How to exfoliate lips

Ultimate Guide To Exfoliate Your Lips The Right Way

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exfoliate lips

Having smooth and pink lips is the dream of many. But not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally pink lips as many people often face problems like dark lips or chapped lips. But don't worry! Do you know you can get these long-desired gorgeous lips just by doing lips Exfoliation? Yes, that's true. Stay with us to learn everything about lip exfoliation. 


We often hear about skin exfoliation, face scrub etc., which help to remove dead cells from our body and face and give us glowing skin. But have you wondered how to remove dead skin from lips, simply because they did not seem to be in good condition?  

If you want to learn how to remove dead skin from lips, lip exfoliation is your answer. Like skin, you can exfoliate lips too for getting beautiful naturally pink lips. Lip Exfoliation on a routine basis is crucial as, like the body, our lips too have dead skin cells in them.

We must remove them quite often. It is also a healthy habit that you exfoliate your lips periodically within short intervals. Here we will guide you on how to exfoliate lips and other factors associated with lip exfoliation. Let's discuss in detail how to exfoliate lips.

Why is exfoliating lips important?

We often use lip balm, lipstick, lip tint etc., to make our lips more attractive. These artificial products add shimmering or matte colour to our lips to increase their lucrativeness. But we must limit our use of artificial products because they have different chemicals in them that can also damage our lips.

We can avoid these products easily if we have naturally beautiful lips. Here, the importance of exfoliating lips comes into consideration. You can always choose to exfoliate your lips, which can help you get healthy and naturally beautiful lips. 

It is because exfoliation comes with the ability to remove dead skin from lips as well as reduce chapped or flaky lips. As a result, your natural lip colour becomes visible gradually.

How to exfoliate lips?

If you wonder how to exfoliate lips, we can answer your question. To exfoliate lips, you need the following things  - a lip exfoliating solution of your choice, warm water and a toothbrush. Now you can refer to the below steps to know how to exfoliate lips:

  • First, wet your lips with some lukewarm water.
  • Now, apply the lip exfoliating solution onto your lips.
  • After that, you can massage your lips in a small circular motion with the help of a toothbrush or your fingertips.
  • After a few minutes of massage or scrub,  wash off the lip exfoliating solution.
  • The lip exfoliating process ends here.
  • Now, apply an appropriate lip balm onto your lips for giving the required hydration. You can opt to use 100% vegan nourishing lip balm from Pure sense, which is free from paraben, sulphate and carcinogens. With castor oil, this lip balm will help eliminate the discolouration problem and give your lips a fresh appeal.
  • Repeat this process frequently to get beautiful lips. However, remember not to over-exfoliate as over-exfoliation can lead to serious problems as well as skin damage.

Home remedies for lips Exfoliation

There are many home remedies to exfoliate lips at home. Using natural ingredients that can be easily found at home, you can remove dead skin from lips. One such natural ingredient is sugar, and scrubbing lips with sugar can give you excellent results. We will share several home remedies to exfoliate lips at home where along with sugar, other natural ingredients can be used.

Coconut oil and brown sugar lip scrub: 

A proportionate mixture of raw honey, coconut oil and brown sugar can work well as a lip scrub. While the brown sugar will work to remove dead skin from lips, coconut oil will improve lip colour and provide moisturisation. Honey will regenerate skin cells.

Mint Scrub: 

Mix some peppermint oil, brown sugar, and almond oil together. Use this mixture to exfoliate your lips. Almond oil is a nourishment oil that can give your lips the required moisturising after scrubbing. Brown sugar will help to remove dead cells, and peppermint oil provides a soothing aftereffect. Besides, you can also use a lip balm to keep your lips moisturised and nourished for a long time.

Lavender oil scrub:

Mix a few drops of lavender oil with an equal amount of honey and brown sugar. Now, apply this mixture for scrubbing lips with sugar. Lavender oil is proven for giving essential nourishment, while honey will brighten the lip colour. Sugar will remove dead cells. For better results, make sure to use a lip balm to restore nourishment.

Coffee scrub:

Mix some ground coffee with olive oil and apply this mixture directly to your lips. Scrub your lips for some time, and then rinse them off. While coffee will work as a dead cell removing agent, olive oil will give nourishment to your lips and also enhance your lip colour. However, it is recommended to use UV protection lip balm from Pure Sense for extra care. With a unique blend of exotic ingredients, this lip balm will hydrate the chapped lips and offer a zesty treat.

Coco lip scrub:

For this scrub recipe, we need Cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract, honey and olive oil. This mixture is helpful for tanned lips. Cocoa powder can remove tan effects from lips and provide moisture, while vanilla extracts can give you an anti-ageing effect. While sugar works like a dead skin removing agent, olive oil is used as a nourishment provider, and honey will work as regeneration of new cells and skin brightening agent. Alternatively, you can also utilise the same benefits from an appropriate lip balm.

Cinnamon scrub:

You can make This scrub using ground cinnamon powder, raw honey and almond oil. Mix them all together, and then apply to your lips for the exfoliation process. Here cinnamon powder will work as the exfoliating agent. This scrub can give you plumper lips as it has cinnamon in it. Another best way of pampering your lips is by using lip balm before going to bed on a daily basis.

