5 Skincare Hacks That Actually Work

5 Skincare Hacks That Actually Work

An essential thing  about skin care is developing a skincare routine for AM and PM and follow it regularly to avoid skin problems. However, sometimes these routines seem to be ineffective or may not be able to tackle a temporary problem you are currently facing. Here’s where skin care hacks come in. 

Using beauty hacks for skin can help add that extra wow factor to your skin or simply target a temporary problem such as acne. Today, we will be taking a look at some natural beauty hacks you can follow. 

1. Skipping The Facial Cleanser In the Morning

We know even thinking about this type of skin care hack sounds scary. But if you have dry or dehydrated skin, you can skip the morning cleansing, especially if you did it  the previous evening. As during the night, it is unlikely for your face to become dusty or oily (if you have dry skin), you can swipe your facial cleanser with micellar water. 

2. Double Cleansing

One of the most important skincare beauty tips is to use the right facial cleanser and cleanse your face gently. However, you can also try double cleansing as one of the beauty hacks for skin. Double Cleansing involves a gel-based and oil-based cleanser that cleanses excess oil and dirt stored in your skin pores respectively. 

For the gel-based cleanser you can try Pure Sense’s Energise Grapefruit Revitalising Face Cleansing Gel to naturally and gently cleanse your skin. Moreover, as this face cleanser is enriched with vitamin C, it will help in treating and preventing various skin problems. 

3. Apply Facial Oil Over Moisturiser

This skin care hack might be one of the most uncommon hacks you have heard about. But applying facial oil over moisturiser instead of before the moisturiser can be better as it will allow the products to get absorbed into your skin. On the contrary, when you apply oil before moisturiser and serum, it stops these products from absorbing into the skin. 

4. Measure Your Sunscreen In Fingers

One of the most creative beauty hacks for skin we have come across so far is to measure the sunscreen on your fingers. We often use too much or too little sunscreen, but this skincare beauty tip can ensure using the right amount of sunscreen every time. Use two fingers to measure your sunscreen to have the optimal amount of sunscreen every time. 

5. Massaging Your Skin While Applying Products

While applying your skin care products, always remember to massage them in your skin gently with the help of slow, gentle and upward strokes. This method will help in improving the absorption of the products and will ultimately result in better skin health. 

These are some of the best natural beauty hacks that surprisingly work really well. Make sure to use these tips in your skincare routine next time to have glowing and flawless skin.