Effective Home Remedies for Dry, Chapped and Cracked Lips

Effective Home Remedies for Dry, Chapped and Cracked Lips

Are you looking for home remedies to take care of your dry, chapped or cracked lips? Well, then you have come to the right place! Here are some effective home remedies to have healthy lips!

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Sun damage, dehydration, and cosmetic products - there could be several reasons for dry, chapped and cracked lips other than just the weather. But dry lips solution at home is fairly simple! Indulging in lip care. Now you must be wondering, how can you get rid of dry lips? Some of the easiest methods to try are home remedies for dry lips, which you can do from the comfort of your home. We're here to tell you all about it.

    How to Get Rid of Dry Lips At Home?

    The skin on your lips is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. Also, the fact that lips don't have oil glands is why you're supposed to take good care of them regularly. Dehydration is another reason for dry and chapped lips. But keeping yourself hydrated isn't the only solution to fix this issue. There are various dry lips treatment home remedies that can help you repair your cracked and chapped lips. All you have to do is take out some time for lip care and use any of these natural remedies for dry lips to achieve healthy and plump lips.

    Home Remedies for Dry Lips

    1. Cucumber Massage:

    Take four to five slices of fresh cucumber and press each slice gently on your dry and chapped lips. Let it stay for ten minutes for the cucumber juice to work its magic on your lips and then rinse or wipe it off. This is one of the easiest and quickest dry lips treatment home remedies that you can use twice a day. Cucumber has healing compounds that help your lips stay hydrated and moisturised.

    2. Honey and Petroleum Jelly Lip Mask:

    Dab a tad bit of honey on your fingertips and apply it to your dry lips. Now, take as much petroleum jelly and layer it over honey. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and then gently wipe it off with a washcloth. You can use this home remedy once every day without worrying about the side effects because it has none. Honey contains antibacterial properties so it speeds up the process of healing. Petroleum jelly, on the other hand, softens and nourishes your cracked and chapped lips. So if you're wondering how to get rid of dry lips naturally, this dry lips treatment home remedy sounds like a great one for you to try

    3. Rose Petals and Raw Milk Lip Mask:

    Soak five to six fresh rose petals in a quarter cup of raw milk for about two to three hours. Once it's nicely soaked, mash it into a smooth paste. Apply this paste and let it rest for about 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water later and pat your lips dry. This is one of the most efficient dry lips treatment home remedies that you can use once every day for a week to see excellent results. Rose petals are loaded with vitamin E and dominate anti-ageing effects that leave your lips plump and young-looking. As you may already know, raw milk can effectively nourish the soft and sensitive skin on your lips by providing it with essential vitamins, minerals and fats.

    Vitamin E isn't beneficial solely for its anti-ageing properties, it also works amazingly for dry skin. If you don't have enough time to do this home remedy or simply are not in the mood, here's an easier way to include vitamin E in your lip care routine - the Pure Sense Macadamia Nourishing Lip Balm.. Formulated with natural ingredients like macadamia nut oil, castor oil, almond oil and beeswax, this chemical-free and cruelty-free lip balm is sure to be your saviour for dry and chapped lips. Macadamia nut oil is rich in vitamin E that assists in the cell regeneration of chapped lips while softening and moisturising your lips. Almond oil keeps the skin on your lips healthy, and castor oil works on removing discolouration of your lips. Lastly, beeswax soothes and moisturises your lips and prevents them from chapping.

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    4. Honey, Brown Sugar and Olive Oil Lip Scrub:

    In a bowl, add a teaspoon of brown sugar, half a teaspoon of raw honey and four to five drops of olive oil. Mix them well to make a thick paste. Make sure the sugar doesn't entirely dissolve in the honey, the mixture should have a granulated consistency. Gently scrub your lips with this mixture to remove dead skin cells and then wash it off with cold water. If you're someone who deals with cracked and sore lips daily, this is one of the best dry lips treatment home remedies for sore lips that will work wonders for you. As honey has antibacterial properties, it helps heal cracked and sore lips. Olive oil softens the dry skin on your lips, while brown sugar improves blood circulation when you scrub your lips with it. Use this home remedy every alternate day for smooth and supple lips. However, do not over-exfoliate as the skin on your lips is sensitive.

    5. Aloe Vera Gel Overlight Lip Mask:

    Slice a fresh aloe vera leaf sideways and squeeze out the gel in a container. Apply this gel directly onto your lips before bedtime each night. You can keep this gel overnight and wash it off in the morning. If you've been thinking about how to cure chapped lips at home, aloe vera gel is the safest and best for you to use every single day. This is because aloe vera can hydrate the sensitive skin on your lips and treat inflammation caused by cracks on your lips. It works well on dry skin as it has moisturising and soothing effects.

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    Nobody likes to have lips that are constantly drying, flaking and cracking. It's your job to provide your body with the care it needs. In this case, invest your time and effort into lip care and see how beautiful and attractive your lips start to look once you fix the issue. That said, if you desire to start with lip care, trust Pure Sense to bring you natural products that not only nourish and moisturise your lips but also give them a fresh and rosy look. Explore our blog section to read more about topics such as dry lips causes, lip care routine, dry lips treatment to get beautiful, smooth, and healthier lips.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • What causes dry lips?

    Typically, environmental exposures can lead to irritation on the skin of your lips. Apart from this, licking your lips frequently, eating spicy foods, and medication like cholesterol-lowering agents can also cause drying of the lips. Dry weather and sun damage can be big contributors to dry lips as well. To protect your lips, you can try one of the above-mentioned home remedies for dry lips to fix the issue. Talking about sun damage, you can also try investing in a lip balm that focuses on UV protection.

    The Pure Sense Grapefruit UV Protection Lip Balm will serve as a zesty treat for your lips. This grapefruit-infused lip balm offers natural sun protection and heals chapped lips quite well. The unique blend contains exotic oils and is packed with essential vitamins to moisturise lips. This chemical-free and cruelty-free lip balm is sure to become your go-to product to save your lips from constant sun damage

    • Does coconut oil work well for lips?

    For the best dry lips treatment home remedies, you can try any of the above-mentioned ingredients and methods. For a simpler solution, you can dab some coconut oil on your dry and chapped lips. The lauric acid in coconut oil nourishes the dry skin on your lips. As this oil gets absorbed in your skin quickly, it provides moisture and heals the flaky skin on your lips.

    • Why are my lips dry even after drinking a lot of water?

    Low stomach acid, diet, hydration and internal imbalances can cause dry lips. If your lips are dry even when you hydrate yourself well, it could be a sign of problems in the digestive tract. Your body pulls water from other parts of the body to hydrate the cells when you're dehydrated. Consulting a doctor would be your safest option in this case. You can also try moisturising your lips using home remedies or changing your diet to a healthier one will help.