What is Synthetic Fragrance? Difference Between Natural & Synthetic Fragrance

What is Synthetic Fragrance? Difference Between Natural & Synthetic Fragrance

Did you know the difference between synthetic and natural fragrance, and when to use what? Know their differences in detail and find out which one is appropriate for you depending upon the situataions and mood.
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When you smell a nice fragrance, it automatically lifts up your mood and spirit. Now imagine you being the reason for a beautiful fragrance that makes others attracted to you. Not to mention, the way you leave a lasting impression on someone says a lot about who you are. 

On the other hand, even though there are a lot of differences when we talk about natural vs synthetic, no doubt, the use of perfumes gives our personality a bit more edge along with making a strong impact.  So here is everything you should know about natural fragrances and synthetic fragrances. 

What are Synthetic Fragrances?

What is synthetic fragrance? These are fragrances which are made without endangering the environment, replacing the need to obtain the notes from forestry and animals. It is a man-made process and created in laboratories. 

What are Natural Fragrances?

Now that you know about synthetic fragrances, you must be wondering what is a natural fragrance.  These are created from nature such as trees, plants and animals. It comes from natural ingredients and has not undergone laboratory processing nor does it contain any chemicals.

What’s the Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Fragrances?

No doubt, as scents play an important role in our daily lives, we all love to see more such products added to our beauty regime. But people often choose one above another. So what is the big deal about natural vs synthetic fragrance?

Those who are not aware of what is a synthetic fragrance should know that these are made in a lab and include parabens and phthalates. Whereas natural fragrances are made entirely of natural substances and include essential oils and botanical extracts.

As natural fragrances are environmentally friendly and sustainable, these are thought to have a higher value. They are also frequently thought of as safer, healthier and more beneficial. On the other hand, synthetic fragrances can be stronger, more complex, more potent and costlier. 

What Type of Fragrances Should You Pick?

When you ask “what does fragrance mean”, it is important to understand that fragrances are not limited to one type. As there are many varieties, unknowingly you might find yourself drawn to a certain note or scent, but your personality type may play a role in this. For this, it is important to choose the proper fragrance. Here is a guide to choosing the right fragrance:

For Extroverts

If you like being the centre of attraction and love meeting new people or love to be around large social gatherings, then choose a fragrance that combines spicy and woody tones. So instead of choosing artificial fragrance look for something that contains vanilla, sandalwood or citrus. 

One such product is Pure Sense Desire Madagascar Vanilla Body Mist. This fragrance is made of pure extracts and contains no chemicals like paraben and sulphate. 

Besides, it also travels friendly. The best thing about this natural fragrance is that it is not harsh on the skin and can keep you smelling fresh and active all day long. 

Classy and Elegant

Don't like standing in a crowd? Yet you want to make a statement. You must be looking for the best natural fragrance. Aren't you? In this case go for a fragrance with a strong oriental component like amber, musk or vanilla. 

For Introverts

If your personality is one of shyness, then choose a smell that is mild and peaceful. Choose scents that are subtle, fascinating and understated like cherry flowers and aquatic. Here a great product to mention is Pure Sense Hope Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist. 

It is infused with an exotic blend of sweet and fruity cherry blossom petals and contains no chemicals like parabens and sulphate. The subtle aromas keep the body fresh and vibrant. It is lightweight and keeps the skin nourished along with a long-lasting fragrance. 


If you're someone who is passionately romantic at heart, then you should really know about what is Natural fragrance. This is because it will help you layer yourself with the alluring scent of natural ingredients like jasmine and rose. The ideal accessory to woo your partner can be white musk. 


People are drawn to those who are present-oriented and upbeat because of their contagious positive energy. For this group, you can consider elements like peaches, passion fruit and grapefruit. To make a more charming impression you can choose the Pure Sense Joy Grapefruit Refreshing Body Mist. 

This fruity fragrance is a mood changer and is crafted with pure ingredients. It keeps the skin nourished and suits all types of skin. The best part about this product is that it is completely harmless as it is free from chemicals like paraben, silicone and sulfate. Surely you can make a great impression in front of people with this long-lasting fragrance. 


Even after knowing what is Natural fragrances and what is synthetic fragrance, you should select fragrances depending on your preference. Also as there are thousands of different fragrances available these days, before choosing one make sure to smell or do a simple test to find the perfect match for your personality. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Natural and Synthetic Fragrance 

1. What does fragrance mean?

Ans- People use scents but most people are unaware of what does fragrance mean? Fragrance means having a pleasant smell or aroma. The FDA refers to the component that gives a cosmetic product its distinctive scent as a fragrance. 

Besides knowing what does fragrance mean, you should also know that it comes in different levels of concentration. 

2. What is artificial fragrance?

Ans- Just like natural fragrance, the artificial fragrance also has its own meaning. Synthetic perfumes are also known as artificial fragrances and are combinations of several compounds derived from crude oil or petroleum that give out a particular scent. Frequently, chemicals like benzene derivatives, toluene and phthalates are included in the ingredients of artificial fragrances

3. How to choose a fragrance for yourself?

Ans- When you ask what does fragrance mean, it is important to understand that each fragrance has its own aroma. With such varieties, you must be wondering how to choose the best natural fragrance for yourself. Isn't it? 

Before choosing any fragrance, all you need to do is a simple test by spraying a small amount on your wrist. So whether you choose any natural fragrance or synthetic fragrances, by doing this not only you'll get a way to understand how it smells but will also find a fragrance that will fit your own style.