Does Hairspray Damage Hair

Does Hairspray Damage Your Hair?

Does your work require your hair to be in perfect position without a single strand loose? Well then a hairspray might be your best friend! However, regular use of hairspray can actually be quite damaging to your hair because of these reasons! 

At times we often wonder 'is hairspray good for hair', and there is a valid reason for making this query. hairspray, like any synthetic beauty care product, has chemicals in it that can actually affect your hair health and cause problems such as dandruff. Let's understand hairspray side effects and the answer to the question 'is hairspray bad for hair?'

Side effects of hairspray

What is a hairspray?

hairspray is one of the most popular and useful grooming products used by individuals and professionals alike. The hairspray helps to keep the hair in place after fixing it or styling it in unique ways. The product can be described as fine mists of chemicals that are sprayed from an aerosol can. You can apply the hairspray to dry or wet hair and keep them fixed in a particular look. 

hairspray is made from different ingredients, with the most common and important one being alcohol and polymers that are also found in glue and paint. These ingredients are generally responsible for hairspray side effects.

However, the hairspray has been used for several purposes, such as:

Finishing Look

Using hairspray helps to leave your hairstyle with a stronger hold throughout the day and ensure that daily activities do not mess up the style. People prefer hairspray over creams, gels and mousses as it offers flexible control and is humidity resistant. 

For Styling

hairspray can also work with styling your hair even when they are wet, which is not possible with other setting products. You should brush your hair immediately after putting the spray on the hair locks to style them as desired. As most sprays dry quickly, the look can get distorted, so it is necessary to be quick.


 is Hairspray good for hair?

For Curls

Spraying hairspray across the pre-dried hair and then curling them using a curly irony will give you fixed curls throughout the day. You can also use the spray again after finishing your look to keep them in place. 

Fixing Baby Hair

Baby hair is a common problem and looks unruly if left unchecked. hairspray can help set the baby hair by using the spray on them and styling it properly. 

Does hairspray Damage Hair?

We have often wondered that 'is hairspray good for hair' or 'is hairspray bad for hair'.

As mentioned earlier, hairspray uses aerosols and alcohol as the main ingredients. Repetitive exposure to these chemicals can actually cause more damage to your hair in the long run than benefits. Using hairspray regularly will dry your hair and cause problems such as dandruff, dull and dry hair, itchy scalp and residue on the scalp.

However, if your work and hair type requires you to use hairspray frequently, you should ensure that you follow a good hair care regime to compensate for the damage done by the setting spray. For instance, using a good hair conditioner will protect your hair from the damage caused by hairspray and also simultaneously nourish your hair scalp, and reduce the damage. You can also use a hair mask if your situation is dire and your hair needs deep nourishment. 

We suggest you try Pure Sense, a completely natural brand that uses natural herbs and plants as ingredients. Moreover, all products by Pure Sense are sulphate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, carcinogens-free and eco-friendly. 

Pure Sense offers a Macadamia Deep Nourishing Hair Mask that is enriched  with the goodness of Macadamia Nut Oil that softens and nourishes your hair. The hair mask will also help in reducing the damage caused by hairspray. 


Macadamia Hair Mask

Side Effects of hairspray

Now that we know the answer to the question, 'is hairspray good for hair?' Let's understand how hairspray might damage your hair. Few of the most commonly found ingredients in hairspray are alcohol and polymer that are chemically modified to become flexible and quick-drying. These ingredients can have severe effects on your hair, such as:

  • hairspray containing Ethanol can be damaging for the hair and can also irritate the scalp. Alcohol such as cetearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and cetyl alcohol are required to counter the effect of the hairspray on your hair. 
  • Continuous use of hairspray might cause build up on your scalp and create a layer of dandruff-like flakes on your scalp, which can fall on your shoulder as well. While this flaky substance is not dandruff, it will give the same look and will dry your hair and scalp.
  • For the hairspray to work, manufacturers put a polymer that bonds and coats with the hair. With excessive use, your hair can become dull.
  • Moreover, some people can be allergic to the chemicals present in the hairspray, which will itch your scalp and cause inflammation. If you use hairspray, look for immediate effects after applying to understand if you should or should not use the product.

These are some of the hairspray side effects that can be avoided by minimal use of products. Alternatively, you can also use products such as coconut oil for the same results by applying a thin layer of oil that will keep your hair in place and also provide protection and nourishment. 

is hairspray good for hair


hairspray is an important product, especially if you are in show business that requires you to have perfect hair throughout the day. However, due to its side effects, it is advisable to not use hairspray very often and take proper care of your hair by following a hair care regime.

FAQ on hairspray and its side effects

  • Is it bad to use hairspray every day?

    Yes, hairspray has chemicals that can make your hair dry, dull and cause itchiness and flakiness in the scalp. It is advisable to not use hairspray everyday and if you do, make sure to follow a proper hair care regime.

  • Why is hairspray bad for your hair?

    Hairsprays can cause a lot of problems for your hair if you use them regularly, as the chemicals present in the product damage your hair. The alcohol and polymers present in the hairsprays form a coating on the hair, which can cause dull hair, dryness and a dandruff-like substance. 

  • Is it bad to leave hairspray in your hair overnight?

    Yes, you should not leave hairspray overnight as it will block your hair from breathing naturally and will strip the hair from its natural moisture and glow. It is important to clean your hair before sleeping to ensure strong and shiny hair.