Is Applying Moisturiser On Your Face Good or Bad?

Is Applying Moisturiser On Your Face Good or Bad?

Moisturisers have been a part of the skincare routine for decades now. But very few people know about its appropriate use as most of them think that moisturisers are not for everyone. Well, that's not true! Applying moisturiser comes with multiple benefits that you will discover through this blog.

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what is moisturizer


Many people mistake moisturiser for a cream or body lotion. But what is a moisturiser? Why is moisturiser important? Or When to use a moisturiser? It remains a constant question. A moisturiser is a creamy substance used to soften our skin. They can be applied to the skin throughout the year and not just during winters.

Different skin types have different kinds of moisturisers. They play a crucial role in preventing the skin from becoming dry and enhancing the skin's texture. But that's not it.

There are enormous benefits of using a moisturiser on the face. If you are someone with acne-prone skin, then you must be thinking, does moisturiser cause acne? Your moisturiser should rightly lead to the regulation of oil secretion to avoid any kind of breakouts. In case you possess dry skin, then try to use moisturisers that hydrate the skin well.

What is a moisturiser?

Whenever we talk about skincare, the first thing that crosses our mind is what is a moisturiser? Well, it is something that keeps our skin soft and smoothens the texture of our skin. But a moisturiser is much more than that. It can be understood as a cosmetic preparation that not only protects but also lubricates the skin. It helps in restoring its lost moisture and protecting it from harsh environmental conditions. On the other hand, if you think about when to use a moisturiser, then know that applying it twice a day can bring significant positive changes to your skin.

Benefits of using moisturiser

There are multiple benefits of applying moisturiser on your face that you may not know of. It adds an instant glow to our face and reduces hyperpigmentation by ensuring an overall even tone. It is blessed with the presence of anti-ageing properties, which reduces fine lines. It is also excellent for removing dark circles and spots. Not only that, but it also develops the capacity of your face to hold water.

It is pretty evident that there are unlimited benefits of using moisturiser on the face as it enhances your skin and makes it glow to a great extent. To maintain the moisture level of your skin, do not think about when to use a moisturiser; instead, apply it regularly for better results. Maintaining a skincare routine can do wonders for your skin. Given below are some beneficial aspects of using a moisturiser:

Remove acne spots

benefits of moisturizer on face

Some of us are really prone to acne, and even after acne has vanished, the spots tend to build a home on our faces. The dark patches on our skin caused as a result of acne certainly look unpleasant. Most people often think - does moisturiser cause acne? Well, certainly not.

One of the benefits of using moisturiser on the face is that it can ease this situation by slowly removing these acne spots. Often our skin is exposed to immediate sunlight, and it goes through a lot daily. Cleaning your face and moisturising it at the end of the day makes your skin stay young by reducing the number of fine lines. 

It keeps the skin healthy

People who know why moisturiser is important are precisely aware that it is a secret to healthy skin. We often try various skin hacks to keep our skin healthy and hydrated. Still, we tend to forget the bare skincare essentials. It is beneficial to moisturise your face once or twice a day to maintain the pH balance of your face and body.

Moisturisers do not allow the particles to enter your skin, hence maintaining skin free of dirt and unwanted bacteria. As we grow up, our skin starts demanding more moisture and hydration. A moisturiser fulfils almost every need of our skin, which positively affects the skin.

Controls blemishes

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Not all of us have perfect skin, and it is okay to be imperfectly beautiful, and we should embrace the flaws within us. There are areas in our skin that are associated with discolouration, dark patches and uneven tone. A moisturiser condemns all the above-mentioned drawbacks to our skin.

It acts as a treatment for acne

Another renowned benefit of applying moisturiser on the face is that it can help you deal with acne. A proper coverage moisturiser is the best for people who are on the constant lookout for effective acne cream.

Moisturisers include an infusion of natural plant extract ingredients to amp up the acne blasting effect without causing stimulation to the skin. Its distinctive texture gets absorbed quickly into the skin.

Clears out dark patches

why moisturizer is important


A moisturiser can act as a fantastic skincare regime that is designed to brighten up the skin and remove the dark patches from your face. It gives you natural light looking skin.

It is made with plant extract and pure oils, which are a potent combination of antioxidants, hydrating and soothing agents. It helps to turn the skin evenly to fight freckles, spots and pigmentation disorders of the skin.

All the above-mentioned points do absolute justice to the benefits of moisturisers and

Why moisturiser is important. Not only in winters but in summers as well, moisturisers have acted as a saviour for various people and have reduced skin problems.

Apart from this, it has been evidently proved that moisturisers have acted exceptionally in removing acne spots and hydrating the skin. It has helped in leaving a positive impact on the skin besides reducing pigmentation problems and removing acne spots

How to use a moisturiser on the face?

