How to get rid of body itching?

How to get rid of an itching body after a bath?

Showers are supposed to be relaxing and act as your sanctuary after a tiring day or when preparing for a long day. However, for some of us, while the shower itself is a relaxing experience, what comes after can be a problem, to say the least. Many people tend to suffer from itching after a shower. Usually, the itchiness comes after a hot shower, but it can happen to anyone at any time for any reason.

If you feel embarrassed or frustrated, we are here to tell you it is very common and happens to several of us. We cannot even count how many times we have asked the question, “why does my body itch after bathing?” Well, we have found the reason and the remedy itself. 

body itching after bath

Causes & Reasons of body itching after bath?

There can be several reasons for skin itching after a bath. However, here are a few reasons that you must understand to avoid it from happening: 

Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common reasons for your skin to become itchy after a shower. As dry skin lacks moisture, it becomes more irritated after the shower as the cleansers, soaps, and water can remove the natural oils from your skin. 

Moreover, the hot water also reduces the moisture from your skin which intensifies the itchy feeling, which in extreme cases can lead to skin cracking or bleeding. The easiest way to avoid this from happening is to gently apply moisturiser all over your body immediately after patting your body dry.


Another common reason for your skin to become itchy after shower is because of eczema. Eczema happens due to skin inflammation, a chronic condition that causes the skin to become excessively dry and red. Eczema can be triggered after showering when your skin doesn’t have enough natural oil. Products with chemicals and artificial fragrances can also trigger skin itching after a bath.

Reaction to Skin Care Products

Another common reason for your skin to itch that people generally don’t realise is chemical-based skincare products. Most synthetic skincare products use artificial scents that trigger allergic reactions and skin conditions, making things worse for you.  

To avoid this condition from arising, use only 100% natural skincare and body care products from brands such as Pure Sense. You can try Grapefruit Body Cleansing Gel (Shower Gel) by Pure Sense, which is completely natural, toxin-free, artificial fragrance-free, chemical-free and cruelty-free. This cleanser gently cleanses your skin without making it dry or agitating it. 

The Grapefruit Body Cleansing Gel is made from grapefruit extracts and will help to restore the natural shine of your body while nourishing it every time you bathe. 

Grapefruit Body Cleansing Gel


Reaction to Laundry Products

Laundry products are generally formulated from hard chemicals that are necessary to clean your clothes. However, avoid using scented products as it is one of the leading triggers of eczema and allergy. Preferably do not use scented detergents for your towel as it will be directly transferred to your body when you rinse off. 

Home Remedies for body itching after bath

Now that we have a better understanding of what can cause your skin to itch after showering or bathing, let’s take a look at some of the easiest home remedies for itching after bathing. 

Applying Menthol

Applying menthol can be an excellent reliever as it has inflammatory properties that can help relieve pain and itching. Menthol is also known  to be effective in reducing general skin itching as well. Apply the oil to your skin twice a day for two weeks to see long-lasting results. Using menthol is an excellent home remedy for itching after a bath. 

Using Oatmeal

You can use colloidal oatmeal, which has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Oatmeal easily dissolves in the water and helps to nourish your skin. Mix the oatmeal in one bucket of water and use it for bathing. Then rinse it off using unadulterated water and follow your normal showering routine. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple Cider Vinegar is an excellent natural wound disinfectant and antiseptic solution and contains acetic acid. Apple cider vinegar has been used by various hair care and skincare products manufacturers as it helps to relieve itchiness from your body.

You can mix the solution in water and use it to take a bath to have instant relief from itchiness. However, as the Apple Cider Vinegar contains acetic acid, it can cause a burning sensation on open wounds, so avoid using it if you have any wounds or cracks. 

body itching after bath

These are a few of the most effective home remedies for itching after a bath. Here are a few additional tips that you can follow to avoid pesky itchiness: 

  • Try to keep your showers short and preferably use cold water instead of hot water
  • Shower only once per day as repeated exposure to skincare products and water can make your skin itchy
  • Do not use hot water as it tends to suck the moisture out of your body, making your skin even drier 
  • Do not use hard scrubs, sponges or washcloths as they will cut open dry skin 
  • When rinsing your body, pat dry your skin to avoid your skin rubbing against the towel
  • Use only natural products without artificial fragrances 
  • Keep your skin hydrated by using a humidifier

When to see a doctor

While following the above-mentioned tips can give you immediate relief, if your situation becomes worse and you are not able to find relief, you should consider seeing a doctor. In rare cases, the itching can be a nerve-related issue or a severe allergic reaction. Consulting your doctor will give you a clearer idea about the root cause of the problem. 

itching after bath


Itching after the shower is a problem several of us face. But luckily, if you are wondering how to stop itching after shower, you can do that by following these instructions and using home remedies, you can make your shower time as relaxing and soothing as it should be. 

FAQ on body itching after bath 

  • Is it normal if the body itches after shower?

    Yes, it is completely normal if your body itches after shower as it is caused due to skin dryness or eczema, which is very common. To avoid this from happening, use only natural products and avoid taking long and hot showers. 

  • What can I apply to my body to stop itching after a bath?

    You should use a natural fragrance-free moisturiser immediately after bathing to stop itching. Itching generally happens due to dry skin that becomes agitated during showers. 

  • How to stop itching after a shower instantly?

    To stop itching after shower instantly, use a good natural moisturiser, pat dry your body and keep yourself hydrated. Also, avoid using any fragrant-based products on your body as it might make your skin more agitated.