Tips to get rid of dark circles

Tips to get rid of dark circles and achieve a radiant look

Have you got people around you judging the dark circles under your eyes? It's time to turn the tables and make them speechless. Dark circles are one of the common problems that people of all ages and genders face, and it can be frustrating. Is there a way you can treat dark circles efficiently? Yes! That is what we'll discuss here in detail. 

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how to remove dark circles

Who doesn't want glowing, radiant and healthy skin? But all that we achieve is, rough skin with dark circles! It takes away our sleep and hampers our personality. Well, the good news is that these deadly dark circles can be cured just by following some homemade recipes! 

Isn't it breathtaking news? I know, you are not the only one facing this issue, but most of us do. So far, one of the most common things we all have done is blame lack of sleep for the dark circles, right? But is the lack of sleep the only reason behind getting dark circles? 

Nope! You would be amazed to figure out plenty of other reasons behind these creepy black circles under the eyes. 

Here we'll discuss the reasons for having dark circles, and also the dark circle's treatment in detail. So stay tuned guys! 

What are Dark Circles?

Before you get to the root cause of dark circles treatment, you need to understand what they actually are. Dark circles are a uniform, circular darkening of the skin around or under the eyes and can affect people of all ages. 

However, based on skin type, it can be different for different people in terms of complexion. 

What are the causes of Dark Circles under the eyes?

Before looking for ways to prevent dark circles, it is essential to understand the reasons behind them happening. Wondering what the causes of dark circles are? Here are some reasons you must know: 

  • Lack of sleep- The first factor that comes to our minds when talking about the causes of dark circles is lack of sleep. Yes, staying up late at night and scrolling through your phone will definitely not do any good to you or to your eyes. It strains your eyes, which becomes the most common cause of dark circles. 
causes of dark circles

Not drinking enough water

Poor water intake is another reason behind the causes of dark circles.

When your body remains dehydrated, it causes the skin to dry, which leads to creating dark circles. Water helps in flushing out the toxins, and an inadequate amount of water will not allow your body to function correctly, thus leading to dark circles. 

Genetic makeup

Sometimes, the reason behind the cause of dark circles can be genetic too. If either of your parents has dark circles, you may be more susceptible to them. Natural ageing is also a common reason for dark circles. 

Dietary Intake

Not eating healthy or not consuming nutritional foods like salads and green vegetables will harm your health and your skin. And because the skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your body, any nutritional deficits show up as dark circles.

Best Dark Circles Treatment at home

Are you looking to figure out ways how to remove dark circles? The skin around the eyes is sensitive and the thinnest, so opting for more natural remedies is the best option. So, here are some best DIY dark circles removal ideas that are not only easy to follow but also less time-consuming:

  • Use Potato 

    dark circles under eyes


  • A few Potatoes


  • Take and grate some potatoes
  • Now,  extract the juice and apply it to your eyes 
  • You can also place a slice of potato for dark circles under the eyes
  • Then leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with water 

Additionally, you can also use a Hydrating Sleeping Mask from Pure Sense. It comes with the goodness of cucumber and aloe vera that helps in holding moisture in skin cells and treats dull skin, leaving glowing and radiant skin. So massage it gently under your eyes and leave it overnight. The best thing is that it suits all skin types. 

Hydrating Sleeping Mask
  • Argan Oil

    dark circles treatment


  • Argan Oil


  • Take a few drops of argan oil
  • Using your fingertip, massage gently under your eyes for a few minutes 
  • Leave it overnight and wash your face the following day. However, make sure to use an appropriate face wash. You can try the Rejuvenating Grapefruit Revitalising Face Cleansing Gel from Pure Sense. 

It is made with organic ingredients and has no parabens and sulphates. It gives a deep and gentle cleansing, which helps in transforming dull complexion, leaving skin beautiful and healthy. 

Grapefruit Face Wash


  • Cold Milk


  • Cold Milk
  • Cotton Ball


  • Take some cold milk into a bowl 
  • Dip the cotton ball  into the bowl of cold milk and then apply it to the area 
  • Leave it for a while, and then rinse it off with cold water. For better results, you can apply a great moisturiser after the process. You can try the Macadamia Renewing Night Cream from Pure Sense. 
Macadamia Night Cream

It is blended with exotic oils, made with pure ingredients and has a relaxing fragrance. It improves skin elasticity and smoothens the skin. The best thing is that it is suitable for all skin types.  


No doubt, there are many dark circles treatments available these days, but finding the right solution is the key. And sometimes, even after trying hard, you may fail to get the desired results. 

It may happen because of your skin texture or paying less attention. So the best thing you can do is to opt for an expert as they will help you with your dark circles and help you learn more about your skin type.  

Frequently Asked Questions on Dark Circles Tips and Remedies

  • How to remove dark circles?

    When talking about dark circles, the most common question asked is how to remove dark circles? And the best thing to do is to opt for natural remedies and products that are free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients. 

    Also, you must check and change your lifestyle by following some tips such as- 

    • Getting enough sleep
    • Avoiding smoking
    • Doing regular exercise
    • Drinking enough water
    • Limiting intake of alcohol
    • Preventing pollution and sun exposure for dark circles removal 

  • Are Dark Circles under Eyes permanent?

    Wondering whether the dark circles under the eyes are temporary or permanent? In actuality, they are neither permanent nor irreversible. 

    It means they can be reduced by following the best skincare regimen, keeping yourself hydrated and taking good quality sleep. Besides, an excellent dark circles removal method is to regularly use moisturiser. 

  • What are the causes of dark circles?

    There are many reasons for dark circles under the eyes. Some of them include- 

    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Overexposure to sunlight
    • Allergies
    • Lack of sleep
    • Thinning skin under the eyes
    • Bad eating habits
    • Poor water intake and much more. 

    So just looking for dark circles removal methods is not enough when you actually want to get rid of dark circles. Make sure you go through the causes, too, to better understand how they can affect your skin.