After you find out what a moisturiser is, it is very important to apply moisturiser on your face following a particular procedure because if you do not do so, you might not get positive results. Some of the best ways to use a moisturiser on your face are the following:-

Cleanse your face before applying

Many of us apply moisturiser on our faces. Still, we need to keep in mind that before we apply it to our face or on our body, we need to clean it properly. Use a face wash to clean the face, like Rejuvenating Grapefruit Revitalising Face Cleansing Gel from Pure Sense that is free from all types of cruelty.

Grapefruit Face Wash


It helps in boosting collagen production and leaves your skin glowing radiantly. After that, apply the moisturiser because cleansing the face makes it clean, and moisturiser is always meant to be used on a clean face instead of a dirty one. If you somehow end up moisturising your dirty look, then the dirt particles will make a home in your face, and you will have a hard time removing them.

Dab it gently instead of rubbing

There are some people who have the tendency to rub the moisturiser all over the face instead of dabbing it. They don't realise that it does no good to the skin because Rubbing is certainly not an exact procedure.

Dab it gently on your face to ensure that an equal amount of moisturiser is distributed throughout your face and body. Suppose you do not want to use a moisturiser on the body. In that case, you can choose to use Macadamia deep nourishing body butter from Pure Sense that leaves your skin deeply moisturised and velvety soft.

Do not use it in an excessive amount

We often tend to use more moisturiser, considering it will be of more benefit to ask in, but that is certainly not the case. Use it in fewer amounts because using more might make your skin very oily, which can give rise to pimples. For better results, it is suggested to use Macadamia 3 in 1 Renewing Face Mask, Scrub & Cleanser from Pure Sense. It is made from organic ingredients and rich in vitamin C, which transforms the dull complexion.

Guide to selecting the perfect moisturiser.

Sometimes using a lousy quality moisturiser can end up making your skin condition worse. This  guide will help you to find out what is the best moisturiser:

  • Identify your skin type. You need to understand whether your skin is dry, sensitive, oily or normal;  only then will you be able to choose the best moisturiser for yourself. Do not buy any moisturiser before identifying your skin type because that might mislead you.
  • Know the specialities that are required in a moisturiser and choose the one that matches your requirement.
  • Check the affordability because some moisturisers are costly but not worth it, so check before getting your hands on any.
  • Lastly, it is suggested to buy moisturiser after reading the ingredient list and making sure that it is free from all types of cruelty and chemicals.  This will help you to know how genuine the product is. Simply search on the internet what is the best moisturiser. This will help develop your opinion about the perfect one based on the skin type

Is moisturiser harmful to your face?

No, moisturiser is harmful to your skin. Moisturisers are very effective during winters and even in summers. The effectiveness of moisturisers is like magic in case you have hyperpigmentation or in numeral acne spots on your skin.

But over usage might be harmful because it makes the skin oily, and oily skin results in several skin complications which can be avoided by limited use of moisturiser. You must be thinking what moisturiser is made of?

Well, basically It is true that the composition of a moisturiser differs, but the only thing common in each memory moisturiser is glycerine. Most of the moisturisers are lightweight and contain shea butter, oatmeal etc. Some moisturisers are free from Silicon, fragrance, paraben, essential oils and dyes, whereas some are non-comedogenic and oil-free.


There are very few disadvantages of moisturisers. In most cases, moisturisers have been very beneficial for human skin. Different moisturisers are available for different skin types in the market, so you can choose whatever moisturiser suits you. Most inventors give preference to moisturisers with high oil content, which helps keep the skin oily. 

FAQ on applying moisturiser on the face

  • When to apply moisturiser on the face?

    There is no perfect time for the application of moisturiser. If you have returned home from a hectic day, then clean your face and apply the moisturiser; it will be beneficial. You can even apply it before sleeping. In fact, you can use it as a base before applying foundation to your skin. But most people mainly apply it during night time before sleeping so that it stays overnight and works well. Sometimes people even use it after taking a bath.

  • Does moisturiser have any side effects?

    Since moisturiser is made up of a lot of ingredients from various parts of the world, it might have some side effects, and your skin might be allergic to some ingredients used in a moisturiser.
    Therefore it is undoubtedly imperative to know what your moisturiser contains and how effective it is going to be for your skin. Avoid using that if you find that the moisturiser is made up of something you are allergic to.
    To avoid any kind of side effect, identify your skin type and choose moisturiser accordingly. In this way, you will not experience any type of side effects.

  • Is applying moisturiser every day necessary?

    No, there is no hard and fast rule that one has to apply moisturiser regularly, but one thing that needs to be mentioned is that using it regularly in a proper procedure will enhance your skin to a great extent and will ensure a healthy skin.
    Applying on a regular basis will slow down your skin problems. Eventually, you will see the science of development in your skin or, instead, in your whole body. But that certainly does not mean that one will overuse moisturiser because it has side effects.

  • Does moisturiser make your skin glow overnight?

    No, moisturisers or rather any skincare or beauty product do not show results overnight. One needs to be patient throughout to notice the positive changes in their skin and acknowledge them by using it for a month or so. Once you start using you will see a natural glow on your skin, and you will understand that your product is doing justice.