8 Helpful Tips to Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth

8 Helpful Tips to Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth

Everyone experiences hair fall but healthy hair growth is important to maintain the volume of your hair. Here are some helpful tips to stimulate hair growth naturally.

When you have your hair care routine, home remedies and the best hair products in place, achieving the hair of your dreams doesn't sound impossible. But sometimes, despite doing all this, you still don't reach anywhere close to your hair goal. Now, genetics can play a big role in hair growth along with other factors like environmental and lifestyle changes. However, other than these, it could also be because you're not following the basic tips that can stimulate healthy hair growth. For the uninitiated, there are a few simple hair growth tips and tricks that can come to your rescue, along with your home remedies and hair care products. Today, we're going to share those tips with you and show you how to grow hair faster. But before jumping to that, let's understand the various stages of hair growth.

The Four Hair Growth Stages

Your hair goes through a complex growth process, just like your skin, nails and other parts of your body. Hence, it's important to understand these hair growth stages to pamper your hair better. Let's look at the four hair growth stages:

1. Anagen - The Growing Phase:

During this phase, your hair grows actively and continuously. In fact, all of the hair on your body goes through the anagen phase, although the duration of this phase varies depending on the location of the hair on your body. Your scalp hair grows for two to six years before it reaches the end of this phase. Due to this variation, the hair on your scalp grows much longer than that on other parts of your body.

2. Catagen - The Regression Phase:

In this phase, each hair strand goes through a transition phase where it actively stops growing and the hair follicles also shrink slightly. This phase lasts for a lesser time than the anagen phase, i.e., two to three weeks. In the catagen period of hair growth, the cycle involves the formation of a club hair, which is a hair shaft that's detached chiefly from the blood supply of the hair follicle.

3. Telogen - The Resting Phase:

This is the resting phase for your hair follicles. There is no ongoing hair growth during this phase as your hair shaft remains in a resting state. Just like the anagen phase, the telogen phase also varies in duration. Most of the hair on your body has a shorter telogen phase that lasts a few weeks, whereas hair on the scalp continues to be in this phase for up to a year.

4. Exogen - The Shedding Phase:

Once there's new hair growth from the hair follicles, the old ones enter into the exogen phase, where they shed. During this phase, the hair fibre detaches itself from your scalp and falls out. Hence, it is normal to shed about 50-100 hair daily through this phase, as each hair strand is replaced by a new one that grows from the same follicle.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

If you've been questioning how to increase hair growth, we're here to give you some easy tips that you can follow in the comfort of your home.

1. Indulge in Scalp Massage:

If you keep spending all your time and effort buying hair care products and not doing what's necessary, none of the products will work. To make your hair care routine more efficient, you need to bring back the good old practice of massaging your scalp, a tip that our grandmothers and mothers swear by. Even research says that a scalp massage regulates your stress hormones, blood pressure as well as heart rate, and boosts hair growth. One of the simplest hair growth tips is to give yourself a scalp massage, twice a week, with a nutrient-rich hair oil like coconut oil or almond oil. Massaging your scalp can increase blood flow that strengthens your hair roots and helps nutrients reach the hair follicles faster. Make sure you limit the scalp massage to once a week if you have oily roots.

2. Eat the Right Foods:

If you wish to achieve long, lustrous hair strands, it's important to take care of what you eat throughout the day. Introduce foods like nuts, beans, whole grains, fish, etc., to your daily diet. All of these foods promote quicker hair growth. Maintaining a high-protein diet is one of the best hair growth tips that you can follow. Along with proteins, vitamins like A, C and E, minerals like zinc and iron and omega-3 fatty acids are also responsible for giving you healthy hair.

3. Get Regular Trims:

Are you wondering how to make hair grow faster? Start making frequent hair trimming appointments at the salon. Haircuts make you get rid of split ends that tend to break your hair. When you eliminate the breakage, it makes way for healthier and fuller hair. If you go longer without hair trimming, the split ends can cause hair damage, which ultimately leads to your hair losing its length, shine and volume.

4. Avoid Excess Heat Styling:

You might have heard this a lot - over-styling your hair will damage your hair. It's all true. Using heat styling equipment on your hair daily can potentially damage your hair, which leads to breakage and frizz. If you have to use heat on your hair, always protect them by using a heat protectant spray and decrease the temperature on your heat styling tool.

