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7 Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Taking care of dry skin can be problematic especially in the winter when our skin tends to become drier. Here is how to take care of dry skin.

We all have different skin types that can vary from normal skin, oily skin, dry skin to combination skin type. Different skin types require different skincare routines. Today, we will be talking about dry skin and how to take care of it. As the winter approaches and the air becomes dry, dry skin can start to irritate and cause more problems than usual. However, you can follow these skin care tips for dry skin to treat your skin and protect it from the harsh winter. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best dry skin care tips and how to incorporate them into your daily skincare for dry skin.

7 Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

These are some of the skin care tips for dry skin that you should take note of this winter. 

1. Makeup Remover

While choosing a makeup remover might not seem like a task requiring a lot of attention, it can also cause dryness. Makeup remover with astringents and alcohol can irritate your skin and cause dryness and redness. You should instead use micellar water or cleansing balms to avoid any complications. 

2. Choosing Cleanser

The cleanser is the first step of any skincare routine. It is vital to choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. For instance, chemical-based cleansers can strip natural oil from your skin, making it dryer and irritated. Instead, you should use a nourishing formula-based cleanser such as Pure Sense Grapefruit Revitalising Face Cleansing Gel that will gently cleanse your skin and nourish it with vitamin C. 

3. Exfoliation

You should not forget about exfoliation even if you have dry skin. Exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells from your face which makes it look dull and dry. If you have dry skin, you should only exfoliate once a week, using a soft and natural exfoliator. 

4. Applying Hydrating Masks

Hydrating masks are an excellent way to engulf your face with hydrating agents and boost the natural moisture of your skin. Moreover, these hydrating masks are more efficient than normal moisturisers and can be a great remedy for quick relief from dryness. 

5. Long-Lasting Moisturiser

Moisturisers are also a vital part of any skincare routine and should be used depending on the skin type. For instance, if you have oily skin, you should not use oil-based moisturisers. On the other hand, oil-based moisturisers work well for dry skin as they can trap the skin moisture inside and keep your skin nourished for a longer period.

6. Hydrating Serum

Hydrating serums are designed to penetrate your skin cells and hydrate them from within. A hydrating serum works best during the night when you can let the serum be absorbed by your skin throughout the night. Apart from treating dryness, a serum can also repair your skin cells and prevent premature ageing. 

7. Overnight Sleeping Mask

Overnight sleeping masks are also a lifesaver if you have dry skin. You can apply the mask before sleeping and let it work its magic throughout the night to wake up to fresh and moisturised skin. Remember to choose only natural sleeping masks as chemical-based products can worsen your skin condition. 

If you are looking for an overnight sleeping mask for your dry skin, you can try, Pure Sense Hydrating Sleeping Mask, which is enriched with cucumber extract and aloe vera to hydrate your skin immensely while you sleep. 


Taking care of dry skin can be a problem, especially during winter when the body heat makes our skin even drier. Moreover, the hot showers strip off the essential oil from our skin, causing even more trouble. However, luckily you can follow these skin care tips for dry skin to treat your dry skin and avoid any irritation or problem. It is important to note that skin dryness can also be caused because of some underlying medical condition. If the problem persists, please contact a skin specialist.