Coffee oil

8 Secrets Very Few People Know To Coffee Oil For Skin

Have you heard about this lesser-known but excellent skincare ingredient, coffee oil?

Coffee is a miracle drink that is one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages. However, the benefits of coffee supersede its ability to wake you up. Coffee is an excellent ingredient in skincare and is used actively by skincare product manufacturers for its multiple benefits. However, coffee oil is also another by-product of coffee that has even better benefits for your face. 

Today, we will talk about coffee's benefits for the skin and how to use coffee oil for the skin, to make use of all of the benefits of coffee on the skin.

What Is Coffee Oil?

what is coffee oil

Before talking about the benefits of coffee on the skin, let’s take a moment to understand the use of coffee oil for the skin. Coffee oil is a concentrated aromatic oil form that is fermented using non-roasted/roasted green coffee beans. If roasted beans are used, the coffee oil would be beneficial in skin care products. Whereas, if green, unroasted beans are used, it is used as a mood lifter and stress reliever as incense. 

For our purpose, we will take a look at coffee oil developed from roasted coffee beans which when blended with other oils for topical applications, has several positive effects on our skin.

8 Benefits Of Coffee Oil On Skin

Benefits of coffee oil

Now that we know more about coffee oil, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of coffee oil for the skin. Here it is important to note as coffee oil is extracted from coffee beans, the benefits of coffee for the skin, translate to coffee oil as well and are enhanced as oil is more readily absorbed by the skin. So some of the benefits of coffee on the skin include: 

Cellulite Reduction

Coffee has shown results in reducing the appearance of cellulite on the skin because the caffeine helps to dilate the blood vessels and ultimately improve the blood flow. [1] This property helps to decrease the appearance of cellulite and is used in coffee scrub which also aids in the exfoliation of the skin. 

Anti-Ageing Properties

Coffee also has anti-ageing properties and applying it directly to your face can help in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and the effect of hyperpigmentation such as sun spots and redness. 

Calming Properties

Coffee is popular for its stimulating effects on our brains. However, when applied topically it helps to soothe our skin because of its antioxidant properties and is great for inflamed and sensitive skin. 

Reduce Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory effects of coffee are thanks to chlorogenic acid [2] present in caffeine and melanoidins which also helps in the reduction of hyperpigmentation along with reducing inflammation.

Acne Treatment

If you are prone to acne, coffee can be beneficial for use as it has antibacterial properties which when mixed with exfoliating properties as a coffee scrub can help in cleansing skin pores. This combined with anti-inflammatory properties makes for a great solution to acne problems. 

Skin Cancer Prevention

Coffee is rich in niacin and vitamin B3 which helps in preventing skin cancers and other skin growths. Moreover, its antioxidant properties also reduce free radical activity to protect our skin from UV damage.

Dark Circle 

Coffee has also shown results in reducing the stubborn dark circle under the eyes. As coffee helps to dilate the blood vessels it can also reduce the dark circles under the eyes by stimulating blood flow and improving blood circulation. 

Post-Sun Care

Coffee also acts as a good post-sun care ingredient as it can be used to treat sunburns. However, the method of using coffee for post-sun care varies from the methods used to avail of other benefits. 

These are some of the benefits of using coffee for the skin which also translates to coffee oil. Let’s now take a look at the method to make coffee oil and how to use it for your skin. 

How To Use Coffee Oil?

How to use coffee oil

Coffee beans like other seeds have natural oils that can be activated using heat. When the coffee beans are roasted to turn them into the coffee ground, the heat reduces the beans into simple sugars for the aromatic taste. On applying more heat the beans break down even further and when done correctly give the beans good flavour without being burnt or sour. 

Then the oil is extracted from the nutrient-rich beans with the help of a low-heat procedure or by using carbon dioxide as the solvent. The residue is coffee oil which has the above-mentioned benefits for our skin. You can use this oil as it is or in the form of a skincare product. If you are looking to try using coffee oil as a product, we suggest you try Pure Sense Coffee Caramel Body Yoghurt

Coffee Caramel Body Yoghurt by Pure Sense is enriched with the goodness of Coffee Arabica and niacinamide to provide your skin with moisturisation and nourishment. The body yoghurt helps intensely nourish your skin to ensure long-lasting moisturisation while protecting it from external stressors such as UV rays. It is an excellent product which is 100% natural, like other Pure Sense products.  


Coffee oil is one of the best natural skincare ingredients that is used by brand manufacturers extensively because of its several benefits. While it might stimulate brain activity when ingested directly, it has calming effects on our skin and helps in the prevention of acne, treating dark spots and more. It is a good tool to have in your daily skincare kit. 

FAQs on Coffee Oil For Skin

1. Does coffee oil lighten skin?

Yes, coffee oil has shown the ability to lighten dark skin, treat hyperpigmentation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles to even out skin tone. Moreover, it helps to improve blood flow by dilating our blood vessels and stimulating blood pressure. You can also use it to prevent acne scars and have a smoother skin tone.

2. What happens if we apply coffee oil on our faces daily?

Coffee oil can be applied daily on your skin as it has several benefits for our skin. If you apply coffee oil daily, you can observe several benefits such as cellulite reduction, calming effects, anti-ageing benefits, prevention of skin cancer, reduced inflammation, acne and dark circles, and more. All of these benefits make coffee oil good for our skin.

3. Is coffee good for your face?

Applying coffee oil to your face can help decrease the appearance of sunspots, fine lines and redness. Coffee contains several nutrients like antioxidants and vitamins that can help in removing toxins from the skin cells and improve blood circulation in the skin layers to reduce inflammation.