5. Stop Over-Shampooing:

Shampooing your hair 2-3 times a week will let the natural oils penetrate your hair, in turn allowing it to hydrate and repair itself. But when you shampoo your hair every single day, it damages your hair strands and makes them dehydrated. It's even worse when you use shampoos that contain sulphate. If you wish to indulge in hair growth and achieve fuller and thicker hair, choose a shampoo that is thickening and volumizing, along with being natural or chemical-free.

6. Don't Brush Your Wet Hair Harshly:

When your hair is wet, it becomes susceptible to breakage. Water exposure is responsible for swelling and stretching your hair's shaft which causes your hair to break very easily. So if you wish to know how to grow hair faster, first pay attention to avoiding more breakage. If you have to detangle wet hair, towel-dry it first to avoid longer drips and apply a leave-in conditioner from the roots to the ends. Use a gentle wide-toothed comb and detangle your wet hair, in smaller sections, without adding any pressure.

7. Use a Silk or Satin Pillowcase:

One of the most effective hair growth tips is to invest in a silk pillowcase and change it every week. A silk or satin hair cover or pillowcase helps your hair stay frizz-free and reduces breakage much more than a cotton pillowcase. The latter tends to absorb all the moisture from your hair strands that tangle your hair and cause breakage.

8. Check Your Medication:

Some commonly prescribed medicines can also be responsible for slowing down your hair growth. These include antihypertensives, cholesterol or statins, hormone replacements like birth control, testosterone, thyroid and certain antidepressants, etc. To be cautious, always discuss the side effects of such medication with your doctor before starting or stopping them. Also, never take any medication that you found on the internet or was suggested by a friend. It's better to be safe than sorry!

How Can Pure Sense Products Help With Hair Growth?

At Pure Sense, we have two combos to offer that include hair cleansers and hair conditioners. These products are completely made with natural ingredients that are intricately sourced from nature and don't harm your hair or skin in any way. Further, our products are free of sulphates, parabens, and carcinogens, cruelty-free and suitable for all hair types. Let's look at the hair care combo packs that Pure Sense has to offer:

1. Grapefruit Revitalising Hair Care Combo:

This combo comes with Grapefruit Revitalising Hair Cleanser & Hair Conditioner. - The hair cleanser gently removes impurities from your hair and combats excess oil production in your scalp without damaging your hair follicles or the quality of your hair. - The hair conditioner forms a protective layer around each strand and makes your hair look smoother, shinier and bouncier. The hero ingredient, grapefruit, in both these products is rich in vitamin C which promotes hair growth. Its antioxidant properties help strengthen the connective tissues within your hair follicles. Not just that, this ingredient even fights bacteria on your scalp.

2. Macadamia Deep Nourish Hair Care Combo:

The Deep Nourish Hair Care Combo is encased with a Macadamia-infused hair cleanser and hair conditioner. 

- The hair cleanser is enriched with the goodness of macadamia nut oil that not only cleanses your hair gently but also nourishes the scalp while leaving your hair frizz-free.

- The hair conditioner is loaded with vitamins and minerals that soften your hair and add much-needed shine to them. The hero ingredient, macadamia nut oil, contains magnesium, sodium, iron, copper and phosphorus, which help in hair growth. The fatty acids present in this natural ingredient are beneficial for your hair due to their nutrient composition.


You should know that there is no magical potion or trick for instant hair growth, but if you take steps to boost the health of your hair, it will definitely make a difference. The above-mentioned tips to grow hair faster are some of the most basic ones that every individual must follow in order to achieve the happy and healthy hair of their dreams. Also read articles such as How To Make Hair Thick, Treatment For Damaged Hair to get silky, luscious and healthy hair.


  • Is it possible for hair to grow two inches in two months?

Very realistically, your hair grows only half an inch in a month, which means your hair will grow just six inches longer in the entire year. So, in two months, you can't expect your hair to grow two inches, even if you use hair care treatments and hair growth tips. You have to be patient and consistent with hair care for your hair to grow longer each month. That's the only way.

  • How can I grow my hair faster naturally at home?

All the above-mentioned tips are beneficial for natural hair growth. All you have to do is make sure that you put the time and effort into practising those hair growth tips, which will result in faster hair growth naturally.

  • Which oil grows hair faster?

|Argan oil is called 'liquid gold' for a reason. Firstly, it has a deep golden colour, which is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and fatty acids. Second, it's healthy for your hair and one of the best oils for faster hair growth. So, if you wish to buy a hair oil that can help with rapid hair growth, argan oil is your best bet.