5 Myths About Exfoliation Of Skin You Need To Debunk, NOW.

5 Myths About Exfoliation Of Skin You Need To Debunk, NOW.

The nip you feel in the air during winters is indeed a wonderful experience during that time of the year. From the festive cheer to the endless holiday plans, it's always a merry season. While the winter breeze may feel great for your senses, it may not be the most suitable for your skin. Cold weather conditions make your body vulnerable to a number of diseases, viruses and bacteria, as well as a variety of skin problems. Just as winter approaches, you may notice dry spots, tightness and itchiness or even cracked feet and hands. While you may usually go for lotions, your skin needs something more to quench its thirst. Body Oil is the nourishing potion your skin needs during dry winters! Oils have been used since ancient times in skincare and are not just a great pick for massages but also for moisturising, tightening the skin and reducing stretch marks. Wondering how and why? It's ¬†because body oils are loaded with essential fatty acids that nourish your skin and create a protective barrier from pollutants and free radicals, thereby giving you a luminous, healthy skin. We should add more about how exactly that is done, doesn't really explain about the protective barrier. That's not all ‚ body oils offer the perfect way to relax your mind and improve your body's overall health. They enhance the quality of your skin by providing lasting moisture and absorb quickly and deeply into the skin. Made from a blend of essential oils, a body oil renders long lasting scent that soothes or awakens your senses. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or just soak in its therapeutic goodness, body oil is an ideal pick. Interesting, right? Before we dive deeper into its nourishing goodness, let's get a glimpse of what body oils are first! Body oils are smooth, thick and highly concentrated liquids that are usually clear in color and enhance the appearance and quality of skin. The best body oils are pure, organic, toxin-free and extracted from fruits and flowers to give your skin the best of nature. These body oils mimic natural lipids that are already present in our bodies, which, like serums, sink into the skin and moisturize between the cells and leave skin softer, and smoother.

Here are 5 benefits of body oil for dry skin in winter:

1. They're packed with nourishing goodness

…minus the toxins! Body Oils are the right choice for dry skin in winters as they can give you extra, deep skin hydration. Body Oils are pure, unadulterated, loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, that are great for your senses and the wellbeing of your skin. Your skin absorbs most of the body oil and satiates its hydration thirst through it.

2. It is a true multi-tasker

Who doesn't love a product that multi-tasks? A pure body oil can work as an alternative to a hand cream by hydrating dry hands in the cold season. There's more. Use a cold-pressed body oil for a deep tissue at-home body massage to relieve your stress and relax. It improves the blood circulation as well as works as a unique detox for your skin by fleshing out all the stress-induced concerns.

3. Get natural and effective skin repair

No matter what skin concerns you happen to have in the dry season ‚ irritated skin, stretch marks, cellulite, or loss of elasticity ‚ using Body Oil can really work as magic. Body Oils are loaded with complex lipids that help to improve the elasticity of skin as well as accelerate cell regeneration.

4. It's a natural way to stay fragrant

Are you looking for long lasting fragrances minus chemicals? Body Oil is right up your alley, then. A blend of organic essential oils help your skin stay nourished as well as smell good, naturally.

5. Body Oils can help the body and mind relax

Body Oils are easy to seep into your skin and even a one-time application lasts all day long. Not only will your skin look and feel beautifully nourished and smooth, but this luxurious ritual also calms the mind as well as helps you hit the reset button in middle of all the winter festive chaos. The relaxing natural aromas can whisk you away to a happier place, allowing you to leave stress behind right before bed - or any time of the day, for that matter!Now, are you wondering which Body Oils are the most suitable for your skin this winter? Try out these two body oils that Pure Sense has to offer ‚

Pure Sense Grapefruit Revitalising Body Oil

Indulge yourself in this unique blend of essential oils for a deeply nourished skin. Pure and gentle, it is a delight for your senses and satiates your skins thirst by providing it with intense moisturization, even in the coldest winters. An invigorating body oil, it boosts vitality, awakens senses and revitalizes the skin. This Revitalising Body Oil works great as an after-bath body oil or a massage oil.

Pure Sense Macadamia Deep Moisturising Body Oil

A luxurious body oil rich in minerals, it intensely nourishes your skin as well as relaxes your senses. It is loaded with vitamins and pampers your skin by satiating its quench of moisture as well as restores skin elasticity. Moreover, this body oil is formulated with exotic, pure ingredients sourced from nature to relax the body and mind and keep your skin healthy even through the driest winters.