Orange peel and sugar scrub:

For making this scrub, you need some dried orange peel. Make them into a fine powder, and add brown sugar and a generous amount of almond oil to mix orange powder and sugar together. Apply this mixture for lip exfoliation and get rid of dark lips. This will work really well on dry, discoloured lips.

Strawberry scrub:

scrubbing lips with sugar

Take some naturally red strawberries and make them into a fine paste. Now add brown sugar and olive oil to this mixture. Apply this mixture to your lips and start scrubbing. This mixture will work well and you can also use a lip balm after this remedy for giving your pink lips the right nourishment it needs.

Shea butter scrubs:

Mix Shea butter and sugar together and add a choice of your oil in it, like almond oil, coconut oil, or anything that can be readily available. Scrub your lips using this mixture. Shea butter has a rich source of vitamins, and it can help to regenerate cells, while sugar works as dead cells removing ingredients. After the remedy, you can also use Luxurious Lip Care Duo from Pure Sense as it helps in soothing and moisturising lips.

Salt and sugar scrub:

how to exfoliate lips


The two most readily available ingredients in our home are salt and sugar. Mix these two ingredients together with a few drops of coconut oil and exfoliate your lips with this mix. This mixture will surely give you pink looking lips. Besides, for naturally soothing your lips and preventing chapping you can opt for a lip balm.

Vitamin E scrub:

If you have vitamin E capsules at home, you can go for a vitamin e scrub for your lips. Extract vitamin e from the capsules and add raw honey, sugar and almond oil in it. Mix all together and then apply on the lips. Now, exfoliate your lips using this for a few minutes. If you have irritated lips or chapped lips, this formula will work well for you or you can also consider using Grapefruit UV Protection Lip Balm Combo from Pure Sense as it not only heals chapped lips but also keeps them intensely moisturised.

Beetroot scrub:

Mix some beetroot juice with sugar and some petroleum jelly. Now apply this mixture to your lips and perform the exfoliation process. Also, you can keep this mixture on your lips for a few minutes as a mask. This will really can give you pink looking lips in no time as it has beetroot juice.

Rose scrub:

Pluck some rose petals and blend them using some raw milk. Apply this mixture to lips for Exfoliation. Keep doing the scrubbing process for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. You will get rosy pink and soft lips.

Oats lip scrub:

Mix some ground oats with sugar, add a little honey into it and some vegetable oil. Mix all the ingredients together to make a thick paste of it. Now, scrub your lips with this mixture for removing dead cells and getting nourished lips. After scrubbing make sure to use a lip balm to provide your lips with a smooth texture.

All of the above lip scrub recipes are beneficial for getting your lips free from dead cells and providing a soft pink effect to your lips naturally. You can also avoid complications and simply use only sugar to exfoliate the dead skin cells from your lips.

But it is essential that you must perform the lip scrub process in short intervals for getting excellent and fast results. Also, do not forget to moisturise your lips every time you do lip scrubbing. For this purpose, you can choose to use organic nourishing lip balm from Pure Sense, which comes free from cruel ingredients like Paraben, sulphate and carcinogens. Also, it is lightweight and perfect for people who experience chapped lips too often. 

How to Choose Products for Lips exfoliation?

There are so many lip exfoliating solutions available on the market. But you must always buy lip exfoliating cream or other products that have natural ingredients in them and don't contain any harmful chemicals. At the same time, it is always better to make an exfoliating mask for your lips using any of the above-mentioned home remedies.

But keep in mind that whether you are using homemade exfoliators or using some market product, a patch test before using that is always necessary to avoid allergic reactions.


Lip exfoliation needs to be performed once or twice a week. Beautiful pink lips will enhance your look, and you won't have to use any artificial products like lipstick, lip gloss etc., on a daily basis. Cosmetics like lipstick and lipgloss also may have harmful chemicals that can darken your natural lip colour if used regularly. So, it is necessary that you do lip exfoliation to protect your lips from the damages that these cosmetic products may cause. After exfoliation, always moisturise your lips for better results.

FAQs on ways to exfoliate lips

  • Is lip exfoliation harmful?

    Lip exfoliation is not at all harmful. If you perform a lip exfoliation process once or twice every week, you will get softer and brighter lips. Lip scrub helps to remove dead skin cells and tanning effects from lips so that your lips can get back the natural pinkish colour.

  • How to get rid of dead skin on lips?

    dead skin on lips

    To get rid of the dead skin cells on your lips, you must do lip scrubbing once or twice every week. Exfoliate lips at home using sugar as a scrub and other natural ingredients that are readily available at home.
    Or you may choose any good exfoliator from the market. You don't need to apply the exfoliator directly on dry lips. Instead, you must wet your lips with Lukewarm water to moisten them before applying the exfoliator. After doing the lip scrub, always wash your lips with lukewarm water. In this way, you can quickly get rid of dead skin cells.

  • Why are my lips dry?

    Tired of removing dead skin cells? Dead skin cells can make your lips dry and can also make your lips lose their moisture. In this case, your lips can be dry if they have lost their natural moisture and there are dead skin cells present on your lips. Try lip exfoliation with natural ingredients. Scrubbing lips with sugar once or twice a week can remove dead skin cells from the lips and can work as a good exfoliator. Repeatedly moisturise your lips on a daily basis. You will get relief from your dry lips shortly.