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Protect Your Lips From the Sun With the Help of These Tips

Your lips are softer than the other skin on your face and can easily get chapped. Your usual lip balm is not doing the trick? Try out these tips to protect your lips from the sun.
sun protection for lips

While you do everything possible to take good care of the skin on your face and body, how much of that effort do you put into taking care of your lips? Remember, using a chapstick or lip balm once in a while isn’t enough, you need to give your lips much more. To begin with, you need to protect your lips from sun, regardless of the season because the harmful ultraviolet rays can really damage the sensitive skin on your lips. Your lips are far more vulnerable than any other skin on your body because it is much thinner and contains almost no melanin, making it more susceptible to cancer. Sun exposure without any protection on your lips can weaken the collagen, and cause your lips to thin and age over time. This is why you need to know how to protect lips from sun and we're here to tell you all about it.

How to Protect Your Lips From The Sun?

Once you get to know about some lip care tips for sun, you need to be consistent with practising them in order to maintain healthy, happy lips. Here are a few things to keep in mind about the best sun protection for lips.

  • Reduce the Use of Lip Gloss:

    lip care tips for sun
    Lip gloss or other such shiny and glittery lip products can  damage your lips on hot sunny days. In fact, wearing lip gloss daily can make your lips prone to sun damage. So, if you plan to stay out in the sun for long, reduce the use of such shiny lip products. This is one of the most basic lip care tips for sun.

  • Use a Lip Balm With SPF:

    Nowadays, most lip balms contain a bit of SPF that act as sun protection for lips. The only problem is that some lip balms only have a UVB filter (that is responsible for producing sunburn), which isn’t enough to protect your lips from the UVA rays (that penetrate deeper into your skin). Hence, you must look for a lip balm that contains paraffin or beeswax with an SPF of 30. You can also get a sunscreen lip balm with a lower SPF but it won't work as effectively. Also, always make sure to check that the sunscreen lip balm protects your lips from both UVA and UVB rays.

  • Blend Your Lip Products:

    lip care tips for sun
    If you really can't quit applying lip gloss or lipstick in the sun, make sure to at least apply a layer of sunscreen lip balm underneath. This will protect your lips from the sun and protect your lips from any harm. You can also invest in lipsticks that come with the best sun protection for lips. But to guarantee that your lips are protected from the sun, it's better to wear a sunscreen lip balm underneath first.

  • Always Reapply:

    Just how you reapply sunscreen on your face after a few hours, it's crucial to reapply the sunscreen lip balm every couple of hours too. Because when you eat, drink any beverage or wear a mask, the lip balm can get wiped off. Hence, reapplying it will ensure that the sensitive skin on your lips stays protected all day long.

What is Lip Sunscreen?

Lip sunscreen is a product that is meant to protect the sensitive skin on your lips. The harsh rays of the sun can damage your lips quite badly, so you need to protect them from any kind of sun exposure. This is where lip sunscreen comes into the picture. It is nothing but a lip balm with a bunch of nourishing natural ingredients that make your lips soft, supple and resistant to damage, while protecting it from the sun.

Best UV Protection Lip Balm:

Sunscreen Lip Balm

Pure Sense, a premium skincare and hair care brand offers lip sunscreen in the form of Grapefruit UV Protection Lip Balm. A zesty treat for your lips, this lip balm provides intense moisturisation. It is a refreshing blend of exotic goodness that offers natural sun protection and also heals chapped lips. This unique blend of grapefruit extracts and exotic oils is brimming with essential vitamins that will ensure your lips stay soft and supple all through the day. It is a sulphate-free, paraben-free, carcinogen-free product along with being cruelty-free and earth-friendly. It is also suitable for all skin types, so you don't have to worry about this lip balm damaging your lips in any way. Apply this lip sunscreen as often as you desire for luscious lips.


Taking good care of your mouth quite literally starts with your lips. If your lips are sunburned, chapped, tender or swollen, even doing your regular brushing isn't going to be an easy job. Worse than your daily hygiene routines, lip cancer would have a major impact on your oral health. Hence, the best sun protection for lips is highly recommended to ensure that your lips always stay happy and healthy. And using an SPF lip balm on a regular basis will give the skin on your lips the protection that it needs from sunburn, harmful cancer-causing radiation and might even prevent some of those sun-exposure lip wrinkles. Apart from that, make sure you eat healthily, drink water every few minutes and take care of your overall health in order to have perfect puckers. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Sun Protection For Lips (FAQs):

  • Can you put SPF on your lips?

    Yes. You can and you should use lip sunscreen in order to protect your lips from sun damage. An easy way to do this is to purchase a lip balm with SPF so that it can be reapplied every two hours. However, in addition to using sunscreen lip balm, you also need to exfoliate your lips in order to remove any chapped, dry skin to prevent you from picking the skin on your lips. Also, remember to hydrate yourself with a minimum of eight glasses of water each day.

  • Does the sun darken your lips?

    The sun not only damages facial skin but is also the most common cause of dark lips. Skin, on your face as well as your lips that are exposed to sunlight, can trigger your body to produce more melanin. This results in the skin on your lips turning darker over time. Hence, you need to use some lip care tips for the sun to protect your lips at all times.

  • Do lips need sun protection?

    Skin cancer can affect any part of your body including your lips. Just like the rest of your body, your lips benefit from sun protection. When your skin gets exposed to the sun, the collagen (a protein that is abundant in your lips) gets destroyed, and makes your lips thinner over time. Hence, the best sun protection for lips in the form of an SPF lip balm can protect the skin on your lips as well as collagen.