How To Take Care Of Long Hair?

Many of us fantasise about keeping long hair but do not know how to take care of or maintain them. Here we have tried to discuss the basics when it comes to taking care of long hair, and most of these tips are very easy and can be done at your home only.

Long hair is a dream for most of us; however, the one question that keeps hovering around our minds is how to maintain long hair. Being a highly complex question for many, very few seem to have cracked this code. 

While others find this question to be in a frivolous zone, most of us do not know which steps to follow to ensure that our hair looks healthy and, at the same time, the growth is maintained. 

It would not be wrong to say that the hair care tips for long hair are a bit different for each person; however, the basics remain quite the same. It would not be an exaggeration to say that long hair does need some amount of maintenance if you want your hair to be healthy and look good in the longer run. Remember that taking care of your hair is more than just oiling or shampoo hence having sound knowledge in this domain is actually helpful. 

How To Maintain Long Hair?

It is essential to first understand how to maintain long hair so that when we talk about a long hair care routine, it becomes easier for you as there are usually a lot of things that you can do, and most of these will have good outcomes as well if you can maintain the routine. 

It is imperative to understand that hair is not only what we see outside; it is linked to our food and water intake. Maintaining long hair in a highly polluted place can be very tricky, and hence it is essential to understand that there are segregated roles that every factor plays when it comes to taking care of your hair. 

When it comes to long hair care, you have to remember that taking care of your hair every day is very important, and it is not only about using products from the market which will make sure that your hair looks good and nourished. 

On the other hand, it is usually the opposite which tends to work great on your hair, and there are some fantastic homemade hair care tips for long hair which will make sure that not only does your hair maintain growth, but it also is silky and shiny. 

For most of us, the topic of hair is susceptible, and we would do everything that will make our hair look good. The major problem is that most of us do not know what works best for our hair, and this is where we go wrong. 

Tips to Take Care of Long Hair

If you really want to know how to manage long hair, there are a few hair care tips for long hair that help you and ensure that your hair looks absolutely stunning. Remember that you do not need to spend a lot of money or even pay regular visits to the salon for any of these steps. 

An essential thing that you need to do when it comes to taking care of long hair is to ensure that you brush your hair at least twice daily. One of the significant reasons we suggest you brush your hair daily as a long hair care routine is that there is often a lot of tangled hair, and if you do not detangle them, it will lead to dirt accumulation. 

This will automatically impact the quality of your hair. Another crucial long hair care tip is eating good food and drinking plenty of water. The moment you consume oily or fried food daily, you will see that your hair will also begin to fall out. 

Not only that, a lack of hydration has a direct impact on your hair. When it comes to hair care for long hair, the process is not very difficult; however, you have to be consistent and ensure that your hair receives the nutrition it requires. 

Long Hair Care Routine That You Should Follow

When it comes to a long hair routine, the process is usually straightforward and basic as well. All you need to do is have a few simple products at your disposal so that you can take care of your hair very quickly.

  • Oil

The first thing you need to do when it comes to maintaining a routine for your long hair care is to find the perfect oil that can nourish your hair and ensure that the hair receives all kinds of essential nutrients. 

It is vital to understand that oil is like food to your hair, and without having a good quality hair oil, you will not be able to maintain your long hair. Moreover, depending on your lifestyle and health conditions, you must decide which type of hair oil should be chosen. As some people tend to trust coconut oil, others will prefer to go forth with almond oil. There are even great options like Hibiscus oil! 

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  • Shampoo and conditioner

 Remember that whenever you are shampooing your hair, you have to follow it with a conditioner. The conditioner will ensure that it seals all the nutrients inside your hair, and it can make your hair feel much smoother as well. Finding the right shampoo and conditioner is not very difficult, and it usually depends on hair quality. 

However, if you have a lot of dandruff, it is best to go for the medicated shampoos or conditioners, often referred to by the dermatologist. To be precise, you can prefer using a revitalising hair conditioner from Pure Sense that is free from all the chemicals and cruelty. Furthermore, it would keep your scalp fresh and moisturised as well. 

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  • Hair mask

 Sometimes, it is also crucial to apply a few hair masks that are rejuvenating for your hair. These could include simple home-based products like eggs, curd and a bit of hair oil. You can also go for a combination of apple cider vinegar and coconut oil mixed in equal parts. 

After applying it for some time, rinse it off with Deep nourishing hair shampoo and conditioner from Pure sense. Being free from Paraben, sulphate and other chemicals, this product will keep your hair nourished and retain its good health.

Taking care of long hair is not very difficult; however, you need to understand which is the perfect balance. It is suggested that sometimes you go to a hair spa because there are a few things which cannot be done by us and are best left for the professionals who master this domain of hair care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is The Best Way to Maintain Long Hair?

    Usually, there are many ways that you can adopt when it comes to maintaining long hair. However, the easiest and the most fruitful thing to do is to maintain a routine of regular oiling as well as using a combination of shampoo and conditioner.

    You need to maintain the routine every week and also ensure that you brush your hair at least twice every day. This will take care of all the hair tangles that develop while travelling or even when staying at home.

  • What Is The Best Hair Care Routine for Long Hair?

    Taking care of the hair may seem like a daunting task. But there are definitely tons of ways through which you can take care of your long hair.  Starting by washing your hair at least twice per week and letting it air dry naturally without depending on hair dryers or direct heat.

    There are usually ways in which you can take care of your long hair; however, doing the basics sometimes in the proper manner makes the most difference. Hence, try to wash your hair at least twice per week and let it air dry naturally without using any hair dryers or direct heat.

    Try to find the best combination of oil as well as shampoo and conditioner which works right for your hair, and in case there are any problems like the oily scalp or even dandruff, try to get medicated shampoo so that these problems do not persist and degrade the quality of your hair.

    However, for better results, you can opt for using a Deep nourishing hair cleanser and conditioner, which comes free from all chemicals. Furthermore, it removes impurities and combats excessive oil from the scalp making detangling easier.
  • What Are The Best Long Hair Care Tips?

    When it comes to long hair, some of the best tips that you can keep in mind are- combing your hair at least twice every week, avoiding using too much of chemical-based colours, using heat protection before applying direct heat, regular oiling as well as the right kind of shampoo and conditioner.