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What Are Cruelty-Free Products and Reasons to Switch to them

Animal testing and chemical products are a big no no. Here are some reasons apart from the moral conscience, why you should switch to cruelty-free products. 

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There are always better alternatives available for cosmetic companies to test their products, instead of testing them on animals.  Many companies have consciously stayed out of testing their beauty products on animals in order to maintain their cruelty-free status. Now more than ever, people understand the seriousness of not harming any animals and switching to cruelty-free products to support animal rights. If you're someone who still isn't into cruelty-free products, we're going to give you a few reasons to switch to certified cruelty-free beauty products sooner than later!

What are Cruelty-Free Products?

Cruelty-free means that the product was developed without getting tested on any animal. Cruelty-free products tend to be healthier and contain significantly fewer chemicals as compared to other non-cruelty-free products in the beauty market. This means, once you choose to switch to products that are not tested on animals, you aren't just helping save animals, but you're using items that are better for your skin.

Reasons to Switch to Cruelty-Free Products: 

Switching to cruelty-free beauty products is one of the best ways to say no to animal testing. Here is a list of reasons why you should all strive to invest in cruelty-free skincare or other beauty products immediately -

  1. Animal Testing is Incredibly Cruel:

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    Experimenters test cosmetics on animals by either forcing down harsh chemicals through animals’ throats or rubbing toxic substances into their eyes or raw skin. They record the damage that is imposed on their bodies as their experiment result. 
  1. There are Better Alternatives to Animal Testing: 

    As we mentioned already, no animal testing is needed as there are other options to test if the ingredients used in beauty products are safe to use or not. For example, many companies choose to use in-vitro testing that has many advantages over animal testing. There are also cultured cell tissues and computer models that can be used to ensure that the products are not tested on animals.
  1. There are numerous Safe Cosmetic Ingredients:

    Companies have an option to choose from a list of over 7,000 ingredients that are already proven to be safe, which are not tested on animals. This list is proof enough that cosmetic companies don’t need to test more ingredients on animals. 
  1. Laboratory Animals are Animals too: 

    If you’re someone who loves animals, then why should your beauty products be harsh on them? According to the Animal Welfare Act, laboratory animals form a special category of animals that aren't protected from animal abuse and cruelty. This means they will protect all warm-blooded animals except mice, rats, birds that are used for research purposes. While we do everything to protect pets from abuse, laboratory mice, dogs, cats, bunnies and other animals don't have the same rights. Isn't that completely unethical and nonsensical? Lab animals are, in fact, the ones who need maximum protection from such cruel treatments.
  1. You can Make a Difference With Your Money: 

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    When you support cruelty-free companies, you're sending out a message to avoid the companies that test their products on animals and invest in something better. This can make the brands realise that they won't get any business unless they stop testing their products on animals. If consumers are the ones to boycott companies like these, each one can truly make a change and influence more companies to go cruelty-free.
  1. Many Cruelty-Free Brands are Budget-Friendly: 

    You might get an idea that cruelty-free products might cost a bomb. But, there are many budget-friendly companies that sell cruelty-free products. So you don't have to believe in the myth that just because a brand is cruelty-free, it might cost a lot to buy their products.
  1. There are Several Natural, Non-Toxic Options to Pick From: 

    Switching to cruelty-free products will make you realise that they're healthier for you. There are so many brands that use toxic or harsh chemicals that honestly do nothing to your skin other than damage. Since your skin absorbs everything you feed it, isn’t it better to switch to natural products that will pamper your skin with all the goodness of the ingredients, right?

Now that we've given you enough reasons to switch to cruelty-free products, let's talk about some skin care essentials that you need to get your hands on right about now. We're talking about Pure Sense, a premium skincare and hair care brand that believes in doing no harm to the animals and the environment, which is why all of our products are cruelty-free and earth-friendly. Not only that, we have curated a range of products for you that are formulated with natural ingredients intricately chosen from nature. Our products are safer to use as they're entirely free of sulphates, parabens and carcinogens. We also understand that it can get confusing to understand which product would work on what skin type, hence all of our products are designed to suit all skin types. Doesn't that make it easier and better for you? To make your search easier, here are some products we’ve shortlisted for you:

Pure Sense Products to Invest in:

  1. Macadamia Renewing Night Cream: 

    This night cream is blended with exotic oils, that boost collagen production and restore radiant and younger-looking skin. This renewing night cream has a relaxing fragrance that calms your senses. It is designed to improve skin elasticity and smoothen your skin. This night cream can be used as a cruelty-free moisturiser before bedtime so that you wake up in the morning with hydrated and glowing skin.
    night cream
  1. Energise Grapefruit Revitalising Face Cleansing Gel:

    Made with organic ingredients, this cleansing gel is sure to deeply and gently cleanse your skin. It is enriched with vitamin C-rich grapefruit that transforms the dull complexion. This certified cruelty-free cleansing gel will leave your skin beautifully radiant as it has the ability to boost collagen production. It also has a refreshing fragrance that rejuvenates your senses.
    Grapefruit Face Cleansing Gel
  1. Grapefruit UV Protection Lip Balm: 

    This lip balm serves as a zesty treat for your lips and provides intense moisture to them. It is a refreshing blend of exotic goodness that offers natural sun protection and heals chapped lips. This cruelty-free lip balm is a unique blend of grapefruit extracts and exotic oils and is loaded with vitamins, which makes it the best bet for moisturising your lips. Apply this lip balm as often as you wish to for supple and smooth lips.
  1. Relaxing Macadamia Deep Moisturising Body Oil: 

    This certified cruelty-free luxurious body oil is loaded with minerals that intensely nourish your skin and relax your senses. It is packed with vitamins that pamper your skin by keeping it hydrated and also restoring skin elasticity. This body oil is formulated with exotic and pure ingredients that relax your skin, body and mind.

    Macadamia Body Oil
  1. Macadamia Deep Nourishing Body Butter:

    This body butter is a rich, decadent nutty treat for your skin that provides you with moisturised and velvety-soft skin. It is a unique blend of luxurious oils and butters that protect your skin from dryness as well as damage. Infused with the goodness of macadamia nut oil, this body butter is loaded with vitamins and rare antioxidants that replenish your skin. For perfect moisturisation, apply this product right after taking a shower and before going to bed.


You will be more mindful about what goes on your skin and only invest in products that serve you well. Companies that promote cruelty-free products are passionate about what they do and they aren't ever afraid to spread the word about the importance of buying such products. It's high time you invest your trust and money in cruelty-free products too and spread the word as much as you can. After all, animals have all the right to lead a good life, which is fearless and pain-free.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cruelty free products (FAQs):

  • Are cruelty-free products safer?

    Cruelty-free products are usually safe but do not take any risk, always check the ingredient list at the back of any product that you wish to purchase. Their ingredient list will mostly be able to reflect what specifically you’re looking for in a product. 

  • Why are cruelty-free products better?

    As we already mentioned above, cruelty-free products are generally healthier. When you choose products that are not tested on animals, you indirectly ditch the bad chemicals like sulphates, parabens and synthetic dyes. Cleaner cosmetics that are cruelty-free are better for your skin, which means there are fewer chances of your skin breaking out along with allergies and inflammation.

  • Are cruelty-free products more expensive?

    "Cruelty-free" doesn't have to mean expensive. Cruelty-free companies price their products depending on the ingredients they use along with their benefits. There are several brands that are low-priced or decently priced and are sometimes cheaper than their non-cruelty-free counterparts, one of which is Pure Sense.