What does rice water do to hair

Here's What Does Rice Water Does To Your Hair?

Rice water has recently become popular on social media for its countless benefits on hair. However, do you know  exactly how rice water benefits your hair? If not, continue reading! 

rice water for hair

While the trend of using rice water only recently became popular on social media, women in Southeast Asia, China and Japan have been using it for centuries for hair treatment. Considering the fact that rice water got approval from several hair care experts, it is sure to pique your interest. Naturally, we thought of talking about the purpose of using it for hair and the side effects of rice water on hair, if any.

We will also be answering different burning questions like, “How to use rice water for hair?” and “How to make rice water for hair at home?” So let’s dive right in, shall we?

What Is Rice Water?

how to use rice water for hair

Rice water is the milky and cloudy water you get after soaking the rice for a few hours. As rice contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamin B6 and amino acids, rice water can be beneficial for your hair. Following are the several advantages of using rice water for hair:

  • It can protect your hair against damage
  • Rice water can improve the natural shine of your hair
  • Rice water can enhance softness
  • It can stimulate follicle growth 

Note - Rice water and fermented rice water are different, but their benefits are similar. Fermented rice water is rice water that turns sour after leaving it for hours and is richer in antioxidants. They both can be used on hair and have excellent advantages for your hair. 

Now let’s talk about the benefits of using rice water for hair growth. 

Benefits Of Using Rice Water For Hair?

Rice is one of the most eaten grains around the world and is rich in various nutrients. When you soak the rice in water to create fermented rice water, some of these nutrients get absorbed in the water making it nutrient-rich which is the secret of  rice water benefits for hair. Here are some of the benefits of using rice water. 

Makes Hair Stronger

One of the most important rice water benefits for hair is its ability to make your hair stronger. Rice water is rich in proteins that improve the strength of your hair and its overall health. 

To Improve Shine

The starchy fermented rice water is known to help improve the overall shine of your hair. 

To Promote Hair Growth

Rice water can help promote hair growth as it contains vitamins C, B and E, which are beneficial for your hair. 

Reduce Hair Fatigue

Due to environmental stressors, your hair can become dull and dry. Moreover, excess moisture can also harm your hair during monsoons. Rice water can help rebalance the moisture in your hair and reduce fatigue. 

To Detangle Hair

As rice water can soften your hair strands, it can help to detangle your hair.

To Smoothen Hair

Heat-treated or damaged hair cannot retain moisture, which makes it frizzy. The nourishing proteins found in rice water can reduce breakage by counteracting the frizzy hair and improving your hair texture. 

These are some of the benefits of using rice water for hair. Now, let’s talk about how to make rice water for hair. 

Steps To Make Rice Water At Home?

The easiest way to make rice water at home is by soaking. Follow these steps to make rice water at home. 

  • Take half a cup of uncooked rice and rinse it thoroughly
  • Place the rice in a bowl of water with 2-3 cups of water
  • Let the rice soak in water for 30 to 40 minutes 
  • Strain the rice water in a clean bowl 
  • Refrigerate the rice water for 24 hours before using it 

We have been making rice water at home for ages but just didn’t know how to use it for our hair. Now let’s discuss how to use rice water for hair. 

How To Use Rice Water For Hair Growth?

how to make rice water for hair

Rice water is rich in several nutrients, making it an excellent remedy for several hair problems. You can use rice water for various benefits, as listed above. Here are the steps you can follow to make the most out of the benefits of rice water. 

  • Wash your hair with a natural moisturising shampoo
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with regular water.
  • Now pour rice water over your hair while massaging the scalp.
  • Let your hair and scalp absorb the rice water for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water to rinse off the starch water. 

Bonus Tip - To enhance the results of rice water on your hair, you can pair it with a natural shampoo or hair cleanser. You can try the Relaxing Macadamia Deep Nourishing Hair Cleanser by Pure Sense, a natural beauty care products manufacturer. This shampoo is enriched with natural extracts of macadamia and packed with vitamin E that boost collagen production and control excess oil production. 

Macadamia Shampoo

Side Effects Of Rice Water On Hair

While there are no general observed side effects of hair, you might experience protein overload, which makes your scalp dry. To avoid such a situation, do not wash your hair with rice water more than twice a week. 


Rice water is an excellent natural remedy for a variety of hair problems. Its nutrient-rich composition makes it a perfect tool to treat hair problems and give your hair natural love. 

FAQ On Rice Water For Hair 

  • How to make rice water for hair?

    There are several ways to make rice water. However, the easiest and most common way to make rice water for hair is by soaking half a cup of rice  in two to three cups of water for 30-40 minutes. Strain the water and store it in a refrigerator before using it. 
  • How to use rice water for hair?

    You can use rice water on your hair directly after shampooing. After rinsing off the shampoo from your hair, pour rice water on your hair while gently massaging your scalp. Let the rice water stay on your hair for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse it with lukewarm water. 

  • What are the side effects of rice water for hair?

    Excessive use of rice water might cause protein overload in your hair, which can make your scalp dry and cause hair fall. To avoid this from happening, use rice water only twice a week.