How to remove face tan

How to remove tan?

Sun and pollution are making our skin dull and tanned which may seem like a daunting task to get rid of. However, you may rest easy knowing that it is very uncomplicated to remove tan from the face...
 How to get pink lips

How to get pink lips naturally?

How often do you use lipstick to hide discolouration on your lips? The great news is that you can now have naturally pink and moisturised lips. This post will explain how to make lips pink naturall...
How to treat open pores?

How do you close open pores by following home remedies?

Be it open pores in the face, legs, or arms - our body is completely covered with these tiny holes everywhere. Even though there is no full-proof way of closing these pores, you can make them appea...
How to age youthfully

Here’s the Best Anti-ageing Skincare Routine to help you Age Youthfully

 Due to the constant exposure to the sun and environmental stimuli, our skin starts ageing prematurely. We start developing wrinkles and fine lines that make us appear older than we are. However, l...
How to take care of skin in summer

What are the best skincare products to use in summer?

Summer is here, and so is the oily skin! Are you already tired of having that excess oil on your skin like us? Well, we have the perfect skincare routine and products that you can use in summer for...
How to smell good all day

How to smell good all day?

Who doesn't like to smell good? The fresh fragrance of your favourite body shower or the slight hint of your favourite perfume is good to make you feel fresh and relaxed throughout the day. However...
Ways to protect hair from chlorine water

Tips to Protect Hair from Chlorine water

Going for a swim means you are simply compromising the health of your hair as there is the presence of Chlorine in the pool. But if you are not ready to settle down, here are a few tips that you ca...
How to reduce heat rash?

Ways to protect your skin from heat rashes in summer

Heat rashes are a common but non-threatening skin ailment. They are easy to identify, avoid, and treat. This article will answer any question you might have about this condition and guide you to ke...
Is sun good for hair?

How to Protect Your Hair in the Summer Sun

The summer sun is harsh on your hair, and unfortunately, you cannot completely avoid it. Read this article to find out some measures to save from sun damage to hair and treat sun-damaged hair.