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Coffee Caramel Body Yogurt | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 160ml - PureSenseCoffee Caramel Body Yogurt | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 160ml - PureSense
Coffee Caramel Body Yogurt | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 160ml
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Caffeinate Your Skin with Coffee Skincare Products

Coffee is an energising and nourishing Ingredient that we love to include in our morning routine. But the same coffee that makes you feel fresh in the morning also stimulates your skin and gives it several benefits such as reducing cellulite, anti-ageing properties, reducing inflammation and more. Consider using coffee-infused products for managing several skincare problems such as acne, dull skin, dryness and more. Pure Sense has come up with a collection of coffee-enriched products like coffee lip care products and coffee body care products to give your skin a rejuvenated feeling of bliss.

Benefits Of Using Coffee-Infused Products

  • Reduces cellulite: Coffee is a great ingredient for reducing stretch marks and cellulite. The caffeine content helps dilate blood vessels below the skin, improve the blood flow and hence enhance the appearance of your skin.
  • Anti-ageing: Applying coffee beauty products can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is also proven to reduce photoageing effects.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Coffee contains melanoidin's and chlorogenic acid, both of which help in reducing inflammation and reducing hyperpigmentation.
  • Reduced dark circles: The high caffeine content in coffee is known to reduce the appearance of dark circles by improving circulation to the skin.
  • Acne Control: Regular use of coffee infused products have beneficial effects on acne fir to their antibacterial action.

Explore Pure Sense Beauty Products Online

Here is our range of the best coffee based body care products that will stimulate your skin and make it glow:

Pure Sense offers a wide range of body care products and skin care products that are infused with nourishing and pure ingredients that provide food like skincare. These include Strawberry infused products, papaya-infused products, pink guava infused products, macadamia infused products, vitamin C infused products, retinol based products and sweet violet-infused products.

Things To Consider Before Buying Coffee Infused Products 

  • Always make sure you buy natural skincare products that are infused with the best quality coffee, such as Pure Arabica.
  • Always do a patch test before choosing the product. In case it causes an allergy, discontinue the use.
  • Coffee infused products are anti-inflammatory and suited for all types of skin.

FAQs on Coffee-Enriched Products

  • Is coffee body care products good for skin?

Yes, coffee body care products aid in managing acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, cellulite reduction, calming the skin and many more. They have a relaxing effect on the skin and make it glow naturally.

  • Is it OK to apply coffee-infused products on the face everyday?

You can apply these coffee infused products on your face without any worries because they contain all-natural ingredients that help in healing the skin and giving it a healthy glow.

  • How to use coffee enriched products for glowing skin?

Coffee infused products by Pure Sense are easy to use. You can gently apply the lip balm or lip mask on your lips and keep it on all night. These coffee products like body yogurt will nourish your skin better if you massage it thoroughly until it gets absorbed into your skin.