An Easy AM And PM Skincare Routine Guide For Combination Skin

An Easy AM And PM Skincare Routine Guide For Combination Skin

Combination skin type requires special attention as one skin type based skin care routine might not produce effective results. Here is an easy and effective AM and PM skincare routine that you can follow! 

Every person has a different skin type. And of all skin types, combination skin is the hardest to please. Before we begin to tell you all about the skincare routine that you need to follow for combination skin, let us tell you what combination skin actually means. For the uninitiated, a combination skin type is basically a combination of two main skin types - oily and dry. It is characterized by oily skin on the T-zone i.e. the forehead, nose and chin, and dry skin on the rest of the face like the cheeks and the jawline. Now that you know what combination skin is all about, it's crucial to know the kind of skincare products to pick to keep your skin healthy at all times. It’s equally essential to follow a routine that is tailored as per your skin type. Today, we're going to give you a proper insight into the skincare routine for combination skin that you can follow in the morning and at night.

    Morning Skincare Routine

    Step 1: Cleanser

    Start each morning with a gentle cleanser that can help you get rid of any buildup on your face, from the night before. It's important to remove dirt, grime and other impurities to form a clean canvas for the skincare steps that follow.

    Step 2: Toner

    A toner helps remove excess oil from your skin and balance your skin's pH levels. Basically, it evens out your skin tone. Make sure you choose a toner that is alcohol-free so that it doesn't damage your combination skin in any way.

    Step 3: Serum

    Use a face serum right after to treat, hydrate and protect your skin. Focus on what your skin needs the most and invest in a serum that targets the specific areas and concerns.

    Step 4: Moisturiser

    Next comes the product that locks in all the moisture into your skin. But since you're dealing with combination skin, pick a creamy formula for dry areas on your skin and a lightweight or water-based one for the oily sections.

    Step 5: Sunscreen

    Always wear sun protection no matter what the weather. In the case of combination skin, choose a lightweight formula with SPF 30.

    Night-time Skincare Routine

    Step 1: Makeup Remover

    It is very vital for you to remove the day's makeup using a makeup remover. It helps unclog your pores and clean your skin of impurities. Make sure to use the one that is gentle on your skin and not alcohol-based.

    Step 2: Cleanser

    Follow it up with a night-time cleanser that can further remove any makeup remnants and natural buildup. Your cleanser shouldn't dry out your skin entirely so choose a formula that's suitable for a combination skin type.

    Step 3: Exfoliant

    Although this step is done once a week, it is definitely something that needs to be mentioned. A face exfoliator or scrub removes dead skin cells, unclogs your pores and relieves the dry areas on your skin.

    Step 4: Face Mask

    This is another weekly step for a night skincare routine for combination skin that is quite important. Try multi-masking as it can effectively target different areas of your face with different kinds of masks. Pick the one that suits your skin issue. For example, you can pick a clay or charcoal mask as it suits combination skin. Both clay and charcoal have the ability to absorb excess oil from your skin's surface and gently draws out any dirt from the clogged pores.

    Step 5: Serum and Spot Treatment

    Night-time skincare routine is important for treating your skin in case of acne, pimples, dark spots, whiteheads or blackheads. Since spot treatment needs time to work on your skin, leaving it overnight will be a good idea for the products to do their job. The serum helps hydrate your skin in general.

    Step 6: Moisturiser

    Finish your night-time skincare routine for combination skin with a moisturiser to lock in all the goodness of the above-mentioned products and help your skin stay moisturised through the night.

    Natural Skincare Routine With Pure Sense

    At Pure Sense, we have curated a range of products that are completely organic, which means you will find here all the things that are good for your skin! Our products are free of sulphates, parabens and carcinogens, cruelty-free and earth-friendly. The entire skincare range at Pure Sense is suitable for all skin types, but we're going to suggest products that you can start including in your natural skincare routine for combination skin. We understand that it can get difficult and confusing to know which product would work better for you. Hence, we're here to help you out.

    1. Grapefruit Revitalising 3-in-1 Face Mask, Scrub & Cleanser:

    Enriched with the goodness of vitamin C-rich grapefruit, this unique 3-in-1 formula works extremely well to brighten your skin and revive it. This skincare product can be used as a face mask, scrub and cleanser and helps gently exfoliate dead skin cells, clean pores, and prevent breakouts. 

    2. Macadamia Reviving Face Serum:

    This face serum is blended with exotic oils that help boost collagen and restore youthful radiance. Formulated with macadamia nut oil, this face serum improves skin elasticity, smoothes your skin and leaves behind a relaxing fragrance that calms your senses.

    3. Night-time Skincare Bundle:

    For your night-time skincare routine for combination skin, you can rely on this luxurious nightly skincare bundle that consists of a face cleansing gel, a face serum and a night cream. The Grapefruit Revitalizing Face Cleansing Gel focuses on gently cleansing your skin as well as brightening it. The Macadamia Skin Reviving Face Serum is responsible for fighting expression lines and dullness. Lastly, the Macadamia Renewing Night Cream replenishes your skin and keeps all the moisture locked in through the night.


    When it comes to forming a good combination skincare routine, there is no ‚Äòone-size-fits-all' solution. The skin's needs are different for each person. So, focus on finding the best skincare routine for combination skin that suits you the most and commit to it. Also our articles such as What Is Combination SkinHow To Take Care Of Combination Skin & Home Remedies For Combination Skin will help you taking care of combination skin type.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Which products are good for combination skin?

    Skincare products that are water-based and lightweight are better for your T-zone, forehead, nose and chin because it's usually oily. As far as the dry areas of your face like the cheeks and the jawline are concerned, it's better to go for products that are creamier in order to keep those areas hydrated at all times. But make sure you strictly limit the creamier products to only the dry patches on your face otherwise they could clog your pores on the T-zone.

    2. Which products should be avoided by combination skin?

    People with combination skin should avoid oil-based products, as they have a tendency to clog pores that cause breakouts. Limit your use to gel-based products instead of oil-based ones, especially on your T-zone when it comes to your daily skincare routine for combination skin.

    3. How do you moisturise combination skin?

    As mentioned earlier, you'll need to choose two different moisturisers to hydrate your combination skin. While a creamy formula suits the dry areas of your face, invest in a lightweight and water-based moisturiser for the oily parts. The light products won't weigh down the oily patches on your face.