how to remove dandruff from eyebrows?

Eyebrow Dandruff: Causes & Solution for Dandruff in Eyebrow

Yes! Eyebrow dandruff is a real thing. Yes! There are ways to get rid of it. Read on to know all about how to treat dandruff in eyebrows. 

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Dandruff comes in all forms and shapes. Don't be alarmed if you are suffering from flaky eyebrows, as it is more common than you think. Several women suffer from dry skin in eyebrows, which is generally intensified during the winters and summers as our skin becomes drier. However, eyebrow dandruff is like normal dandruff and can be treated. 

If you're wondering how to remove dandruff from eyebrows, you should continue reading as we have curated the best home remedies for eyebrow dandruff for you. 

eyebrow dandruff

What is Eyebrow dandruff?

Eyebrow dandruff is a skin condition that may sound like a joke but is as real as hair dandruff. Thousands of women and men suffer from flaky eyebrows that cause dry skin to shed. It can look bad, especially if you have thicker eyebrows that can cause dandruff to stick to them. 

Eyebrow Dandruff is like itchy flakes on your head that come to haunt you from time to time. Medically, dandruff is termed Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, a form of eczema that is not limited to eyebrows or hair and can appear anywhere on your body. 

Dandruff generally occurs in the  areas rich in oil glands, which makes the  face a primary target. While there is no particular reason for dry skin in eyebrows, doctors believe it is an immune system response to yeast production on the skin cells. 

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What are the causes of Eyebrow dandruff?

There are several eyebrow dandruff causes, such as a chronic condition in adults that is also the same condition that causes cradle cap in babies. As a result, we tend to suffer from:

  • A Skin Rash
  • Greasy and Irritated Skin
  • Crusty and Whitish Scales

Moreover, a fungus, called Malassezia, in the oily skin glands also causes dandruff. This fungus is also responsible for problems such as eczema. The problems are heightened due to weather conditions or damaged skin that causes more itching, redness, irritation and inflammation. 

Several factors can trigger eyebrow dandruff. For instance, cold weather, dry air, irritating and chemical-based beauty  products, allergies, yeast buildup, etc., can cause the skin to break out and become flaky. Flaky eyebrows can sometimes also happen when you choose  chemical-laden face care products as they can react with your skin to cause an itchy, red rash and flaky skin.

One of the best solutions to eyebrow dandruff is to follow a good skincare routine with the first step being cleansing. When looking for a cleanser, always choose a natural product as chemicals can further irritate your skin instead of the intended use. 

We suggest you try Pure Sense, a 100% Natural brand that is paraben-free, carcinogens-free, sulphate-free, and toxins free. Pure Sense is an all-natural brand that offers a wide range of hair care, and skin care products. 

You can try Rejuvenating Grapefruit Revitalising Face Cleansing Gel (Face Wash) by Pure Sense, which offers a variety of benefits, including helping get rid of dandruff by gently exfoliating your skin to remove dry skin. The face cleansing gel is made from organic ingredients and rich in Vitamin C, which has several benefits for your skin. 


Grapefruit Face Cleansing Gel

Symptoms of Eyebrow dandruff?

Now that we know what eyebrow dandruff is, let's take a look at the common symptoms of the skin problem. While flakiness and dry skin patches usually indicate dandruff, there are several other symptoms as well that indicate eyebrow dandruff. 

  • Light yellow to white flakes on skin that sheds
  • Mild redness and irritated patches of skin on the eyebrows 
  • Mild or low itching
  • A rash in the eyebrows that is sensitive to touch
  • A scaly appearance of the eyebrows
  • An excessive amount of skin oil in the eyebrows

These are some of the symptoms that can accompany the general flaky skin that indicates dandruff. However, if you're not facing  any of these symptoms and still feel that you might have eyebrow dandruff, you can follow these precautions.

  • Moisturise the skin using a natural and mild moisturiser 
  • Use a mild shampoo that is free of sulphates and chemicals 
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water instead of hot water 
  • Using a humidifier during dry summers 
  • Use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage 
  • Avoid any allergens or skincare products that react with your skin
  • Avoid scratching and irritating the affected area 

However, if these precautions fail to deliver the desired results, we have a few home remedies for eyebrow dandruff that can work wonders. 

Home Remedies for Eyebrow Dandruff

Women had relied on home remedies for centuries before any beauty care manufacturer even existed. These home remedies utilise the prowess of natural plants and herbs found in nature by mixing them with each other to create a potent mask or paste. You can also treat eyebrow dandruff with the help of home remedies.

  • If you have a mild case of dandruff, you can use natural oils such as coconut, jojoba oil and avocado to moisturise the affected area and experience instant relief. 
  • You can also use tea tree oil as an essential oil because of its several medicinal properties. However, you must dilute the oil in a carrier oil and be careful to not let the oil drip into your eyes. 
get rid of eyebrow dandruff

Apart from the essential oils, you can also use fruit extracts with nourishing properties such as grapefruit, orange, lemon and dilute the pulp with a mixer such as buttermilk, rose water, etc. These fruits have plenty of vitamin C that helps  nourish the skin, and using them as a face pack will  moisturise your entire face. 


Eyebrow dandruff can be quite embarrassing and pesky to treat. However, by following a proper skincare regime and nourishing your skin regularly, you can avoid the skin issue. Also, in case you cannot avoid the skin problem, you can always follow the above precautions and home remedies to have smooth and healthy skin. 

FAQs on ways to treat Eyebrow Dandruff

  • Why is my eyebrow flaking?

    While there is no single definite cause for eyebrow dandruff, it can happen due to dryness in the skin, use of chemical-based products, secretion of excess oil, immune system response or due to allergy. To avoid such conditions, you should use natural products, avoid pollution and sun damage, and keep your skin moisturised. 

  • Can you treat eyebrow dandruff?

    Yes, eyebrow dandruff is similar to scalp dandruff and can be treated using home remedies such as coconut oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, etc. Also, using natural nourishing products such as Vitamin C can help to cleanse your skin from the inside out. 

  • How to remove dandruff from eyebrows fast?

    Eyebrow dandruff can be pesky like scalp dandruff and might require a daily procedure to completely eliminate. However, you can prevent it from happening by keeping your skin moisturised, using sunscreens, using lukewarm water, and doing other steps.