home remedies to protect your hair from the damage done. Moreover, you can also use Grapefruit Revitalising Combo from Pure Sense which comes with a rejuvenating cleanser and a conditioner. 

As it is free from all types of cruelty, it revitalises the tresses and makes your hair shinier, bouncier and smoother.

3. Does Hard Water Cause Hair Loss?

The simple answer to this question does hard water cause hair loss, is  Yes. Hard water is mineral-rich water that damages the hair causing breakage and making it brittle alongside frizzy.  

The presence of high amounts of calcium prevents the scalp from absorbing moisture while mineral crystallisation on the scalp makes the hair brittle. 

Besides hard water hair loss problems, you may start to experience dandruff, dry scalp and other similar issues.